Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Glittering Eggs From All Over Easterland!New Pixie Dust Wands!"With a whisk of her magic wand, your troubles will soon be gone...You'll receive three wishes, and asked to say, Pixie Dust, Pixie Dust, Take me away to a land filled with candies, treats and Easter Bunny eggs, baskets filled with magical whares and glitter found everywhere"...Poof...I arrived in Easterland, a place filled with extraordinary things, from jelly bean trees and Lollipop flowers to mint chocolate plants and licorice sticks, falling from rock candy trees, 10 miles from Easterland Gate lies, The Easter Bunnie's Workshop and Candy Factory, where eggs in every colors, size, and theme are cultivated. Mrs. E.Bunny is busy getting ready for her annual Easter Egg Hunt and Tea Party, where all guests are given a glittery surprise.
Candyland Carnival!My three favorite eggs from the Mrs.E.Bunny's glittery surprises are: The Candyland Carnival Egg, Queen Felicity's Egg and Queen Charlotte's Egg. Each one is filled with magic.Queen Felicity!Queen Charlotte!Which one is your favorite????I couldn't decide, there were so many, these three made my list. After the day's event, I headed back to the gate for my journey home, One of the pixie guards called me a carriage, which would lead me back into the forest and over the hill, straight to my house, and it did just that, I can't wait til next year, Oh the fun that will be had!!!!!!
Egg tops!Here is a photo of the almost finished egg tops, they are missing extra bling and one dollie head.Glitter Egg Kingdom! 2!Here are some of the eggs all together from the Easterland Tea Party Surprises.Queen Charlotte! 4Upclose of Queen Charlotte's Egg, made from a variety of items, including the new faux rhinestone embellishments in my Etsy Store.
In the following is a picture of The Candyland Carnival Egg before its glitter make-over, complete with pixe dust wands!Candyland Carnival, Un-glittered!2

I hope this story and these glitter egg assemblages have inspired you to finish your Easter projects and given a new update on egg decorating and mini assemblage!
Turn Illustrations Into Mixed Media Projects!
Mixed Media Painting is the trendiest form of art right now, everyone, everywhere wants to learn how to illustrate and create mixed media masterpieces, honestly its really very easy to do, and a way for self expression, but mixed media painting/illustration isn't limited to just paper, paint, and canvas, try clay painting or turning your illustrations into 3-D projects such as an embellishment on an atc, create a mixed media crown, doll or book.
Candy Carnival: Bunny Crown Swap! 2
In this following image I drew a crown shape on a large piece of water color paper, added scrapbook paper, and started to paint onto it using acrylics and crackle mediums, then on separate pieces of watercolor paper I painted candy and a sweet fairytale face and bunny ears, cut out and glued to my crown, followed by cut-outs, paper punched flowers, crepe paper, lettering and glitter. This crown was my swap crown with Susie Scott!Candy Carnival: Bunny Crown Swap!In the picture above, is a set of atc's I made for the mermaid atc swap I was hosting on the faerie zine, I photocopied my illustration and placed on a piece of chipboard atc size, and embellished.The Fiji Mermaid TheaterIn this picture I turned an un-finished shadow box from AC Moore into an Illustrative Assemblage filled with mostly hand-drawn and painted pieces cut out and attached. The fiji mermaid face is from one of my watercolor pieces which I photocopied and cut out to use as the new face on this mermaid for the assemblage. In May I'm teaching The Illustrative Assemblage at the Summit Visual Arts Center! Hope to see you there.
The Primitive Sugar Pop CrownHere is a primitive and sweet piece I made called: The Primitive Sugar Pop Crown, with a posterboard base, cover entirely with my love: Model Magic, which I used plenty of times in my art book: Altered Art Circus, Just love Crayola, don't you? The tinsel is from Tinsel Trading, The crepe paper is vintage and the rest is paint, glitter and more.Let Them Eat Cake Bidcage Crown!4Here is yet another crown I made from recycled bits, pieces, flocked velvet paper, and hand sculpted bird doll, and hand painted/glittered candy lollipops, along with satin ribbon and the new faux rhinestone embellishments in my etsy store.WickedHere is the handcolored atc I made a few years back called wicked: Using an old faded pictured, prismacolor pencils and paint thinner, along with glitter and distressed inks from Ranger Ink. Today I'd recommend Ranger blending solution, for less smell, a tip from Patti and Debbi at Ranger.The Queen of Hearts ChroniclesThese Royal Queens are from an art card pocket I made awhile back and were published in Artitude Zine. They were painted in using acrylic paints and gel pens.The Queen of Hearts ChroniclesHere is the cover of that pocket which I called: The Queen of Hearts Chronicles, here I made a peapod using acrylic paints, liquid starch and glue, to sculpt the watercolor paper. I love stretching and sculpting water color paper, so many possibilities, you will learn that in The Illustrative Assemblage too!

Here are just a few illustrative examples, I hope you start branching from mixed media paintings into mixed media painted projects soon and I hope these inspired you today!

Have a magical filled day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mixed Media Clay Painting: LuLu's Carnival, Finished!
Lulu's Carnival! Finished!
Hello All,
I finally finished LuLu's Carnival, the mixed media clay painting I had been working on, as you know I've been experimenting with various clay recipes that I have been making from a variety of materials, until I finally found one that can work as a bisque paper clay, mixed with paints, air drying and watered down to form a paste which can be adhered to canvas, 3-D sculpted and turned into what I call Clay Paint!
Lulu's Carnival! Photo Inside!
To see the first 10 stages of this mixed media clay painting scroll down the page to the original post.
Lulu's Carnival Upclose!I added more paints to the background of the piece, drew a few carnival doll performers using scrapbook paper for the legs, paints and crackle glaze, then outlined with a pink glitter gel pen.

On the balloon I drew an L on it, then filled in with the clay paint mixture and clay dots, and glitter. For the hat I embellished with a small pompom and new distressed stickles from ranger ink. Then I had to add some small stars which I hand drew and colored in with 2 different colors of stickles. The border of the canvas was distressed with broken china distress ink from Ranger, applied using my fingers.

Again the background paper is used from an old book, that I recycled. This piece is filled with cucpcake chic colors, a 50s meets modern color palette. When creating something new remember if you love your piece, and believe in it, everyone else will. My works aren't picaso's but they are my artful masterpieces, just as the ones you make will be your artful masterpieces.
Lulu's Carnival! Photo Outside!

Learn Mixed Media Clay Painting in my workshop of the same name where you leave with a medium to large sized canvas art piece and a new way of painting!
Here is an image of my hand molded/ hand made doll heads. I molded one for this piece for LuLu's hair barrett.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Dollies are new to my Etsy Store.
Baby Dollies: Pink!Baby Dollies!
I only have a few right now, but they are perfect for the top of the glass bottle and jars, as a lid or an assemblage, use in a necklace or on another doll, the parts are perfect too!

They are lightweight and made from a vinyl plastic material, and resemble the vintage wax looking baby dolls from the 1950s and 60's.

They measure 5 3/8 inches long!

Here is a few samples pieces I made using them: The first one is a new doll I made from one of these called: Dottie Petalwood!
Dottie Petalwood!In this picture is Nellie Sugarwicke!Nellie Sugarwicke! Visit my etsy store at:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Wonderland Chronicles, Handcolored, ATC Set!
The Mad Hatter's Society Awhile back I created a series of atc's called: The Wonderland Chronicles, in which each card told a story and was numbered 1-25 and buying each one gave you the 2nd part of the story.
Clementine and Chloe
I made these ATC's using vintage images, which I hand colored in using prismacolor oil pencils, crayola pencils, paint thinner (I'd now recommend using Ranger Blending Solution instead), decorated with glitter and stickles, and lettering printed on parchmentr and distressed with Tim Holtz Distressed Inks.Torie Tweedle Dum and Candy Tweedle DeeIn this picture above is my version of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.The Wonderland ChroniclesHere is a sample of one of the stories!
Madeline CandlebookFor more of the images visit my flickr site and the set: The Wonderland Chronicles!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Projects made with my new Charlotte Dolls and Parts!
As many of you know, I have been working with different forms of clay and dolls over the past 8 months, experimenting with all kinds of clays, texture mediums and molds. I usually make molds of various old dolls I have, in full mold and half molds.

Then the process begins with filling and base washing. My painted doll pieces are sold with pre-painted faces and coated with a porcelain paint glaze for durability and a bisque look. Depending on the project will depend on which mold I use.
Here is a sample of a captured fairy assemblage called: The Doll Soiree Carriagewhere the fairy inside was created with a layered image and one of my doll heads using the bisque formula, and the wheels of this assemblage were adorned with the doll heads.The Doll Soiree Carriage!The Doll Soiree Carriage!3In this next project I have done something similar only in a Christmas wire ornament which I call: The Queen of Candyland! Queen of Candyland!Here is Candy Tinkersby, The Queen of Cupcakes, whose fave color is pink! Candy Tinkersby! Pixie Orb!2For instructions on making these orbs such as an orb wand, visit the project in my new book: Altered Art Circus!fiji mermaid 3Now meet the Fiji Mermaid made in pretty much the same way as the above pieces, but this time as a mermaid inside a coconut shell half.The Tinsel Queen Parade!The above is a picture of The Tinsel Queen Parade using left over project items and one of my doll heads, flat back!Queen Pomegrana!Queen Pomegrana!Elle Pixiestone! Doll!Meet Elle Pixiestone!Valentine Queen!Valentine Queen!Custom Charlotte Dolls!These photos above are of my full length Charlotte Dolls using the bisque formula and embellished with a variety of vintage and new materials, the next photo is of Queen Butterwicke made with my full length doll, attached to paper mache box and coated in beeswax!Queen Butterwicke!Art Doll Chronicles Theater Book!Art Doll Chronicles Theater Book!7In these photos are examples of the doll parts in altered books using the charlotte dollies and the foam clay, which is perfect for scrapbooking and the paper arts.New Supplies: Charlotte Dollies, Rainbow!2Doll Head Supplies! In The Making!3 Visit my website at: http://www.moonfairesworld.com/ or my Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5074220 to purchase these supplies for your own artful needs!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mixed Media Clay Painting: LuLu's Carnival!
I've always loved illustration and experimenting with different art supplies to create an illustration, in my children's book:"Star and the Milky Way Cafe" I choose to use prismacolor pencils and markers, since it was for children, I wanted children to relate to it, as if they were coloring the images in.

As I started switching back and forth from illustration, writing, publishing and collage, I found myself combining a variety of materials to finish pieces, finding I had a love affair with Altered Art and Mixed Media Illustration, yet I found myself doing other things, creating artful projects, with less attention to what I started out to do: Illustration.

I've been experimenting with various clay recipes that I have been making from a variety of materials, until I finally found one that can work as a bisque paper clay, mixed with paints, air drying and watered down to form a paste which can be adhered to canvas, 3-D sculpted and turned into what I call Clay Paint!This is the first 10 stages in my new mixed media clay painting called: LuLu's CarnivalMixed Media Clay Painting!1rst Step!Mixed Media Clay Painting!2nd Step!In these first 2 photo's you can see the beginning stages of the piece, where I layered old book print onto canvas with my fave Modge Podge, then drew a Charlotte/Carnival Doll image onto it with a Crayola Pencil ( I am a Crayola Supply Addict, love their products and use in many of my works, including items in my new book: Altered Art Circus). Filling in the background and image with acrylic paints, mixed with Claudine's Paints (Ranger Ink). Then certain parts are layered with my clay paint mixture and a charlotte doll head from my doll parts line.Mixed Media Clay Painting!3rd Step!Here in this 3rd picture is an upclose detail of LuLu's Clay skirt.Mixed Media Clay Painting!4th Step!Now I draw in the extra illustrative details of LuLu's Face which you can see here in the 4th photo!Mixed Media Clay Painting!5th Step!In this 5th photo I have outlined LuLu with a deep pink glitter gel pen and began painting in the face and and her clay dress.Mixed Media Clay Painting!6th Step!Mixed Media Clay Painting!7th Step!Mixed Media Clay Painting!8th Step!In these 3 photo's above show the different painting details!Mixed Media Clay Painting!9thStep! Here is the fully painted LuLu, but she is missing a Carnival hat, balloon and carnival tent curtains, which I have drawn in and painted in which you can see in these next 2 photos!Mixed Media Clay Painting!10th Step!2Mixed Media Clay Painting!10th Step!There are a few more details which have to be added to this painting in order to bring it really to life such as more gel pen outlining, dimension to the background through extra textures, I love Crayola Texture Paint, its great priced and can last a while. When mixed with paints or other mediums, you can get interesting results. I will also be adding petal porcelain to coat my piece, again this is another fave medium of mine, followed by glitter and beeswax, which I melt in my beloved Melting Pot (Suze Weinberg-Ranger), followed by a crayon and beeswax mix. These photos of the finished piece will be up tommorrow. I have a full journal of these images in them which I will get photographed as well.

Learn Mixed Media Clay Painting in my workshop of the same name where you leave with a medium to large sized canvas art piece and a new way of painting!
More Rainbow Dollies! Here is an image of my hand molded/ hand made doll heads. I molded one for this piece for LuLu's hair barrett.