Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mad Tea Party
hosted by Vanessa at

It seems like we have been walking for hours, where is the Hatter's House, we only have ten minutes left before we are late for Tea. As we walked to the top of Rabbitwood Lane, we came upon a large green victorian home, surrounded by a stone fence and climbing roses. At the front gate was a sign that read, please ring the bell to enter, we did.

As we followed the tiny tea cup signs around the house we came upon yet another pathway right under a stone archway filled with more climbing roses, flowers and bright green moss, with another sign that read: "This Way To The Made Tea Party"

At the end of this enchanting path we came upon The Mad Tea Party, and everyone was there: The Queen, The Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Alice and of Course Mr. Hatter. They were waiting for us to arrive, and believe it or not, the Rabbit was on time, but of course he didn't think he was.

I enjoyed the cherry vanilla tea in my extra large pink tea cup, the sour cherry cheese sandwiches and the lavender vanilla cakes, my friend munched on the pistacio scones and the white chocolate crepes and enjoyed her Caramel Tea.

Our table was decorated so beautifully with miniature glass scenes and edible flower centerpieces, we each received special wands donated by the Queen of Hearts, which were images of herself, embellished with glitter and sparkly trimmings, wands fit well for a "Queen"

A menu card was decorated with a picture of The Mad Hatter himself, a special tribute and another take home novelty to make our event even more special.
Thank You for visiting me at The Mad Tea Party! Lisa!
P.S. I always take my camera and photograph tons of things!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday June 21, 2008 was a day filled with fun. To start I taught to back to back two hour workshops at the Newark Museum and met so many wonderful people. The two workshops I taught were altered art crowns, basic style for beginners, the more involved workshop is on August 1, 2008, where the student will choose between three crown styles to make: The Marie Antoinette Corset Crown, The Carnival Assemblage Crown or The Fairyland Opera Crown. I will have samples of all three of these crowns in a few weeks.

My morning at the Museum was topped off by an excursion to the one and only Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, NY, which was by far one of the most interesting events I have attended in a while.

We started out by driving for a few hours to find parking, then had dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant by the water, which was remminescent of a century ago, I choose the shrimp scampi over rice, a perfect decision I must say.

Eventhough we missed the parade, there were plenty of mermaids and mermen walking along the boardwalk and the surrounding streets, from frilly to tacky to theatrical to bizarre, the costumes were the best part of the day, not to mention the pina coladas with free refills and the Nathan's hot dogs we consumed a few hours later. I actually opted for the corn dog on a stick, topped with some mustard, just too good.

As we walked the boardwalk, nostalgia set in, I elasped into time to the 1900's revisiting what Coney Island used to look like and what it has become today. The area has definately seen alot of changes over time. With Dreamland Park fire of 1911 and the building of Luna Park soon after. Then there was the whole burlesque and side show movement, still going strong today, with the wonderful Side Show Museum, which I had to take a stroll into, alone my boyfriend and friends opted to wait outside, LOL. The entire building is covered with vintage and modern side show banners which have so much eclectic imagery gracing their canvases. Nearby are more stands and an area of rides, including the cyclone which we all went on, and will never forget, I still have a headache from that ride, LOL! But it was fun and a must do at Coney Island, the line for the Wonder Wheel was way too long, so we opted for the roller coaster instead.

In The next installment of The Faerie Zine, Vol. 6 I have written a history of events, vintage images and a story around the original Coney Island. To read more on this pick up vol.6 due on the shelves mid July!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello all,
Above are some pictures I took at the licensing expo at the Javitts Center in NYC which was held Tues. June 10-12. I attended the event on June 11 with Sandy and my mom, and we had a blast. After nabbing a cup of dounkin donuts coffee we were off to the city, drove around for awhile trying to find parking which I ended finding a few blocks away, for around $50...Yes $50 to park your car for 3hrs. LOL.

At the event we met alot of amazing people with alot of talent. Paramoubt Pictures, Dreamworks and Cartoon Network were also there, as well as many top licensing and product companies from all over the world.

During my time at the expo I had the wonderful ooportunity to meet Margaret Le Van from South Carolina, whose works are absolutely incredible. One of my fave creations she has made is the flamingo mermaid, its adorable, a must have for any mermaid lover, like me. Visit Margaret's site at One look at her creations and you will be hooked. Both her and her husband are extremely nice and so wonderful!

I met many people at this event and ran into some friends, making my experience truly a memorable one!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Workshop: The Fairyland Box Assemblage aka Fairytale Boat of Dreams at Tinsel Trading in NYC Saturday May 31, 2008 The Fairyland Navy
Me and the fleet

The Fairyland Navel Fleet

Marcia and me!
Glimpse inside the Fairyland Bay!

On Saturday May 31, 2008, I held my workshop: Fairytale Box Assemblage aka as The Fairytale Boat of Dreams Class at Tinsel Trading in NYC at 12pm. it was a magical success, thanks to Terri and the wonderful group of talent that attended the class.
The class attendees were: The artist greats and promoters: Ellen and SalliAnn of Art-is
The incredible: Pam Hunting:
The "Other" Sallianne, we had two Sallianne's in the class, LOL,
Sandy Koterba (Guest artist in my art book: Art Circus), Karen Murphy, Allison, the legendery Terri Ventura: and the great Keith, whose so wonderful. Plus special guest, the talented Amber Dawn, who just happened to be in the neighborhood:
It was such a wonderful class, we had a blast creating ships for the Fairyland Navel Fleet, I felt like master in command of the Fairyland Navy! LOL!. Everyone's ships came out beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, we had an opera ship, campbell kids, fairy, grunge, child, you name it, each ship had a character all its own, filled with glitter and magic galore. Thank You to everyone who came by and made this class a magical success.
Magic and Joy!