Monday, August 25, 2008

A Midsummer's Tea Party! Come and See a World Tea-Licious Enchantment

Come on by for a visit to a tea party set in an enchanting place where fairies and pixies sprinkle magic from flower to flower riding through the summer sky on Bumble Bee Flying Rides, complete with handmade lady bug Parasols handcrafted by the enchanted bug creatures themselves. Grab a wand, a crown and a cup of tea for a day of midsummer fun, straight from Shakespeare's World, you Royal Fairy Guide; Jessica is waiting to lead you behind the curtain to the tea party.

Once inside the Tea Party you will find, a beavy of paper lanterns glowing in the sun, it took the fairies all morning to set them up. Along your tea party stroll you will also find some vintage decorations of pearl-esque shell and rhinestone frames filled with some tea party style fashion plate prints and tea time figurines. Pictured here are a Tea Party Accroutrement for holding tea sandwich picks and a white porcelin doll form which opens to hold sugar cubes.

Next you will find some afternoon reading with Froggy Went A Courting, which is a delightful book by: Gillian Tyler published by Candlewick Press, this made for a nice compliment to the main table, let's not forget copies of Piddlestixs and The Faerie Zine were placed neatly throughout the party.

Not to mention a full table dedicated to tea party favors of sweet candles, tea party paper cups, tiny parasols, crowns, falvored sugars and teas.
The whole backyard was transformed, even the umbrellas received vintage fabric facelifts and paper lanterns.

Tea Lady Guests could be seen strolling around exploring for treats and fun, while others choose to relax under the lanterns in the main tent.

A tea menu was prepared and filled with a variety of delicious fare and scrumptious sweets including Heirloom Apple Pie, Double Dudge and Peanut Butter Heart Brownies, Creme Brulee Creme Puffs (I ate about 10, LOL) and Cupcake Fairy Wands which can be eaten right off the stick. They were baked with a basic chocolate cupcake mix and frosted with my buttercream frosting made with Wilton Butter Extract and Rose Color Frosting Additive. You can see these cupcakes here standing sweetly in their vases.

Here is an upclose look at the paper tea cup treat baskets! A project to follow in the next installment of Piddlestixs, Vol.2

A glimpse inside the main tea party table, under the tent complete with my fave bird cage candle chandeliers and cake stands. The gorgeous fresh flowers were brought by my dear friends: Theresa and Patty Who I have been friends with since Middle School and Freshman Year of High School.

As you stroll throught the party, take a minute to notice the vintage silver tea pot I bought at the amazing antique store: Village Antiques in Lafayette, NJ at Olde Lafayette Village:

Some of the Tea Ladies who attended The Midsummer Tea Party are pcitured here:
Sue, Barbara, Sandy, Connie, Joan,Many, Myself, Jessica, Theresa, Patty, Sharon, not pictured is the other Susan who came later, Sharon's Twin and the men on hand, who preferred the interior, LOL.

A nice photo of my Mom and Me, along with Sharon and Me!

Midsummer Tea Party

For the complete set of images of the Tea Party click on photo album link above, it will bring you straight into my Picasa photo center!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some New Art This weekend:
A new member of the Dollie Follies: Lady Violette Woodsby, The Tea Time Cupcake Crown, and The Pumpkin Grove Princess Crown!
The makings of a true Dollie Follie is no easy task, she must be a perfect 10 by Follie standards, have alluring eyes and a sweet smile. Lady Violette was born in Paris, but moved to Yorkshire when she was 4years old, after high school, Violette went to study the art of dance in Paris, eventually landing a spot in The Dollie Follies.

Do yo love cupcakes or pumpkin pie then the next set of images are for you, pictured here are 2 more new crowns which I am making for 2 shows, stores and for sale, I have just finished:
The Teatime Cupcake Crown and The Pumpkin Grove Princess Crown!

All my projects are made from vintage, vintage reproduced and other items!
Magic and Joy!

Marie Antoinette Collage Chronicles CD
The Cd's in My Collection and The Victorians

Hi All,
You have all made them a success, thank You for your support of them, I hope that each of these cds are bringing much happiness to you, as all the pictures on there bring smiles to me.

There are many cds on the market/throughout the web which are incredible too, I have bought a few with 1,000s of images on them, however the quality is low, at small DPI, which makes it hard to enlargen or even shrink to a good res when printing for artworks, that made me realize, as artists we love images, they make us happy to display, alter and well use in our works.

For years I have been collecting postcards, images, and paper ephemera, I store them all in acid free boxes and in photo binders for protection, my faves are in frames, jars and laminate pouches. The Victorians were great lovers of ephemera and travel, when travel became more popular among them, with the creation of travel cards, stereo cards and the invention of photography, a whole new world was born, The World of Scrapbooking

Victorians were huge scrapbookers saving memorabilia from every where; ticket stubs: train, carriage, theater, opera, races, carnival and more, Newspaper clippings, opera programs, theater bills, elaborate dress tags, fashion clippings, advertising and postcards, all grace the pages of Victorian Scrapbooks. Without their passion for memorabilia and postcards, I don't think we would have so many today. The Victorians also loved fantasy and fun, from clothing, to books, illustrations and even food, had a fantasy theme to them, with fairies being leaders on this.

As an artist I am also a curator in my own museum, Lisa's Museum where I contastly strive to preserve images and items from our past. While so many try to keep these treasures to themselves, others try to share as many as they can with others. I try to share images and ephemera all the time, whether free on my sites, given away at classes, contests, shows or on Cd's. The Cds's in my collection are scanned at 200-400dpi resolution making this perfect for artwork, and digital collage. While some images have been scanned at 100 dpi, they are still high quality images. These are the extra images placed on the cd!

When ordering 3 or more cd's I try to give coupons for 50 percent off your next cd or freebie cds as well. Each Package is wrapped in fun tissue paper with streamers and a vintage image tag. I hope you continue to enjoy my images, my cds, zines, books and my work for years to come. Any Questions, just send me a line!

Magic and Joy!

Here is a sampling of some of the cds I offer in my webstore: ,

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ebay store:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Aug.17, 2008 South Jersey Adventure
A day of pure Artful Bliss, Create-topia, Art-topia event, from beeswax to vintage jewelry making, this day was one of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. This was a time filled with many talents and familiar faces, everyone came together to create a world of magic and joy!
I connected with friend and fellow teacher from the Summit Visual Art Center, Lois,
who is such an incredible teacher and talent, who I might add is extremely nice, this started my day off perfectly, not to mention getting to see my dearest friend and art extra-ordinaire, Terri Ventura who is well what can I say a true asset to the art and jewelry world, her creations come straight from a vintage world. her part of the class was a true experience. Meeting her friend and student Laura was equally as wonderful, she is a true gem.
There were so many amazing people to be around and meet, such as the girls at Lois's table: Gail and Kathleen, and fellow Michael's Instructor, Andrea, who also taught at a Michaels, before they eliminated art classes, her beeswax box was amazing.
Lets not forget the girls from Studio U, live near me and teach at that artful studio located in Chester, NJ. Meeting Jayne and Gigi
was truly an honor as they are incredibly talented and super nice, they will be attending CHA in January, I too will be attending CHA in Anaheim, CA as a presenter/demo artist/designer, since my new art book:
Art Circus will be ready for release a few days later, February 1, 2009
Quarry Books.
But the other star of the event was the one and only Suze Weinberg, her dedication to this art field and willingness to share her techniques and projects with others is truly amazing. Being in her studio is a true artful experience, when you leave, you leave with a new self renewal of yourself, an awakening of your inner muse. Her products are exceptional. The saying from American Express: "Never leave home without it" is perfect, I'll now be glued even more to my melting pot, UTEE and Heat Tool, my new artful babies. As an art designer I love Ranger Products and use several of them in my projects, even some of the ones in my new book. The inks are rich and perfect as are well the perfect pearls too. I love to experiment with various products on the market and developing ones of my own, such as the Miracle Grow, Koolaid, Bleach and Ink, Coffee Pie and Coca Cola Experiements which give my pieces a distressed look at a fraction of the price, not to mention making my own glass glitter which I use Ranger inks to dye my glitter with.
Terri and I have been discussing a new span of workshops/classes and events involving other top name teachers coming up, in Long Island, NY and various locations, please contact Terri or Myself for information, our name could be entitled: ARtoPia
Stay tuned for details as they come in!
Have a magic filled day!
Thursday Aug.14, 2008

Vintage Book Sale
On Thursday Aug. 14, 2008, a bunch of us got together for the annual Bernardsville Book Sale which runs for 3days, with the last day selling books for the half price amount. Mandy, Her Mom, Aunt, Cousins, My Mom and Me met up at the sale around 10am, picked up our tickets and waited to start treasure hunting for books at 12pm.
We sat around chit chatting about everything, drinking coffee and trading stories of past book sale events.
At 12pm, our numbers were called and are hunt began. I headed straight toward the choice/vintage books and picked up some beauties. Then headed for the travel, theater, opera and art books, so many great finds such as Victoria Secrets' Romantic Decorating Book and Gloria Vanderbuilts: Collage Book, which I believe has re-empowered me to further my dreams I believe it is one of the first books to fully promote collage, Gloria saw collage as un-discovered territory, an art form waiting to expand into new horizons, look at it today, its a million dollar industry with works fetching 1,000s of dollars and inspiring many. She is really a pioneer of our artistic industry as are several others before her, such as the Victorians who loved to keep scrapbooks to showcase their travles, memories and ephemera.