Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabulous Friends and Their New Adventures!

There is so much excitement buzzing all around NJ this summer, so much to see, so much to do, and so much to create! After years of wishing for their dream to come true, it finally came true for my dear friend Geralyn Grey with the opening of Greetings From Geralyn in the Arcade in Asbury Park, NJ.

Geralyn has dreamed of opening up her own store and now she has. Every nook and cranny of Greetings from Geralyn is filled with artful magic and eye candy, waiting for the customer to explore and at what better place inside the Asbury Park Arcade which is filled with other stores waiting to be explored.

If you live in the Asbury Park area or headed to the Jersey Shore, take a visit to the store and perhaps take a workshop or plan a day of fun. To read about the grand opening, learn about workshops and to get a sneak peak inside visit Geralyn's blog at:


Who doesn't love Etsy? and all the Artists who sell on it! I find my favorite finds all the time on there and have met some amazing people, one of them is Andrea Cammarata the woman behind, Popalicious, which is a fabulous Etsy store filled with vintage and modern treasures. Everything that Andrea does is filled with magic, she pours her whole heart and soul into what she does and it shows. Her generosity is even more magical, her whole family is amazing. I am lucky that I can call her and her family dear friends now, that's a blessing all its own.

I'd like to share some exciting news, Andrea has opened her new etsy store:
The Cottage Market, which is filled with fabulous vintage wares, their motto for this store: "Adorable and Affordable"

One trip here thecottagemarket.etsy.com and you won't leave!

Andrea is also in charge of the Cottage Style Street Team on Etsy. You can also visit her other fabulous shops at:

I hope you get inspired and have a magic filled day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

In House Workshops Schedule at: Piddlestixs, Purveyors of Curiosity!
Located at: 12 Morris Farm Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848

Click Here to sign up/purchase a workshop at Piddlestixs:
Piddlestix Workshop Sign-ups

Mid July Workshop Schedule
-Saturday July 24: Steampunk and Time Workshop 10:30-4:30pm
Instructor, Joan Kettell $75, kit fee $15

-Sunday July 25: Storybook Friends Workshop 11:30-5pm
Instructor, Lisa Kettell $35, kit fee $10

-Monday July 26: Fairyland ATC Trio Workshop 12pm-3pm
Instructor, Lisa Kettell $25 kit fee $5

-Tuesday July 27: Storybook Friends Workshop 11:30-5pm
Instructor, Lisa Kettell $35, kit fee $10

-Thursday July 29: Beading Journal Extravaganza Workshop Series
6pm-9pm on going til August 29. Instructor, Lisa Kettell
2 part class for a total of 6 hours, plus 10 hour studio time for a total of 14 working hours, $135, $25 kit fee.

-Friday July 30: Queen for the day Workshops All Day 10:30-8:30pm
-Regal Septor Workshop 1, 10:30-1:30pm, $40, Kit Fee, $10
-Royal Vintage Chic Banner Workshop 2, 2:00-5:00pm, $40, Kit Fee $10
-Enchanted Tiara Workshop 3, 5:30-8:30pm, $50, Kit Fee, $10

Special purchase all 3 Queen for a day Workshops:
-Pay one kit fee for all 2 classes for $20
-Save additional $5.00 off the 3 classes.

August Workshop Schedule
-Wednesday August 4: Steampunk and Time Workshop 10:30-4:30pm
Instructor, Joan Kettell $75, kit fee $15

-Thursday August 5: Dragonfly Princess Workshop 10:30-5:30pm
Instructor, Lisa Kettell $65, kit fee $10

-Friday August 6: Queen for the day Workshops All Day 10:30-8:30pm
-Regal Septor Workshop 1, 10:30-1:30pm, $40, Kit Fee, $10
-Royal Vintage Chic Banner Workshop 2, 2:00-5:00pm, $40, Kit Fee $10
-Enchanted Tiara Workshop 3, 5:30-8:30pm, $50, Kit Fee, $10

Special purchase all 3 Queen for a day Workshops:
-Pay one kit fee for all 2 classes for $20
-Save additional $5.00 off the 3 classes.

-Saturday August 7: Steampunk and Time Workshop 10:30-4:30pm
Instructor, Joan Kettell $75, kit fee $15

-Sunday August 8: Rhinestones and Vintage Charm Bracelet Workshop 10:30-4:30pm, Instructor, Joan Kettell $60, kit fee $15

September Workshop Schedule (coming soon)

Please Note:

-More workshops will be added to the August and September Schedule!

-There are also open workshops everyday at Piddlestixs in the section we call the:
The Piddlestixs Art Bar and Circle. Walk ins welcome.

-Stay tuned for fee demo days and nights, free make and takes, additional workshops from other instructors, special events, trunk shows, theme days and book signings.

Hours of operation:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-6pm

Thursday 10-9pm
Friday 10-9pm

Saturday and Sunday 10-6pm

Hours subject to change, private parties, events and planned workshops might see earlier or later hours depending on ladies night, and night classes.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mermaids and The Mer-Persimmons!

There are so many brilliant artists in this world, everyday each of us become inspired by what someone has created whether its a new recipe, painting, product or garden, everything around us brings us magic.

As many of you know I have been creating hand molded, handmade doll parts in a variety of styles for years, starting with vintage Charlotte heads and Crowns. Each week brings the new creation of additional doll parts and pieces, which artist can apply to their works from scrap booking, assemblage, jewelry design, doll making and more.
The Mermaids:Mer-Charlotte, Mer-Kewpie 2
One personal favorite collection within my line are the Kewpies, Mer-Kewpies and Carnival Dolls, the possibilities are endless, all you need is a little imagination, just like Kim Geiser and her daughter. Kim is the owner and creator of Persimmons, which is an amazing shop/studio located at: 314 N 8th Street Downtown, Manitowoc, where she host classes and has fabulous wares.

Kim is amazing all around, when she purchased a few of the Mer-Kewpie and Carnival Mermaid Parts from my Etsy a few weeks ago, I was so excited, to see what she was going to do with them, then the anticipation was over when she sent me the final photos of what her daughter and her did with them, here is the results:
The Flapper Style Mer-Kewpie was created by Kim, while the Carnival Mermaid was made by her fabulous daughter! How amazing are they, beyond words adorable, these pictures brought so much happiness to my day, I had to write and share them with you!

To learn more about Kim and Persimmons visit her blog:

To purchase these doll parts or the others in my collection visit my etsy store at:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Steampunk and Time Jewelry Workshop!
Steampunk & Time Workshop

Steampunk and Time Jewelry Workshop When:
July 24 and August 7, 2010

Joan Kettell will be teaching the Steampunk and Time Jewelry Workshop
from 10:30-4:30pm ( if we all stay later that's okay too). She will be teaching
this workshop twice, So please pick which date (July 24 or August 7) works for you.

Workshop will include:

-Light breakfast of bagels, muffins, croissants, cupcakes, coffee, tea
-Use of tools, glues, and supplies.
-Everything needed to make your steampunk and time jewelry pendant and necklace.
( Note, after you finish your main project, If you have left overs from the
project, make a pin or earrings as well while you are there, you will be given a pin back and earring bases as well)

Workshop cost:$75

Kit Fee: $15 (includes the chain, findings, steam punk pieces, watch parts,etc.)

Piddlestixs, Purveyors of Curiosity

12 Morris Farm Road, Lafayette, NJ 07848

Rt.80 to rt.15 (just past the famous Lafayette Village)

Class numbers limited!

To Sign Up click here:

Directions to the Piddlestixs:

Grand Opening of Piddlestixs is July 17 Weekend, Hope to see you there!

Hotels in the area:
-Holiday Inn Express Suites Newton
6 North Park Drive, Newton, NJ 07860
(Just off Rt.206 near the AcMoore, Applebees, TJMaxx area)
(5 miles from the Store)

Click on the links to enter the hotel and their directions!

Hotel Website:

Hotel Directions:

-Econo Lodge Newton
448 Route 206, Newton, NJ 07860
(about 4 miles from the Store)
This hotel is small and cheap

Hotel Website

Bed and Breakfast
Wooden Duck Inn
140 Goodale Road, Newton, NJ 07860 (Andover Township)

Crossed Keys Inn
289 Pequest Road ~ Andover, New Jersey 07821


The Whistling Swan Inn
110 Main Street, Stanhope, NJ 07874


Directions above to Whistling Swan Inn

(This Inn is adorable but 17 miles from the Store)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hi Everyone,
It has been over a month since I have blogged and shared my world with you! Its been a long month since Art Opera, with closing out Art Opera 2010, meeting artwork deadlines, sponsoring other events, website/shoppe orders, customs, 2 surgeries, workshops and a new store all within one month, its enough to make your head spin.

But now we are in the month of June and I'm ready for much happiness and enjoying a year of positive bliss. During this time I was able to reflex and find exactly who I am and what I am capable of, it has been my love of art that has saved me through the weeks and time after my surgeries, along with my faith in God and all your wonderful emails, posts, comments and most of all support, it has been much appreciated.

Now What does June mean? It means the start of Summer, the half way point of the year, summer vacations and holidays, graduations, ballooning festivals, the boardwalk, warm weather, seaside adventures, flea markets, walks in the park, outside dining and cafe's, bonfires and marshmallows, lakes, boats, lobster, and sunny evenings past 5pm.

To me it means closure, happiness, new products, new adventures, new workshops, and a new store, that's right a live store located in Historic Lafayette, NJ, located about 45 minutes outside NYC, 25 minutes from NY State, and PA, a store filled with all the magic and whimsy that I can create, filled w/vintage items and ephemera, old dolls and doll parts, books, artful magazines, vintage, modern, handmade jewelry, tiaras, septors, 1950's kitchy chic, 1920's storybook, Alice in Wonderland meets steampunk princesss meets Paris and Europe with a touch of oddity, a place for the curious seeker, that place is called: Piddlestixs, Purveyors of Curiosity opening July 2010.

Piddlestixs will have an everyday art party, where you can come in a create one of the weeks 5 or 10 projects, see guest artists works, shop and treasure hunt in the store and neighboring stores.
During this process, I have found who I am, and what I am capable of, I have begun new projects and seeing new ones come to life. Starting tomorrow I would like to invite you to visit the Creative Connection Blog and see my guest post on their site. Visit their blog to not only see my post, but to learn about the many other artists who make up the Creative Connection, the artists who contribute to them, the artists teaching at the Creative Connection and just how amazing this group is and how they can inspire you, like they inspire me.

See me, read my story and the many other fabulous artists featured artists on the site!
You will leave inspired and filled with magic!

Stay tuned this week for pictures from the prom book workshop, birdcage workshop and the latest finds!

Have a wonderful night and see you tomorrow at the Creative Connection Blog!