Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Its Summer, Try Something Different: a new art form, food and more!Steps To Fairyland 2Its Officially Summer, Is there something you wanted to try last summer or in general, perhaps a new art form or technique, a new recipe or food. Did you want to color your hair or try a new clothing style, then try it now, you have a whole summer to embark on a new adventure of ideas and inspiration.

Some idea's to ponder:
1. Try a nice refreshing old fashioned Rootbeer Float, a cherry soda float straight from the soda fountain w/cherry syrup and soda fizz.

2. Do you always wear darker colors, try on some brighter and cheerful summer colors, or add some sparkle and glam with a bevy of rhinestone jewelry or some of your own handmade artful jewelry and make a cool statement.Delilah's Curiosity shoppe
3. How about learning to knit, crochet or tatt, perhaps take that course you have been wanting to take on the art form of your choice.

4. What about reading a new novel while at the beach drinking a pina colada and soaking in the warm summer sun.

5. Maybe you always wanted to try fishing or camping, now is the time to do it, bring a seafood recipe and camping cookbook with you or turn your camping excursion into an exploration, bring a tent, a safari hat, some linens, moroccan anterns, a carpet and have a whole new experience of the outdoors.A Wonderland House!6. Try a new food or prepare a recipe you always wanted to make. What about lemon lavender cupcakes, an edible flower salad, baked figs w/cheese, Tandoori Chicken, Thai Green Curry Chicken or Peanut Butter and Garlic Spareribs, these are something cool to try.

7. Ever go searching for sea shells after a storm or renting a metal detector and combing the beach, Geo Tracking Devices can start you on a treasure hunting experience!A Wizard Tea Shoppe

8. Is there a historic place you always wanted to visit or a museum you have been wanting to explore, then do it.
Fairy In My Garden!Rose in my Garden!
9. Perhaps for a few years you have been wanting to re-vamp your garden, add a trellis, roses and a garden ornament, maybe re-configure your yard, wait for some sun and start that project.Secret Fairy Garden!

10. Been wanting to try your hand at attending a garage or yard sale, don't wait for someone to go with you, just go and find those vintage finds, but grab a cup of coffee and some single dollars before you go.

11. What about taking the leap of faith and painting a spare room a bold color, branching out of your color comfort zone, bringing to life those ideas whirling around in your head.

12. Volunteer somewhere for the day, and feel good about helping others, help out at a funraiser or take a walk to help in the fight against the many diseases out there, or just show support for a friend, loved one or stranger who might need your help.

13. Love amusement parks? Want to feel like a kid again, head out to one, eat kettle corn, cotton candy, funnel cakes or ice cream, ride the carousel, roller coaster and ferris wheel, feel the excitementFairyland Falls
14. Hate bathing suits, but love the beach? Just grab that long sarang or maxi dress, pack a bag with a towel, a book, sun block, snacks and just do it, grab a friend go to the beach early during the week and relax reading a book, searching for shells, followed by a trip to the boardwalk for some fun, you don't need a bathing suit to do that.A Fairy Chair
15. Go to the library and walk to your favorite section, close your eyes and let your heart pick a book, open your eyes up and choose that book, read it and enjoy, try something new.

By trying something new you are fueling your craving for adventure, an exhilarating feeling, a surge of energy, an awakening, a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, trying something new will open your mind to new things, leading to new ideas, a belief in yourself, to conquer your goals and over come your fears.

These are just a few ideas to get you going on your new journey! I hope you enjoy the photographs I took from my travels which I added some more color and magic too, they are altered a bit from the originals to show the variation and different interpretations, I hope you enjoy them and get energized to try something new this summer.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Jeweled Dress Form and Art Upcycled Treasures!
The Jeweled Dress Form!I've been making alot of jewelry lately, I had a recent trunk show of my jewelry and handmade dress forms, it was so much fun, to get my mind channeling into another direction, back to my jewelry roots, all while recycling what I had and using up vintage and new pieces.The Jeweled Dress Form! 2I love dress forms, they are the perfect accompaniment to any artist studio for showcasing your fave treasures on or to display them at an event or art show. I have always wanted to pick up a dress form, but never got around to it, the old ones are expensive and harder to find, the new ones, well they aren't timeless, but with a bit of distressing they can achieve that worn look

Display IDEAS:

-But what about making your own? All you need is a thick wooden dowel or porch post, some scrap wood, batting and fabric. For smaller ones, a wire base with legs or a bird cage or standing plant stand will work, and again, batting and fabric.

-You don't need a dress form to display your treasures, what about covering a corkboard w/fabric and painting the wood frame antique gold or a fun pink, robin's egg blue or chalky white.

-A Garden Wire Rack or floral ornament will work as great displays, closet shutter doors, wooden window shutters, or 3 door screens are all great displays.

Try buying 3 door sized pieces of wood, cover both sides with upholstery batting, staple gunning to wood. Cover with fabric of choice, trim sides with molding, trim or upholstery tacks, hinged together, voila instant 3 door screen w/displaying capability.

Some art-upcycled pieces I made:
1. The Gothic Victorian Bracelet:Gothic Victorian Bracelet! 2A hand beaded and sequin fabric cuff bracelet I made and extra embellished with a vintage pin.
2. Priscilla's Garden Bracelet:Priscillas Garden Bracelet! 5A bracelet with vintage and modern pieces.
3. The Money Talismen Bracelet:Money Talismen Bracelet!A bracelet to bring the wearer good fortune and luck. I love this one, we could use fortune and luck in our lives don't you agree?

For more of my jewelry and inspiration visit my flickr set called: Handmade Jewelry and Tiara Set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonfaires16/sets/72157604136359174/

My Mom Joan aka Aurora-tique is a wonderful designer, here are some of her new art up-cycled pieces using vintage jewelry, mixed with various old and new elements:

1. The Secret Garden Locket: Escape to a secret garden of your own, just open the locket and be transported to your favorite secret place! The main pendant is a vintage jewelry locket, a vintage chain, crystals, beads, along with other dazzling componants and findings.Secret Garden Locket Necklace! 2
2. A Charming Life Bracelet:A Charming Life Bracelet!
3. Underwater Garden Party Bracelet: Underwater Garden Party Bracelet!
4. Le Papillon Necklace: Le Papillon!
To see more of my mom's works visit her Flickr site at:

To purchase her works or for requests/orders visit her new Etsy Store at:

To see her blog visit:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Faux Cabinet Cards, A Digital Journey into Fairyland!Lilly, The Fairy Queen!I am addicted to cabinet cards, they are beyond timeless and have such a magical quality to them, whether its a victorian gentleman in a top hat and suit, a victorian lady getting ready for a soiree, a civil war family posing for a portrait, a child in communion or confirmation gown, a costumed actress or fave opera heroine, a halloween or holiday portrait event, no matter the image, these old photos are beautiful.

During the 1870's photographs were usually mounted on cards measuring 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches or 5 1/4 by 7 1/2 inches. They had ornate letering on the front bottom of the image card and on the reverse side. The cards were mounted on a stiffer board backing due to the thinness of the photograph, which also acted as a photographer's calling and advertising card. The more ornate and elaborate the cabinet card backing, the more more expensive and high end the photographer.

Now finding the elaborate cabinet cards, the opera, costume and soiree styles are hard to come by and can fetch a handsome amount of money. That's when I thought why not make my own using a variety of images I already have.
How To Make a Faux Cabinet Card Image:
1.Simply scan into your computer a photo cabinet card
2. Next Scan in a main image and a few images you like with fun elements in them such as butterflies, flowers, etc.(copyright free of course)
3. If you are photo program savvy color in your images using paint tools in the program, for my faux cabinet cards I used Corel Paint Shop Pro, but you can use Photoshop as well.
4. On the main image layer some cool butterflies, flowers or add digital sparkle to it by cropping, copy and paste.
5. Next copy the finished main image and layer over the cabinet card image, save as a new image, boom instant faux cabinet card.
This is an image from one of my collage cd's which I hand colored in on the computerQueen Bee! Hancolored! Now here it is with added elements such as butterflies and digital glitter.Esmeralda The Butterfly Queen!Now here it is layered on a cabinet card photo I had, leaving just the frame of the card showing. I call this collaged piece: Esmeralda The Butterfly Queen!
Esmeralda The Butterfly Queen! 2 Here is a wonderful vintage image of Miss Marie Doro, from the 1900's. I love this image, there are a few versions of this too! This is from around 1907 per the copyright and is in the public domain.

I have 2 other versions in postcard form, in black and white, hand colored, the other versions are available on the Victorian/Teatime CD, and the Fairytale CD!. Fairy Queen!I used one of the other versions as the main image for one of my faux cabinet cards! Below is the other version I have colored in, collaged and layered onto a cabinet card, I call this new collaged piece:Lilly, The Fairy Queen!Lilly, The Fairy Queen! Here is a vintage image I have of Ethel Barrymore which I again digitally hand colored, collaged, and layered onto a cabinet card, I call this collaged piece: The Rose Queen!The Rose Queen!Below is another version I made called: The Butterfly Keepers!
The Butterfly Keepers!
Now if you aren't computer or photo program savvy, here is another way for you to do this project:
1. Gather up a few cabinet cards you like, paying attention to the beautiful and elaborate lettering and design details on it.
2. Now look for some images you love that can fit the photo frame of the cabinet card.
3. Take your perfectly matched cabinet cards and images to your local photo copy or office supply shop. Next using double sided acid free tape (so you don't ruin the original photo's, tape the main image of your choice onto the cabinet card. This will replace the original image that's on it.
4. Then photocopy, boom a faux cabinet card w/ new image.

Directions on how to make your new faux cabinet card print as sturdy as the original:
1. Find Black matte or chip board, using a glue stick, glue your print onto the matte board. Cut out with sharp scissors, I use industrial scissors for this.( Be careful these scissors are sharp, not recommended for small children).
2. Next using scrapbook paper rounders or rounder punch, round the edges of the layered matte board.
4. Now cover the back of your matte board with a photocopy of the back of the original cabinet card or with a victorian style rubber stamp, using gold embossing ink and gold embossing powder for a more ornate look.

For those of you who work with originals, color right onto the cabinet card using dabbers, q-tips or make up eye applicators rubbed into Ink pads, I use Ranger Inks such as Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads for coloring in photos.

For images to use in your artworks visit my flickr set of vintage images at:

You must be an approved friend of mine on flickr to use the images, I will approve your friend request, just email me who you are.

Or you can get various images in different collections on my collage cds as well available in my web store, etsy and ebay stores.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Polly The Pixie Wizard, Wine Glass Doll and Vignette!
I love glass, its just so magical when either left alone, colored or decorated, vignettes really can bring a fantasy world to life to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Glass jars, vases and cake sets can store memories from a trip such as an adventure at the beach complete with sand, shells, and sea glass, then add a tag describing the adventure.

Everything you have in the house can be transformed into a piece of art from A1 Steak Sauce, Heinz 57, Tomato Sauce, Pickle and Olive Jars, Yankee Candle Jars (de-wax the left over wax inside), Canning Jars, Jelly and Jam Jars, Baby Food Jars, Lanterns, Gumball Machines, Clocks, Pocket Watches, Clear Top Plastic Easter Egg Containers, Glass Bulbs, Candy Jars, Wine Glasses, Apothecary Bottles, Glass Soda Bottles, Champaigne and Wine Bottles, Liquor Bottles, Mayonaise Jars, Fish Tank, Glass Animal Displays or Small Green House Displays, Glass Beekers and Science Jars, I could keep going, so many of these items can be given a new life.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 11For this project I used a broken wine glass, which Linda broke during her demonstration Saturday on how to break a wine glass and turn into a captured jar fairy or display. I was so taken by it that I decided to make a doll and vignette out of it, even buying a bunch more wine glasses this week! I call this piece: Polly The Pixie Wizard, Doll and Vignette. The picture above is Polly in her beginning stages, with her freshly molded and paint head on the wine glass.Polly The Pixie Wizard! 6Here is Polly with her finished head assemble with vintage piano paper hat, velvet flowers, trims, charms and pearls.Polly The Pixie Wizard! 3Here is a photo of her body base with the enchanted vignette, a cotton candy carnival queen, created with vintage doll image, lettering, crepe paper, trims, handmade wand, crown, rhinestones, glitters and more.
Polly The Pixie Wizard! 2Polly The Pixie Wizard! 4These two pictures show more of Polly's details and magic.Polly The Pixie Wizard!Here is a full view of Polly completely finished!Polly The Pixie Wizard and Chairs! 4Here is Polly surrounded by her magical carnival chairs, ready for her pixie cabinet.Pixie Wizard Poker Chip Chairs! Swap!The chairs pictured with Polly are the pieces for the poker chip swap on the faerie zine, My mom and I made the poker chip chairs together using poker chips, my clay parts, pearls, velvet trim, paper wire and more!

Project in brief:
1.The wine glass doll and vignette was made using a wine glass with stem broken off.
2.The wine glass Base is used to build the vignette on, gluing the image to the broken stem and coating with glitters. I recommend using glossy accents by Ranger (Linda's idea), or I love clear caulk or liquid nails to glue items to glass.
3.When satisfied with your glass vignette, glue the base rim to the wine glass rim using one of the glue's I mentioned above, let dry over night, decorate with rhinestone trims, and more.

Polly was also decaupaged w/vintage piano paper, a sepia decaupage medium, painted w/Claudine Hellmuth paints and lots of trims.

For similar glass projects, poker chip projects and images, read my book:
Altered Art Circus! http://www.amazon.com/Altered-Art-Circus-Techniques-Assemblages/dp/1592534872

Have a magical day or how my friend Marlene says it: "Have a honey of a day!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiara Chronicles! The June Installment!Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 26It started last year, a group of 10 of us have called ourselves the Tiara Chronicles, we get together every month or so to go either artful treasure hunting, exploring artful places or gather at each's studio's or houses and create a unique project.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 30Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 24Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 28Each of us take turns teaching, and inventing cool projects which can sometimes take us out of our comfort zones, its a challenge to keep our creative minds working and testing our abilities. If we didn't challenge ourselves we'd never evolve as artist, because when you get to comfortable with one thing, you let the other things pass you buy. Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 29
I go through artful spurts/phases, never staying on one thing for long, I have so many idea's I have to get them out of my head and onto paper and bring to life. I create projects which are for every skill level, I'm not setting out to make a difficult masterpiece that's can't be made, or something so expensive to make it takes a year to collect the pieces to do it. To me that's not what every day art is about. I recycle and re-use everything and find a new life for it, yes I love all the amazing vintage wares, but they can get costly if you don't find a good deal, so I try to re-make myself and you can too.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 25So for this installment of the Tiara Chronicles, it was my time to pick a project and I decided on ALTERED ART DOLL BOTTLES! using recycled: A1 Steak Bottles, Mustard Bottles, Heinz 57 Bottles, Oil/Vinegar Bottles, Dollar Store Bottles, Apothecary Bottles, or whatever glass bottle you have lying around. Then we altered it and transform it using artful supplies, I brought clay and molds to make the doll heads.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 21Tiara Chronicles June Art Day!We all bring supplies and artful wares for everyone to share, Everyone brought broken jewelry bits, rhinestone's, pearls, ribbons, flowers, and unique oddities to play with.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 4Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 5I gathered some artful goodies from Michelle, Suze, Patti and Linda to use in my 2nd doll bottle which is almost done, a broken flower pin and charm from Michelle are the crown on my 2nd wine glass doll, 2 crystal beads from Suze are the earrings, black pompom trim from Patti is the doll trimming, and a button from Linda is part of my doll's dress, stay tuned for this finished piece tentively called: "Bella's Soiree Doll!"Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 11This photo above is the beginning on my finished wine glass doll called: Polly The Pixie Wizard Doll! (stay tuned to the next post to see her fully finished).Besides bringing artful wares, we also much on delicious goodies and enjoy drinks, coffee, or tea.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 13Today we were at Linda Hahola's house, she always puts out an amazing spread of hummus, breads, chips, dips and sweet goodies. On Saturday we were missing a few of the Tiara girls, who were sending joy our way. In attendance was: Linda, Suze, Patti, Bonnie, My Mom-Joan and Me, not to mention a few furry friends who are just beyond words adorable, I wanted to take them home.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 14Here is a glimpse at the many dolls we made, the photo before this one is the full group doll photo aka The Dollie Bottle Fashion Shoot!Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 22This is my Mom's doll, she choose a more regency meets victorian style,whose doll lips I might add, were a bit split, I think it gave her more character, LOL, but once the clay and paint dried, she came back to life and her lips were normal again. My Mom painted the body w/Claudine's Paints (She is a new fan, wants all her paints now, available from Ranger Ink, gilded trims, jewels, findings and peacock feathers. Mom's dollie was further embellished at home now she is completely finished.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 20Here is Patti's Doll, isn't she magical? Like a Fairy Goddess, Patti choose to paint the head with the
14kt Gold Paint, used a floral/berries for the head piece, wings, ephemera and jewels.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 19Here is Linda's Beautiful piece, another fairy goddess, Linda choose to paint her doll's head brown, with jewelry bits, gold paint for the glass body mixed with flowers and other floral/earthy accents, so magical! I just love the leafy wings.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 18This is Suze's Doll, another fairy goddess, but more of a fairy queen, complete with gold crown, gold wings, gold wire, gilded gold body with gold glitter inside, Fashionista Red Hair, and Dazzling jeweled treasures, the most regal fairy in the land.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 17Michelle's Bottle Doll, can this get any prettier, look at that jeweled treasure crown, I wish there was one big enough to fit my head. Michelle choose a more prim, fancy, chic style doll, with hand distressing to bottle for an aged patina look, jewels, pearls and more pearls.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 23This is the base of Michelle's Doll, I love the gilded tassel trim with the pearls.

I just loved how everyone's dolls came out, each of them are more beautiful then the next, I could stare at them for hours. I hope you enjoyed this installment of the Tiara Chronicles and the project we did. Stay tuned for our next adventure!

Magic and Joy!