Friday, May 03, 2013

Creating on a Sunny Spring Afternoon

Spring Afternoon Its warm and sunny here in NJ this week, a perfect time to take advantage of the the patio with the cozy swing, umbrella and side table to hold my coffee, lol. Today I decided to grab the huge box I scored for $8.00 a few weeks ago and actually see what I got for that mere $8.00. Opening it was like opening a treasure chest, I knew I found great items, but forget what I actually bought. To my excited surprise I found about 25 vintage and some new children's books, one vintage book from 1895 in German w/color plates all about a puppet and toy maker ( right up my alley ), about 40 vintage piano and music sheet books, 10 figurines from 1940s, 50s and 60s complete w/a few bunny candy planters, old millinery, trims, Dennison's crepe paper and labels from the 1930s, vintage kitsch ornaments and novelties, about 30 or 40 vintage bulbs: Shiny Brite's, West Germany, Poland, Austria all in great condition, some 70's and 80's plastic toys, circus animals and vintage costumes, all for $8.00, now that is a total bargain if I don't say so myself, even my cat Lucky got in on the act, making a play date with my plastic toys, lol. Thrifting Finds Thrifting Finds It was time to re-pack the ornaments, and put away my new faves in the stash, make a cup of coffee and sit on the patio swing to create and make my latest bow tie and baseball cuff orders, which I carried out in my up-cycled crochet sewing bag, which I made last year from old crochet pillow case, sewing bag handles and a variety of vintage pins, it holds my sewing supplies when I'm on the go. Untitled UntitledUntitled Here's a sneak peak at my handmade sewing supply bag and some of the newest finished pieces for customers: Untitled Untitled Bow Tie Bracelet and Shabby Pink Baseball Cuff were completed for customers, I made about 8 more bracelets (bow tie's and cuffs) everything is complete, its amazing how a warm sunny Spring day can get you inspired and motivated to complete projects fast, easy and smoothly. Enjoy your weekend and start creating, xoxo Lisa