Friday, February 27, 2009

Preparing for the Carnival Soiree!
There is so much to be done before the Carnival Soiree, everyone is working hard to get things done, Albious Woodsby and his crew are winding the carousel, check each light bulb and detailing the elaborate horses. Albious' assistant Laurel is adding a special symphony to the organ hidden deep inside the core of the carousel!

Sherman Collings is gilding Phoenix the Lion's Carriage and Oiling the wheels of Garrison Shubert's Carriage. Garrison is the Lion Tamer for the Big Top Show and Elsie Shubert is the Lioness for the Show and the Carnival Soiree Celebration!

Over in the French Quarter of the Fairgrounds, the Human Marionettes can be heard practicing their lines, while Daphne the Pixie Wizard is over at Sophie's Dress tent, modeling her new costume.

Last Years Carnival Queens are trying on Soiree Outfits, the Candy-ologist are crafting diamond gumballs and the game staff is adjusting the Carnival Games located in the Carlisle Pavillion.

While I am busy sewing some soiree gowns myself, made from the most rare of materials, I am making the carnival hats and crowns, so every guest who comes through the carnival gate can get one. For the virtual Carnival attendees I have a few surprises for you, which I will unveil on March 14, 2009. Just be prepared to have fun, play games, share carnival, circus or soiree stories, artwork, recipes, party tips, projects and magic. Plus throughout the day I will be having giveaways as well.

I'll see you at the soiree!
Magic and Joy!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Queen of Crepe Paper

Okay, What comes to mind when you here crepe paper? I think of party streamers and Dennison, and I think of Ann-Denise Anderson, The Queen of Crepe:, one visit to her site and you will agree Ann-Denise is the Queen of Crepe, my goodness what she does with crepe paper is un-believable, I actually have a shelf in my studio dedicated to Ann-Denise, LOL, I think its a Crepe Paper Shrine, I love that shelf.

Ann-Denise frequently surprises me with goodies and at the times when I need that big smile the most, she doesn't even realize it either, lol. I mean her works send loads of magic to me, and brighten my days, as many of you do as well.

Well the other day I get a call from my Mom, that a package from Ann-Denise was at the studio, (Yes, I work in two locations, lol, my mom's house and my private studio at home, lol, I'm a traveling caravan, LOL). Well I rushed out and flew to my mom's. and there it was the big box of magic, I carefully opened it, un-packed the top layer of cheerful tissue paper and this is what I un-covered first a cellophane bag with a beautiful handmade Ann-Denise Crepe Paper flower pin tied to it, with a faux diamond ring fit for a Queen.
Inside this wrapped package lay a colorful and artful surprise, a hand knitted scarf in the most enchanting carnival colors, I've already worn it, on my lunch trip to Friendly's, its gorgeous. Here is a picture of this amazing piece!
WOW, That's one thing I hope to do in my life, KNIT, I'm crazy, I went and bought a knitting machine for ages 12 and up, about 6 months ago, I figured if children can do it, I can, LOL Well needless to say my in-expensive knitting machine is still in the box, in the basement, LOL, one day, I'll learn.

Now not only did I un-wrap this masterpiece, but hidden beneath this ornate package was my new favorite book, By the Lady Cottingley Series, a 10th Anniversary edition with cd. Funny thing was, my mom, was getting this for me for Valentine's Day and couldn't find it in the store, LOL, How did Ann-Denise know? LOL Or visit Amazon or local book store to purchase your copy.

The above is a photo of my magical goodies, which I will cherish forever. Ann-Denise's work can also be seen in my new book: Altered Art Circus, where she made some amazing pieces!
Magic and Joy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Carnival Soiree, A Blog Event and Giveaway!

Magic and Mayhem, lurking behind every corner, every velvet curtain, secrets burried beneath the Big Top, portals to hidden place just inside the Seahorse Carousel, where a certain song at half past 8pm, can transport you to one of those worlds!

On Saturday March 14, 2009, you are invited to Alice, The Socialite's Carnival Soiree, held at The Magic Carnival, from sunrise to sunset.

Make sure you where your Carnival best, think rainbows and pointy harlequin hats, Pageant Queen gowns, or Mermaid dress, top hats in every color and tutu's complete with pixie wings.

What to expect:
-Carnival Tea
-Giveaways consisting of my collage cd: Circus Follies and an altered poker chip kit.
-Free Circus images/ephemera
-Carnival party pictures
-Circus projects

Altered Poker Chips (APC's) Below is a sample of some of the APC's you will be able to make from the giveaway kit.

Whose invited: All of you!
Place: my blog: Faerie Enchantment
Time: All Day
Why: I love the circus, carnivals and soirees, its my first blog event.

Use this banner in your blogs, sign up now in this post, a week before the blog event, I will add your blogs to mine under the Carnival Soiree Banner on the left hand column on my blog

I will add participating bloggers to a blog list for all to see and join in on this party!

See you there!
A Day at Sally Lunn's Tea Room and Shoppe!
Last Friday, My mom and me went to visit are dear friends at Sally Lunn's Tea Room and Shoppe in Chester, NJ. The Owners are from Sussex Region of England and have lived here in the states for about 20 years, they are my extended family from the workers to the owners, love them all, this is the place I spend a lot of time at, for the past 15 years.

They specialize in the most amazing scones and homemade clotted cream, flavors include: Cherry Almond (my fave), Blueberry, Strawberry, Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Egg Nog, Pumpkin, Lemon Lavender, and Plain to name a few.

Here is a picture of the amazing chef Helen and Sally Lunns Nancy, whose part of the fab staff.
Here is part of the scrumptious pastry display, where you will find anything from White Chocolate Rose Petal Cake to Lemon Lavender Cake, English Triffle, Mum's Bread Pudding, Jumbo Cupcakes, Toffee Chocolate Torte and an array of Cobblers,and much, much more, Notice where I choose to sit when I'm having a sweet tooth, LOL!

Here is the other side of the pastry section, look at those cakes in this glass display.

Not only does Sally Lunn's provide gourmet foods, sweets, treats and tea, they also house hundreds of Tea Time Novelties and Vintage Treasures, International Candies/Foods from Australia to South Africa, Turkey, France and England.

Its at this table where I gain much inspiration, many of doodles, notes and dreamy inspiration have been drawn on this table, over a pot of Indian Mocha Chai or Vienna Ball Tea, Its my fave spot in the whole room, because its tucked away from the rest of the store, in a cozy nook, and elevated like a throne fit for a Queen.

Everyone in Sally Lunns, including the owners are so very sweet and loving, plus the whole place is filled with aspiring talent, the owners sing, dance, draw and write, the stories they can tell from their travels to Tunisia, Turkey and Spain, Its always makes for so much inspiration and brings you back to another time, filled with fairytales and exciting exploration!
Sally Lunn's in UK ( no relation) but worth the visit as well, The Sally Lunn's UK is in the oldest House in Bath, beautiful!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Timeless Doll Inspiration
I am a doll lover, for as long as I can remember, always making doll clothes and accessories for my various dolls as a child from my barbies to sea wees, to handmade ones and paper dolls, I tried to make things for them that I could never find in the stores, that's where imagination comes in.

As I started to grow up, I never lost my fascination with dolls and still hold onto my old collections, which continue to bring me back to not only my childhood and memories but opens my mind to where the vintage dolls I have come from, who held them, played with them and cherished them.

Threre are so many wonderful artists throughout the world who continue the tradition of handmade dolls, so beautiful, and One of a Kind, that new stories can be told throught their creations. Many of us try to replicate what we see on our travels, at shows, from artists, friends and illustration, trying to create what we see in our minds, in our imagination.

I currently create my own Charlotte/Penny/Bisque Dolls through my own molds, and handmade clay which dries just like paper clay but with a more bisque finish. The carnival and celluloid dolls I make are from broken or much needed repaired dolls, which I restore and bring to life, modern doll bases can be bought in craft stores and can have similar looks, through aging and various distess techniques. Isn't it funny I used to buy new dolls, new items, in perfect condition, now I prefer broken, stained, grungy and discarded items now. LOL!

Much can be said about the early artisans from their cloth dolls, illustrated dolls, their paper dolls, beeswax dolls, wood dolls and bisque. Many of their ideas and traditions are what we adapt our versions too, elaborating on their techniques in order to create their world for ourselves. Currently I am working on some new doll creations and started skimming through a great book I have called: The Ultimate Doll Book by DK Publishing, this book is a great resource for doll artists and doll lovers, it showcases examples of every style doll with facts, and stories, its wonderful to look at the elaborate details of some and the simplicity of others.

Here are some fab pages I scanned from the book:

The pages above show great examples of tea doll cozies fit for the most elaborate tea soiree, doll head/bodice wands, perfect for recycling those half doll pieces, and powder puff/box dolls, what a great way to turn a paper mache box into a doll. For the instructions on how to make your own Doll Head wands visit
Poured Wax dolls, are amazing, have you tried making one with beeswax and molds, timeless. I first made my version of these dolls 2 years ago, and finally perfected them now, for the project instructions on how to make your own: Vintage Beeswax Dollies visit my technique, tutorial and project blog at:
Printed Cloth Dolls are still amazing today as they were years ago. I have a few vintage cloth dolls given to me when I was a child around 9 or 10 years old. Those dolls have inspired me along with new ones in my collection to create a project in my new book: Altered Art Circus called: Trixie The Pixie, for instructions on how to make a variation of cloth dolls using parcel paper/paper bag, visit the project in my book at your local book,craft store.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Altered Book: Art Doll Chronicles

Hello All,
On March 15, 2009, I will be teaching an altered art book class called:
The Art Doll Chronicles at the Summit Visual Arts Center from 10am-4pm,
if you are interested sign up at the summit visual arts center, limit space of 15 students!
Sum Visual Arts Center, Workshop Sign Up

We are going to create vintage books with faux gilded covers, reminiscent of the most elaborate of royal opera books, each page is going to tell a story of your adventure in a secret Doll Land or Story Book Land, the pages of your book will be 3-D with handmade dolls sewn/glued to each page, or layered with dimensional silhouettes, backed by sweet distressed writing papers or piano papers. There will be an exploration into your creative mind during the whole class, with a question: What inspires you and how can that inspiration bring you into your own artful World.

I will have books from vintage opera to eye candy filled chic, romantic, doll house and my own for the class to gain inspiration from, while working. We will also embark on a mixed media/1920's doll illustration, 1920's Dennison doll making, book binding, altered art techniques, distress techniques. You will receive a template of vintage doll and storybook illustration that you can leave with and study for future projects. This turn of the century illustration had simple lines, and such cutesy attributes, so easy to duplicate and turn into your own style.

I'll be supplying most of the supplies such as papers, fabrics, images, ribbons, trims, glitter and more, along with goodie bags and some other surprises, revealed in the class. However students are encouraged to bring their own images, fave paper or fabric, stickles, glitter, etc that they could use in addition to the supplies I will be bringing.

Main techniques that will be taught:-Bookbinding
-Paper Piercing
-Rosettes: the art of folding
-Paper millinery flowers, learn to make your own
-Doll and Paper Doll making
-Altered Art and Collage Techniques
-Making your own silhouettes
-Basic Storybook illustration and Mixed Media illustration
-Vintage Art Techniques

I'm working on some various examples: Silhouettes with glitter and creamy colors against lettered writing pages and German Crepe paper doll book example, the painted version book, and the Living Opera Theater Book, etc.

Hope to see you there for some artful fun and magic!
the Summit Visual Arts Center site reads:
The Altered Book: Art Doll Chronicles
Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Bring your childhood dolls and storybook classics to life. Create a book with vintage tones and classic elegance with the use of basic book binding, altered art, sewing, doll making and other artful techniques. Each page will resemble a vintage story book, a doll house, and a fairytale theatre with 3D elements and miniatures. Work with designer papers, rich fabrics, vintage trims, crepe paper, tinsel, rhinestones, doll parts, images and other fun supplies.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Altered Poker Chip! APC's!
Here is an example of an Altered Poker Chip aka APC's, a concept I made for a project in my new book Altered Art Circus, called: The Traveling Bumbelina's.

Currently I am hosting a swap in The Faerie Zine Flickr group, called Carnival Tokens.

In this swap you will alter 2 poker chips and get 2 poker chips back, with a Circus/Carnival theme.

For the original project: Traveling Bumbelina Coins and its Coin box, you can see it in my new book!

Contact me if you want to join the swap, deadline to sign up is March 15, 2009!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day aka Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday which is celebrated on February 14 by many people throughout the world. It is on this day that lovers, friends and family express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, flowers, sweet confections such as chocolates in heart shaped boxes or in my favorite box: The Golden Square Box with Brown lettering aka Godiva Chocolate.

This heartfelt holiday was actually named after 2 Christian Martyrs named Valentine. and it's romantic origins developed as early as the Middle Ages among the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer.

But where did the idea of creating valentine cards and notes come from, it wasn't until the early 1840's with writers such as Leight Eric Schmidt, began to write their observations of this holiday which was quote starting to become a National Holiday! In the U.S., during 1847, the first mass-produced Valentines were created and sold out of Worcestor, Massachusettes, and produced by Esther Howland (1828-1904)whose father owned a stationary store, thus these Valentines were made primarily of embossed paper lace.

Esther's had become inspired to make these valentines from an English Valentine she had received, which clearly shows that the practice of sending Valentine's cards had existed in England long before it became popular in U.S. Further study suggest that the English Tradition of sending Valentine cards appears in Elizabeth Gaskell's book: Mr. Harrison's Confessions which was published 1851.

In more modern times, we have further elaborated on the symbols of Valentine's day declaring the heart shape, doves, the winged Cupid and candy as the icons of this day. According to the Greeting Card Associate, it is estimated that roughly one billion valentines are sent each year worldwide. This makes Valentine's Day the second largest card giving holiday, with Christmas being ranked at Number One.

The art of exchanging Valentine cards branched out into Roses, heart shaped satin boxes filled with scrumptious chocolates or special edition chocolates, and jewels, especially diamond jewelry or lockets, this day was a new way to promote Valentine's Day as a jewelry giving holiday, which expressed: "Diamonds are a girls best friend", thus a perfect companion to a box of another girls fave chocolate.

Even elementary schools encourage the spirit of Valentine's Day through the exchange of valentines, secret valentines and valentine projects and events. Even when I was a child, I always looked foward to Valentine's Day at school, because of all the events we had revolving around it, like the secret valentine box we each made for ourselves which was decorated with paints, paper hearts, ribbon, lace and favorite images or stickers, then they would get filled with our class mates handmade or bought valentines even in Girl Scouts we were awarded badges that we earned through our love for helping others, My Mom and Friend's mom were the leaders and used to come up with cute valentine projects that we could make for our parents on that day. My mom saved all mine, which I still have today, even my secret box.

Another historical memoir of Valentine's day are the elaborate handmade love tokens that Sailors made for their beloved, while they were away at sea. Many of these beauties were so detailed and exquisite, made from carved wood, barnegate, drift wood, satinwood or harewood, fabric and upholestary scraps, buttons, various collected shells, sewing thread, pictures or travel port collections, glued together with hand concocted glue or sewn with needle and thread. This was work that you couldn' believe today was made by men, men of the sea. However some were already pre-made and sold to sailors at ports such as The Barbados and Indonesia. These timeless works of art give off a majestic quality and feel, they tell a story of the places they have been to, the people who made them and the ones who received them. Today these Sailors Love Tokens, are hard to find and can fetch a high price.

In John Fondas Book Sailors' Valentines, he stated that the primary source for Sailors' Valentines were at The Old Curiosity Shop, located in Barbados, a popular place during the 1800s for sailors to purchase these souvenirs and other exotic goods. Today a great place to buy New and Vintage Sailors' Valentines, is on the Island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

To buy vintage sea shells, for this project, type in: vintage valentine shells or sailors valentines at

The Following are great sites to see examples and to buy this timeless art form
The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum
The Nantucket Clipper
The Nautical Supply Shop
Martha Stewart, Seashell valentines
Lynda Susan Hennigan

Treasure Sailor's Valentines, Video on HGTV
Treasured Sailor's Valentine, Video
Great Place to find shells:
Sanibel, Florida
Vintage Valentines/Ephemera
Vintage Valentine Museum
Valentine's Day as mentioned by Ophelia in Hamlet (1600-1601):

To-morrow is Saint Valentine's day,
All in the morning betime,
And I a maid at your window,
To be your Valentine.
Then up he rose, and donn'd his clothes,
And dupp'd the chamber-door;
Let in the maid, that out a maid
Never departed more.
(William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5)

Sailor's Valentine Project

-Unfinished Wood Plaque, in heart, oval, or square shaped (Craft Stores)
-Fabric and Velvet scraps
-Bag of tiny shells
-Bag of medium/large sized shells
-Broken china pieces
-Buttons: Pearly and rustic colors
-Vintage ephemera, Images, cards
-paper doilies
-Hot glue, glue sticks
-E-6000 glue or clear caulk or vinyl spackle
-Other: ribbons, charms, millinery flowers, broken jewelry

1. Lay scrap fabric or velvet onto the plaque, measure to fit, hot glue to front of plaque and to the back of plaque.
2. Arrange your preferred doilies, ephemera, and images onto the velvet layered plaque, until you are satisfied with the arrangement, hot glue in place.
3. Now start layering shells around the border of the plaque, starting with the large shells first, then medium, fill in with the tiny shells, using E-6000 glue to hold in place, let set for a few hours.
4. Next finish embellishing your sailor valentine with broken china pieces, charms, ribbon work, broken jewelry, etc.

Tips:-If you do not have E-6000 glue, glue the shells, china bits, broken jewelry in place with either clear caulk or vinyl spackle.

-When working with any strong glue, use in a well ventilated are.

-Use pre-cautions with hot glue, if burned, dip into ice water immediately.

-Instead of velvet or fabric scraps use piano paper or vintage ephemera for the base before layering with shells and bits.

-Try an old bisque doll head in the center, glue in place with clear caulk, let dry, and layer with bits and pieces.

I will upload examples soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Secret Carnival of Magic, You're Invited!

Click on each picture to read the story

Snippets of my fave attractions at The Magic Carnival

Come back and visit my journey after I visited Samuel E. Rainbows Tent, for the full color version, a feast for the eyes!

The story above was inspired by the former glory of Coney Island, its many enchanting fairgrounds, pavillions, eateries, carnivals and shows, the majestic architecture and ocean front, which has been loast to age and decay today. Although one walk down the boardwalk and you can just imagine what is was like then through some monuments and left over ruins, so much history there.

I had attended the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island last year and it was such an amazing time, look back in my older posts from June to see the Coney Island of today, the parade and in color.

Magic and Joy!

P.S. Stay tuned for more of The Magic Circus!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One World One Heart Giveaway WinnerPhoto
This has been a wonderful event, I got to meet so many amazing people from all over the world and have been newly inspired by all of you, your works, generosity, purely amazing.

I ended the giveaway at 3pm, I started tallying up all the names after 8pm Eastern Time ( New Jersey ). I had some options on how to pick a winner: through an online number generator or the old fashioned way by copying the names into a document, cut them up and pull out of a hat. Well I normally pull names out of my mad hatter hat and boom a winner. But due to so many posts, I decided on the online number generator and the winner is: Stacy/Creative Muse

Stacy is truly an amazing artists and I am so happy to say she is the winner of my giveaway, if you get a chance go on by and visit her new blog, Her Etsy Store or Flickr Site!

Magic and Joy to Everyone who participated in this Amazing Event!
Stay tuned for some upcoming giveaways on my blog!

A Day In Wonderland: Alice's Tea Cup, NYC!

"There was a table set out under a tree in front of the house, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea at it"- The Mad Tea Party

My dear friend Lara wanted to go to Alice's Tea Cup in NYC for her birthday, This fabulous Tea Room and Shoppe actually has 3 locations, we went to the one located on 73rd Street!

I got up that day at 7am and left my house at 9am, and decided to drive straight to Hobokken and park near Kirsten's Place, Then Lara, her sis Kirsten and Me, grabbed a bus and headed for the city, then hopped the subway to uptown, getting off near Central Park West and like the White Rabbit, we didn't want to be late late late.... We were meeting two other girls, Maya and Fran at Noon.

The magic worked since we arrived on time, left our name for a table and all of us took a leisurely stroll around the area, window shopping and talking, that's when the phone call came in: "Your table is ready" We headed back to start the Birthday Brunch, I guess you would say, Lara was The Alice of the day and me probably the Mad Hatter, although I would like to be the Queen! LOL!

Just past this Enchanted Lantern,is a storybook world where The Mad Hatter Drinks his tea every hour, The White Rabbit might have a wife who is Pink and Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee, actually are smart and re-known scholars, well not according to the Queen, in any case, You're invited to The Mad Tea Party in honor of Lara.

Once inside you will find a scrumptious glass case and counter top to the right filled with amazing scones in an array of delicious flavors, and behind that is a long tea shelf, reminiscent of an apothecary shoppe style, the left side is stacked with Wonderland and Storybook Memorabilia, Fairy, Children's and Paper Goods and Opposite shelves has Teaware, Accessories, Vintage Style Aprons and more.

When you walk through here, you will be lead right into the dinning area, our table was in the pink room in the back, so cozy and privare. When you sit, you are left with a large tea menu, at least 5 pages long and a wonderful food menu, complete with a Weekend Brunch List, I mean you could be there for days alone deciding which tea to have or what to eat. I decided on the Lapsong Souchong Chicken with brie and apples on real organice grain bread and side mixed green salad and I tried the Rooibos Coconut Vanilla tea, which is my new favorite tea, it was served in the cutest light aqua tea pot and ceramic rabbit tea dripper!

My other option for brunch would have been the poached eggs with salmon over two buttermilk scones or the brandy infused baked French toast.

After Brunch, Lara handed us each a valentine gift of candies in a champagne glass wrapped in clear wrap with pretty red ribbons, and it was her Birthday, she is the best. Before we left, I had to take some pictures of the Enchanting decor like the Fairy Wing Alley and some Wonderland Images.

This tea room is probably one of the cutest I have been too, their scones are in so many scrumptious flavors and the food menu is beyond delicious and as you guessed the whole theme is Alice in Wonderland, my favorite story, I almost didn't want to leave. The group of us were oustide looking for someone to take our picture and then out of no where comes my friend Kevin, who lives nearby, I said you are just in time, Kevin, could you take our picture, LOL and he did, talk about perfect timing!

After leaving our Mad Tea Party, we grabbed some cupcakes at Magnolia's Bakery along with the cutest pastel candle and sang Happy Birthday right near the bakery and Central Park West. Let me just say these cupcakes are the best ever, the icing just melts in your mouth, I recommend this if in the city.

Now we were off for our Central Park stroll, the weather was sunny and cool, around 50 degrees, a great time to be in the city. As you walk through the park you can see so many wonderful things, timeless, and if you look closely you will find hidden accents with extraordinary details like the Fleur De Lis on the walkway bridge or the stunning gothic architecture I found on a buildings railing across the street for the park.

This following photo reminds me of the movie: Sunday in the New York with Bridget Fonda and Rod Taylor or Barefoot in the Park with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, a walk through and your imagination sets sail into others times, and life's scenes.

After our stroll, we did some light shopping and headed for the village by subway, by the time we arrived, it was only Lara, Kirsten and Me left, so we shopped around Stella McCartney's Store, McQueen's and Scoop, scouting out the latest fashions and trends. Scoop is a hot spot for celebrity's and fashion icons. Lara was on a mission to find comfy yet ultra stylish boots for fashion week, as she has been working diligently for weeks preparing, helping her designer friend get ready for his show.
This photo was taken in front of a cool store ironically called: Wonderland, lots of cutesy things inside, by this time I couldn't feel my feet, LOL, non of us could, so we head for some strong expresso's and cappuccino at a great coffee cafe:

And that my friends has brought this adventure to a sweet and delightful end! I hope you enjoyed my Wonderland and City Adventure, if you are ever in the city look one of these tea locations up and don't forget the Magnolia Cupcake, if not, you can buy there cook book and try making your own!

“Have some wine,” the March Hare said in an encouraging tone.- The Mad Tea Party