Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne, Los Angeles, CA, Part Three!
As the day progressed on Saturday, everyone became more and more excited, each hour bringing inspiration and creative expression.

After my class, I sat back for a minute to relax, reflex and have some lunch, awaiting for one of the swap exchanges I took place in, the first one I took part in at Artistic Affaire Event was the Tim Burton Ornament Swap hosted by Priscilla, followed by the Masquerade Swap hosted by Bryanna.Artistic Affaire: Me and Kristen!christine and me with our masksArtistic Affaire: PriscillaArtistic Affaire: Tim Burton Swappers!Around 2pm, Stefani Girard and Maria from Craftside/Quarry Books http://craftside.typepad.com/ came by to visit me for a bit and do a 2 minute interview about my book and my works, these two girls are beyond AMAZING, I was so excited to meet with them, I wish I was in LA longer so Stefani, Maria and I could have spent the day artsying around the region...Next time, But I'll see them at CHA this winter, can't wait.Maria, Me and Stefanie! 2Me and Stefanie!me and Maria!

After Lunch, Julie Haymaker Thomas started her wonderful workshop, I couldn't help but walk around and witness beautiful artworks being created, her class was a true treasure of enchantment and vintage delights, her class kits were to drool over and the finished pieces each told a story through the eyes of the student who made it, they all created their own version of the original which was amazing!Julie's Class!Amy w/her project from Julie's class!Artistic Affaire: Denise and Me!Following Julie's class was a gourmet dinner and the exchange of another swap, stories and fun, all leading up to the last workshop of the day which was hosted by the one and only Ruth Rae, who like Julie is amazing and brilliant. Her wristlets class kit came in a cigar box, OMG, love that, and was so inspiring, I can't wait to try one. Me and my buddy Ruth!Danielle's Project from Ruth's Class!
Artistic Affaire: Me, Bryanna and Christine!Artistic Affaire: The Girls!Artistic Affaire: Me and Joy!
At the end of the day a few of us stayed behind and began the clean up, watched a bike marathon in front of the studio, then all headed home, to get much needed sleep from a long day filled with magic and joy!Artistic Affaire: Me and Christine!
Artistic Affaire: Shereen and Me!
Stay tuned for the next installment of Artistic Affaire Part Four, The Party at Vintage Emporium.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne, Los Angeles, CA, Part Two!

"As imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name!"
--Theseus, Act V, scene i, Midsummer Nights Dream

Artistic Affaire: Me Instructing! 3
Artistic Affaire: My Workshop!As many of us were bracing for the end of midsummer and the beginning of Autumn, I was preparing for an Autumn, with a garden of dragonflies, butterflies and fairies, who were waiting to decide on Tutu's, Tiara's and their favorite party best, at 9am, these sweet darlings would begin to come alive in my workshop: Dragonfly Ballerina Queen and Assemblage at Artistic Affaire in Los Angeles.Artistic Affaire: Girls in my Workshop!Artistic Affaire:Girls in my Workshop 2I was the first instructor to teach, and was excited to start. With a large crowd of students, I find it best to go over a brief run down of what to expect in the class, then break the project down into steps. As the first step is revealed, I begin to walk to each table and re-discuss it, then move to the next step, and the next, in a timely fashion, when all the steps are completed I walk around the room giving tips, advice, re-explaining steps and details, making sure everyone is on the same page.Artistic Affaire: My Workshop! Bryanna!Artistic Affaire: My Workshop! Gina! Each student is encouraged to create from within, to find themselves in the class, re-discovering hidden ideas and playing around with new ones. Character building is the most rewarding part of a workshop both for the teacher and the student, when you find yourself in a technique or piece, the possibilities are endless. Artistic Affaire: Jen and her doll!Artistic Affaire: Jen and Her Doll!Artistic Affaire: My Workshop! Joy!I couldn't tell you who had the prettiest one, because they all were, each doll reflected the individuals style and taste. Some choose to create actual dolls, butterflie and fairies instead of a dragonfly girl, some replaced the dragofly wings w/chenille stems for arms, while others made seaside maidens and unique bug creations.The Dolls from my Workshop! 4The Dolls from my Workshop! 3The Dolls from my Workshop! 5The colors and themes were all different from shabby chic pastels, cupcake pinks and creamy blues to grungy and vintage browns, eggplants, metals to French noire, cream and pink, each one was magnificant, here are photos of some of the finished dolls from the class:The Dolls from my Workshop! 7The Dolls from my Workshop! 9The Dolls from my Workshop! 8The Dolls from my Workshop! 10The Dolls from my Workshop! 11The Dolls from my Workshop! Amy's Doll!The Dolls from my Workshop! 13Now you see why I can't pick a favorite, they are all beautiful! Each of the girls did an over the top amazing doll and assemblage. After class we photographed all the pretties for their soiree. Then we all settled back in our seats and had a fabulous lunch and refreshments, gearing up for another another class which would be now taught by the next amazing instructor: Julie Haymaker Thomas. Now it would be my time to sit back and relax a bit, take in the excitement, visit the swap girls and have my lunch, all while having a creative and amazing time.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Artistic Affaire where I finish up the day w/the other classes, swaps (Masquerade and Tim Burton) and the other excitement!Artistic Affaire: Sherry's Piece!The Dolls from my Workshop! 6

Friday, September 25, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne, Los Angeles, CA, Part One!
Okay, this is one adventure I have to break up into 5 parts to blog about, because I do not want to leave out a thing.

It all started on wednesday night, or as I call it Los Angeles Eve, when I began to get the art jitters of excitement as I finished packing for my flight to LAX from Newark, checking my list twice making sure all my glitters and dollies were packed real nice, for their journey to the West Coast.
My flight from Newark was one of the best, since I slept most of the way, lol, waking up 15 minutes before landing. As I walked through the front gates of LAX I was picked up by the one and only: Kim Caldwell and Amy Powers, now the fun was about to begin, we were on our way to Kim's to continue prepping for the WONDERFUL EVENT: ARTISTIC AFFAIRE, soon we would be joined by two more, the one and only: Kim Hesson and Sherry Bamsey.

During this time I was able to start a wonderful friendship with 4 woman who I will always hold dear to my heart, each of them burst with talent and have wonderful personalities, Kim Hesson and I realized our love affair for Diet Dr. Pepper, boom, instant friendship, LOL!, I love my Diet Dr. Pepper, LOL!

After some work, Kim and drove us over to get mani/pedi's, and me a Starbucks, I love my coffee, lol! Then after 12am, Pacific time, 3am my normal time, we headed for bed. Can I just say I stayed in my new buddy Kate's room, which was just the cutest room ever. Every detail of Kim's house has artful magic and enchantment in every nook and cranny, just so much to see and get inspired by. Kim is one of the most amazing woman who is filled with a genuine spirit, ready to accomondate others and help others find art and magic in their own lives, a true asset to our art world.
.Artistic Affaire: Kim and Me!
Rise and Shine, it was time to rise up and get ready for the day ahead, set up and decor for the vendor affaire part of the event and the event itself. Kim and I headed toward the studio, right off of Melrose Place, and were on the scene first, followed by Rich, Jamie, Sherry, Kim, Colleen, April and Kristen.

After some time, coffee was calling and I decided to go and sniff my way to a coffee shop and wouldn't you know it, I found one: Winchell's, bought myself a grand ole coffee, chocolate croissant and ran into a friend from School, so random, out of all the places in Cali too, not to mention I had barely any make up on either, lol.

Time was running out, the vendor affaire was starting soon, and I still had to get dressed and finish decorating my table with my art wares. When I travel to an event where I am teaching and vending, I choose to limit my vendor props in order to keep my shipping compact, or else I'd ship my whole studio, LOL!Artistic Affaire: My Dolls at Booth!Dollies at my booth!With the turn of the key, a crowd of woman began to enter the room, one by one sharing hugs and joy, purveying the beautiful tables which each complimented each other and added to the magic of the night, not to mention the beautiful pom pom paper flowers hanging over head in autumn colors, and the beautiful fresh flowers and artistic displays Kim had created. Did I mention the gourmet foods and apps which were available to snack upon? Sooooooooo good!!!!Artistic Affaire: Sugar Sugar Booth!Analise's Booth
Artistic Affaire: Dolly Belle's Booth!Dolly Belle's Booth
Throughout the night I was greeted by one talented woman after another, many I knew and others I didn't, but soon would. Artistic Affaire: Candance Booth!Candance's BoothEach AMAZING vendor had over the top amazing spaces filled with such beautiful works of art and vintage supplies. Artistic Affaire: Kristen's Booth!Kristen's BoothArtistic Affaire: Jamie's Booth!Jamie's BoothI could have taken 5 hours just photographing each detail of their spaces and of Kim's works. Artistic Affaire: Kim's Booth!Kim's BoothI was lucky to be sandwiched between Analise's (Sugar Sugar) Space, Ruth Rae's and Julie Haymaker's Space, and across from Christine Rose Elle (Dolly Belle) space.Artistic Affaire: Kim H.'s Booth!Kim H's Booth
Artistic Affaire: Julie's Booth!Julie's Booth
The Full Vendor List:
Laura McCollough of A Kiss on the Chic
Kim Caldwell of Artistic Bliss Designs
Christine Rose Elle of Dollybelle Atelier
Holly Stinnett of Holly Loves Art
Amy Powers of Inspire Company
Julie Haymaker Thompson
Kristen Robinson of Kristen's Journey
Kim Hesson of Miss Alayneeah
Lisa Kettell of Moonfaires World
Candice Carpenter of Pea Coats & Party Hats
Ruth Rae
Jamie Skolnik of Simply Me Art
Analise Sledd of Sugar*Sugar

Are you drooling yet? I did, lol! I could buy something and more from each of these talents, I'd need to break into Gringotts Wizarding Bank for extra magic and money, lol!Artistic Affaire: Julie, Kim, Me, Ruthlisa and julie vendor night
Not only were the vendors and attendees who were on hand amazing, so were the other 2instructors: Ruth Rae and Julie Haymaker Thompson, 2 woman I just adore and get instant inspiration from. Like Kim, Ruth and Julie are one of the most sincere and genuine people ever, and their talent exceeds limits. Ruth's jewelry and stitchery is fascinating and bring you to a vintage world as does Julie's whose whimsical characters send you to a storybook world, Both these woman are true art icons. But I can't leave out the amazing Kristen Robinson, who had on the cutest shoes ever, I wanted those divalicious shoes, lol!, Kristen is not only a talented artist, but a fabulous baker and because of her, I must have gained a pound eating her yummy sweets.Me and Kristen!Me and Ruth!kristen and ruthArtistic Affaire: Ruth's Booth!Ruth's BoothThroughout the night I was greeted by woman who made me constantly smile, I feel good knowing my dollies, my books, my art are going to wonderful people and homes, where they can sprinkle some magic. Jenny and my Dolls!Me, Cynthia and my Dollie!Meeting people whom I have had email conversations, blog events and photo sharing with was wonderful. Artistic Affaire: Sherry and Denise!I finally was able to meet Sherry Williams in person, Denise Hahn, and Holly Stinnett. These girls are so talented and beyond nice. Sherry's works can be seen on line in a multitude of publications, Denise's works can be seen online, in publications and at Vintage Emporium in Long Branch (more on Vintage Emporium in post 5),Artistic Affaire: Holly and her Booth! Holly can be seen all over the web, in publications and we share an page together in 1,000 cards by Quarry Books. Each of these girls rock.
Artistic Affaire: Sandy and Me!Then I had the chance to see my friends: Gina G., Sandy C., Me, Sandy and Gina!Analise, Ruth, Maija, Jessi Maija and Jessi!and Jennifer H., and meet new ones: Amy,Artistic Affaire: Amy's Booth! Val, Cynthia, Jenny,Artistic Affaire: Cynthia, Val and Jenny! April, Sherry, Kim, Kristen, Priscilla, Bryanna, Danielle (My NY Gal), Marisela, Christine R and Christine S., Denise, Susan, Jenny M., Nancy, Joy, Cheryl, Shereen, Tammarie, Nicole, Annette, Earleen, Collen, Sherry B., Laura and many more.

After the event, I finished preparing for my workshop which was scheduled first for 9am. Stay tuned for post 2 and my workshop adventure.