Friday, May 27, 2011

A Summer Party!
 Sweet Birthday Doll Part Value Pack!Its that time of year, Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Circus, Carnival's, Fete's, Bazaars, Flea Markets, Festivals and Unique Events, it must be summer time.Meet The Mini Carnival Cupies! 4Carnival Cupie DollsLet's not leave out the joys of summer camps and crafts, library crafts and lazy day fun. Do you remember heading out to that fave amusement park or carnival, collecting prize tokens and tickets, to trade in for the toy of your choice, years ago those toys would have been cowboy hats, toy sets, penny dolls, Kewpie dolls and carnival cupie dolls. These kitchy items have become quite collectible now and have always sparked my inspiration, something so unique about a cupie doll, which has lead me to create my own versions, which my customers have been enjoying for years. Each style in my line has been carefully hand molded, hand pressed and hand painted for you all to enjoy.
Sweet Shoppe Kewpie Set!Mushroom Top Kewpie
My pieces can be used in everything from doll making, scrapbooking, assemblage, altered art crafts, children crafts, party wares, party supply, jewelry making and more. Choose between, un-painted and painted styles, rounded or flat back depending on your project. Some designs come in paper mache, bisque, polymer, resin or foam body clay, and states that in each listing.Charlotte Head Doll Part Value Pack!Lion Master Cupie Heads! 2Carnival Doll Heads & Matching Paper! 3For craft ideas using my products, please visit some earlier posts, my blog on Artfire and my other sites, stay tuned for some new ideas here on my blog. To purchase my products until my Etsy Site is restored to normal due to the hacking incident, please visit my artfire store, my websites or my store front in Lafayette, NJ.Carnival Doll Heads & Matching Paper!

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Custom Baseball Cuffs, aka B-Cuff!
Custom Baseball Cuffs Chic! 3
I recently made a few more custom baseball cuffs for customers in shabby pink, Colorado Rockies, basic white, glam and a few other color styles and team spirits. I have been making these cuffs since mid 2005/2006 using recycled baseballs, many of the cuffs and their variations have been published in magazines, books and online, with more new book releases and project ideas being released about them this year and next. My cuffs can be purchased through my sites, my store and other store locations. Custom Baseball Cuffs Chic! 2Custom Baseball Cuffs Chic! 4The following images are of some of April's cuff orders and designs, My favorite is the shabby pink design, where I hand dye/rub coloring into the baseball leather. For more examples of my B-Cuff designs visit my flickr site, back blog posts or pick up some of the publications listed on the left side of the blog. Custom Baseball Cuffs Chic! 5Custom Baseball Cuffs for Debra! 3Baseball Cuff For Stephanie! 3Baseball Cuff For Stacy!Baseball Cuff For Ashley!Stay tuned for photos of the baseball and softball cuff necklaces, belts and purse styles, fab colors and designs, coming soon.Custom Baseball Cuffs! 2Baseball Cuff For CrystalBaseball Cuff For Kiera! 2Baseball Cuffs: The Custom OrdersBaseball Cuffs: The Custom Orders
Note:These cuffs are the one and only original B-Cuff, if you use this idea/concept please keep in mind the many copyrights associated with them due to their design, printed matter and details, if making for re-sale of more then a few cuffs, if submitting your version to a magazine please contact me for permission, as I am flexible and try to support fellow artists and their inspirations.

Magic and Joy,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glass Vignettes For All Occasions !
Doll House Mania Jar 2No matter what the occasion is, glass vignettes make a welcome addition to any home, studio or party. These vignettes have been called by a few different names: Captured Jar Fairies, Jar Fairies, Memory Jars, Image Jars, Glass Houses, Glass Orbs, Recycled Jar Scenes, Snow Globes, Glass Theaters and more.Wedding Jar Fairies!Wedding Jar Fairies!Garden Wedding Glass Vignette! 4Garden Wedding Glass Vignette!Sara and Robin's Jars!Glass Vignettes can be made from practically any glass vessel, with a wide enough opening to insert items into such as dolls, paper imagery, millinery, moss and paper shards. These vignettes can be made from wine glass, medicine bottles, canning jars, candle jars, candy jars, glass vases, clear holiday bulbs, peanut jars, baby jars, perfume bottles, gumball machines, clear plastic eggs and vessels, fish takes and discarded clocks.Rose's Jar FairyCaitlin's JarRosanna's Commission: Lullaby Jar!The Dollies Garden Jar FairiesThese vignettes can be made as bridal shower and baby shower favors, given as gifts to the bridal party with special imagery inside, used to make vacation memory jars filled with special items and a picture to capture that vacation, create birthday party vignettes, make ornaments from them, re-create a fairytale scene, or insert whimsical fairies inside, the possibilities are ended. Doll House Mania JarPolly The Pixie Wizard! 6Polly The Pixie Wizard! 2Le Mer-Mystique Circus!Pixie's Apothecary! 3I have been making these tiny scenes for years and have included some glass scene projects in my book; Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, 2009. Inside you will find a glass fairy orb wand, fiji mermaid jar scene and jar cozies, just to name a few. As for custom orders, I have created custom wedding favor jars, bridal shower jars and baby shower jars, including a set of jar wedding fairies I made for each wedding party member for a wedding I was in. Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!12Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!7Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!8Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!2I recently was asked to custom make 2 flower fairy jars for two sisters who shared similar birthdays, including a circus themed birthday using my circus follies characters inside the jars, which matched the circus follies cake toppers and pics, each was hand sculpted and adhered to the jars which would comprise of a huge circus scene complete w/Giraffes, Ballerina Elephants and Mer-Bears.Custom Order: Jar Fairies! 12Custom Order: Jar Fairies!Custom Order: Jar Fairies! 5Oliver the Pixie Wizard! 5Oliver the Pixie Wizard! 3Oliver The Pixie WizardFor some of the vignettes, I enhanced the outside of the glass jars using additional imagery, sculpted items, millinery, glitter and broken jewels, all depending on the theme of the jar being created.The Blue FairyMerriweather, The Pixie WizardCaptured Mad Hatter Jar!Here is a more Gothic toned Witch/Wizard Glass Vignette, made with vintage shredded paper, vintage imagery, vintage 1800's lace/trims/velvet, German glitter, Velvet Flocking, Rhinestones and more.Victorian Witch Jar! 8Victorian Witch Jar! 6Victorian Witch Jar! 5Victorian Witch Jar! 3Victorian Witch Jar!

For more examples and variations of glass vignettes, box vignettes and cage vignettes visit my flickr gallery at: