Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second Skin Leather Metal Cuffs

Leather Pin Cuffs
I was invited to take part in an amazing blog hop where the primary focus was my fave subject: Jewelry Cuffs. Each designer was given a metal cuff, a package of second skin leather ( I received a red tilapia fish leather) & leather scissors, all from John Bead Suppliers.Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
I just loved this project idea so much, I became overly excited and couldn't decide on what to make as a permanent design for my cuff, so I decided to make mine inter-changeable using removable shoe clips, clip on earrings and pins, which I could customize for any look before I went out, many of the jewelry pieces I used were vintage or recycled from my jewelry drawer.
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
-Second Skin Tilapia Fish Leather, Metal Complex
-Metal Cuff, Metal Complex
-Leather Scissors, Dazzle It
-Jewelry Clips: Shoe Clips, Clip Earrings, or Pins
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs

1.Coat your metal cuff with a tacky all purpose glue of choice.
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
2.Cover your glued cuff w/second skin tilapia fish leather, press tightly,
   and fold over any excess leather underneath the cuff, let dry.Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
3.Choose the clips of choice to match your outfit and you are ready for a night out on the town.
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs
-Mix the leathers for various looks.
-Add medallions, charms or metal pieces to your cuff.
-Turn into a watch, by attaching a thin rimmed watch part to your cuff.
-Line w/rhinestone strands or studs.
-Layer w/friendship bracelet strands
-Wear on its own, w/nothing on it
Leather Pin CuffsLeather Pin Cuffs

John Bead Websites:

I hope you enjoyed my variations,

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

More Custom Baseballs and Cuffs on the Go

Baseball Cuffs, Promo, Lisa Kettell 2013
Its that time of year when I begin to get ready for Spring Training just like the athletes of MLB do, its this time of year that the sports cuffs get ready for the upcoming baseball season, from many of my MLB and College Team customers. Each order received has a unique flare all its own, representing their team colors, player number or some crazy concocted design, while some just opt for the basic stitching, used/worn look or glamor bling using a statement piece in the center.Rhinestone Baseball Cuffs
Custom Glam B-Cuff 2

Baseball Cuffs, Classic 5
When Football season ends, we begin to embrace for the onset of Baseball Season and Tennis Season, with sporatic bursts of Basketball enthusiasm popping in an out of the season. Getting orders in early is recommended as I can get backed up w/producing them.

Each cuff no matter the sport requested is made from authentic game balls, used or played, all hand cut, hand lined, hand stitched and hand embellished from scratch, I've been making these cuffs since 2005 and are original to me, over the years I have incorporated various styles and designs, including dyed leathers and rhinestones.

These cuffs have appeared in numerous magazines and books throughout the country, including the newest publication of Better Homes and Gardens. Every year our client base grows w/specialty and high profile clients, but I still create in the first come first serve fashion no matter what, and all clients are kept confidential.

This year I hope for more expansion of the cuffs and adding more sport fields to the lines. If for any reason your cuff arrives defected or damaged from shipping, please inform me, and ship back so it can be replaced. Keep in mind not everyone's cuff idea works w/these cuffs and not every leather or sports ball grade is the same as the next. I don't recommend a white baseball w/just white stitching, as it will be too plain and sterile, please ask my recommendations if you are trying to figure out the style of your cuff. 

The cuffs come in 3 set prices:
-A.Basic original: Just the sports leather w/basic stitching
-B.Basic Original w/rhinestones: Just the sports leather w/basic stitching, pearling and rhinestone      
-C.Glamor cuff: Just the sports leather w/basic stitching, pearling and rhinestone medalion/pendant
 center (extra bling)
 Multi Sports Cuffs! 6

You can mix colors or have colored leather, or vintage sports ball leather if available, please ask if that is what you need to see if in stock.

To order please click on the links to the top right of this blog or email me at:


Saturday, February 02, 2013

Adding Magical Filters to Photos

 Magic at the Met, After!I love the essence of whimsical magic, anything sparkly catches my eye, whether its a glimmering shirt, rhinestone necklace or glittered crown, I'm most likely going to love it, the same comes with jazzing up an ordinary photo.

Photos are the essence of us, they tell a story and help us preserve a moment in time which we can share for generations. Photos also help us inspire others through art and everyday life, along w/progress of ourselves.

When you feel good about yourself or the moment you are capturing behind the lens, it will show right through with a natural magic that can't be beat, but sometimes those moments need some extra jazzing up, a tweek, a little magic.

Nowadays you don't have to be a photoshop pro to enhance your images, all you need are some fun and fast programs available all over the net for free or a minimal cost, which are user friendly, fast, and easy to learn, often within minutes.

For years I have been a paint shop pro fan myself, but today w/the Iphones/apps and online programs I can achieve such great results in minute, whether its tweeking my products and items to sell, artworks, digital creations or photos, added effects make for a more appealing look.

Many people ask me for shortcuts to enhance their photos, here are some sites I recommend that are either free or won't break the bank book:


All the sites listed above each have their own fun filters and enhancements, and will appeal to photo lovers everywhere, you just need to find the one that you like the best. Here are some before filter and after filter photos using online photo filtering and enhancement options.

A photo of the Met in NYC I took a few weeks ago.
The Met, Jan 2013, Before!
Here is that same photo enhanced w/filters I used in a online photo editing program.
Magic at the Met, After!
Another photo of the Met in NYC I took a few weeks ago
The Met, Part 2, Before
Here is the photo after w/effects
Magic at the Met, Part 2, After
The Hoboken Terminal Before

Hoboken Terminal w/first set of filters Hoboken Tower, Part One!
Here its is more more filters
Hoboken Tower, Neverland, Part 2
More filtered Museum Photos, this one is from the Museum of Natural History, NYC
Museum Natural History, Part 3
Here it is with different filters
Museum Natural History, Part One
Here's a pic of me I took 2 weeks ago
Me Magic, Before!
Here it is with filters and writing
Me Magic, After!
Me Part 3, After
More photos of me w/filters I did last week
More Lisa Magic
Here's a few pics I took outside of New Hope, PA, in Peddler's Village, a few weeks ago
Conservatory, After
Carousel, Before
With filter
Carousel, After

So many possibilities await you, think of how much you can spruce up your website and store listing photos, make your artwork pop, and give yourself or loved ones some extra pizazz and magic.

Hope this post inspires you to take your photos into a whole new direction,