Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More B-Cuffs in a Glam Style!
Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 4
Baseball season is upon us, opening day games are taking place all over the country, Yankee opening day is tomorrow and the start of my favorite season with my favorite team.

Many ladies out there love the sport, played it in high school, college, on leagues, parents to boys and girls on leagues, married to baseball junkies and well just love the ambiance and fun of a stadium game, not to mention the drinks, snack foods and good company.Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 6Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 7
When you go to the game, do you wear a jersey, paint your face w/team colors, wear a cap, t-shirt or related color? I for one wear my lucky Yankee Cap and one of my B-Cuffs aka Baseball Cuff. I have 3 of my own, one basic, one team oriented and one chic and rocker glam.

Many customers have requested color cuffs and chic glam ones instead of basic styles, so they can wear them anywhere. The glam B-Cuffs are $10-$15 more then the basic custom cuff.Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 8Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 3

The basic custom cuff comes w/your choice of interior color, pearl strand, threading and rhinestone initial in front, most of you order "Q" for Queen of the Outfield. All rhinestones and colors are based on availability as well.

The Glam B-Cuffs are a little more girlie and ornate, usually coming with a custom color cuff, vintage or modern rhinestone pin, and strips, etc. They are blinged out to shine. In this post I am showing you examples of customer blinged out glam B-Cuffs that I recently finished. One for Sherry, Claire, Marie, Jenn and Polly, these are your cuffs, which were shipped today.Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs!
Now the pink is my fave, we all know I love pink and aqua. I'm going to make one similar for me!

To order your own cuffs visit:

or my artfire store:

For the glam cuffs, email me for an invoice!

Magic and Joy,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fantasy Fabric Blocks Art and Crafts!
I am proud to announce that I am a new artist on board at Fantasy Fabric Blocks. My illustrations are now available at Fantasy Fabric Blocks Art and Crafts. Now you can incorporate my illustrations into your fabric works from quilts, handbags, atc's stitched assemblages to fabric books, stitched jewelry and more!

The first set of illustrations I released are the Enchanted Carnival Collection of illustrations. The originals were created using Strathmore Watercolor paper, pen, ink, watercolors and tea/coffee aging, you can find that quick recipe and technique in my book: Altered Art Circus!

Each one of these have a rustic meets whimsical look and are inspired by vintage storybook images, The carnival/circus, parties, primitive art and Indie art all set in a whimsical tone. The aged backgrounds give the illustrations a distressed and prim look.

This series of images are available in the form of printed fabric blocks made from the highest quality, ready for you to use in your works. When you purchase these fabrics, I'd like to see what you do with them to put on the blog and showcase at Piddlestixs.

To start purchasing my artwork designs and other artist's designs on the fabric visit:

Magic and Joy, Lisa!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rockin Ruby Rock-It!
Ruby Rock-it 6
Over a year ago, I attended CHA Winter 2010 and during one of my free moments I walked the show and stumbled upon Ruby Rock-It Designs, I instantly fell in love with their products and the fabulous people behind the products, who frequently visit the US to bring these products to you, all the way from Australia .
Ruby Rock-it 12Ruby Rock-it 3
Joanna and Warren's passion for Ruby Rock-it is like no other, then add in a warm and friendly group and you have a fabulous product.

Fast forward to CHA Winter 2011 and you have a happy Lisa, why, because I got to see my pals for Australia and their new collections, which instantly got me excited, two collections I just love are the Avalon and Le Jardin Lines, filled with everything a scrapbooker, paper or mixed media artist is going to want from: Felt cuts in the shape of chic silhouettes, girlie patterns, and Birds/Birdcages, sophisticated and chic ribbons and flowery trims, dazzle/rhinestone effects, fun lettering, enchanted butterflies and other must have embellishments.Ruby Rock-it 5Ruby Rock-it 4Many of their papers have double sided patterns filled with chic patterns, Bo-Ho, Light Steampunk and Garden Sophistication, some are rounded shape which make nice layered additions to your layouts, add pop dots for some added dimension when layering your papers.Ruby Rock-it 11Ruby Rock-it 10Ruby Rock-it also has a great collection of brads and ribbon flowers, they are one of my sponsors for the workshops, Mid Spring Nights Dream held at my store, Piddlestixs, where each student will receive a few surprise goodies from their line of products.Ruby Rock-it 7Ruby Rock-it 9Ruby Rock-it 8
I am currently working on a few paper projects and layouts using their fabulous products which just arrived. They inspired me to make a new Kewpie which I will be adding into one of the pieces I am making. The Avalon Collection with the silhouettes, has me thinking Paris Storybook Romance, Soirees, Tea Parties and Frou Frou, One of the pieces I am making is a Soiree 3-dimensional layout, Birdcage and a castle, stay tuned for sneak peaks on some of the finished items.
CHA Day 4: Ruby Rocket Rules!CHA Day 4: Me and Miss Ruby Rocket!
For now I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into the wonderful world of Ruby Rock-it and have fun with their products!

To Purchase or for more info:

Have a wonderful day,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Baseball Cuff Colors, New Season!
The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 5
I'm working around the clock to bring you a variety of new styles for the new season of the B-Cuff.
I have been getting requests for frilly frou frou B-Cuffs, Pastels w/Rhinestones, Lace inserts, pink pearls, and little league team colors.

I periodically get in color baseballs and vintage/used baseballs, some are hand dyed by me and sometimes new baseballs are used.

Several customers ask for their team colors from The Angels to the Red Socks, The Yankees and The Mets, no team is excluded, even though I am a Yankee's fan, lol, I respect all the teams. I currently am working on the Baseball Cuff Necklace and Baseball stitched Purses. The Necklaces will be up next week and are similar to the cuff bracelet, but more edgy for the neck, some will have a chain clasp and others tie on ribbon, so you can see the variety of styles.
The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 6

The B-Cuffs are available in my etsy, artfire and web stores. If they sell out and you can't find the link contact me about a custom order or how to purchase one.

Attention League moms and Baseball girls, there are group discounts on B-Cuff orders and I offer wholesale to stores, so contact me regarding those requirements and pricing. Each and every cuff is handmade by me from every last detail.
The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 4

These cuffs, their concept and design are a Lisa Kettell original aka LK Designs copyright 2006-2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Original Baseball Cuff is Back!
Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 6

Are you ready for opening day? Will you be wearing your B-Cuff? The B-Cuff is in its 5th season and getting ready for Opening day in a few weeks. Many of you have been following the cuff from its beginning, ordering them to wear, and reading about the similar styles like my article and project idea in last Spring's Bead Unique Magazine.
Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order!Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 4
The Cuff is on the rise again with more variations, articles and in a published book, all coming out this year.

Who doesn't want to be Queen of her own Baseball Game? Now you can with custom baseball cuffs created to fit your teams colors or the theme of your choice.

The cuffs are created from leather baseballs, rhinestones, felt, clasps, sewing, etc.

All cuffs fit standard wrist size, if your wrist is larger, the cuff can be adjusted to fit your wrist specifications.

I have been making these cuffs for years for customers, friends and family. These cuffs are the original, one and only, Lisa Kettell Baseball Cuff aka the B-Cuff. All Baseball cuffs are original to my idea, creation and design, no two are alike and when you wear one can signify your love for the game with style and a bit of Glam, lol!Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 5Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 7


I now have pink baseballs in stock, these go fast, so check for availability on this color and see what dyes are in to match your team.

Most of the baseballs I use are vintage ones from game left overs and lots.
Baseball Cuff: Custom Order for Jean! 4Baseball Cuff: Custom Order for Jean!

To order, click below:

Custom Baseball Cuff Order Link

Bracelets are $40.00 plus $2.95 shipping/handling
Total: $42.95

Order 2 or more and save additional money!
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, if a rush order, please inform me!

Any Questions, please let me know,

Magic and Joy,

Buy 2 or more and receive $10.00 off

Baseball Cuffs: Custom Order! 2

Monday, March 21, 2011

Altered Art Circus Week, Contest and More!
Altered Art Cirus! Front CoverWe are running a contest called the 100 mile. Every autographed altered art circus book that is bought through me will be entered to win a $100 gift card, plus other surprises, exclusively for the book buyers. Once you buy a book at the link below, you will automatically be entered to win. I will randomly be choosing winners for small gifts and surprises. Contest starts now!
Altered Art Circus! Back Cover!

Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, Lisa Kettell, 2009-2011
Autographed copies now available,
Quantities limited....

Please inform me if your want a personal message written out inside the book!


$24.95 plus 4.95 shipping
total $29.90
Altered Art Circus: Books!Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books! 2Here are some sneak peaks of techniques and projects in the book:
Altered Art Circus: Book Project! 2Altered Art Circus: Book Project!Altered Art Circus! Inside Preview! 4

Altered Art Circus! Inside Preview! 3Altered Art Circus! Inside Preview! 2Altered Art Circus! Inside Preview!
Altered Art Circus! Inside Preview! 7Altered Art Circus! Inside Preview! 5
All fans of my book are encouraged to send photos of projects they made from the book or projects inspired by projects and images in the book. You can email me photos or send your completed projects to me to be displayed in the Altered Art Circus Vignette currently being created at Piddlestixs!

Reach out to me for details on sending your work for the Altered Art Circus Display, all artists who send in their works will get a special surprise and certificate of display.

Good Luck!
Contest ends on or before April 5, 2011 or when we sell out of the last book in the shipment, book quantities are limited!

Magic and Joy,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Altered Art Circus Projects, Sneak Peak!
Altered Art Circus Projects! 3 Altered Art Circus By Lisa Kettell, Quarry Books is a book filled with artful magic. Its not your A-typical art and crafts book, there is a lot more to it. Each project inside the book tells an actual fact or is accompanied by a story, a story of magic, whimsy, a story which takes you on a journey into your imagination.

The projects are simple and easy to complete, try them out with your children, your friends, family or make some of these projects for yourself, each one can be made simple or elaborate, there are no rules. I choose these projects as a way to spark your imagination and creativity, I didn't want projects that you would be afraid to try or had to go out and buy expensive materials for, you can recycle items around your home or pieces from left over projects to make these.

I include simple age and distress techniques/recipes using coffee, cocoa and tea, all items that can be found around your house including liquid starch and bleach.
Even old or recycled books, piano papers, newspaper and scrapbook papers, all inexpensive and easy to find. Recycling is good for the environment, perfect to teach children and costs nothing, I am a huge advocate of recycling and do everything I can to recycle.Altered Art Circus Projects! 2

Some of Lisa's Recycle Checklist include: Bottles, Jars, perfume bottles, Garden paper cups (peet pots), cigar boxes, books, ephemera and doll parts. The jars are used for captured glass fairies and scenes. The bottles for dolls and decorate, books for altered books, assemblages and for scrap.

To the experienced artist my book is perfect for inspiration, applies great techniques and brings you back to a not so serious world, a place we found in our childhood but might have lost as an adult, like trying to re-locate wonderland again.

Some of my favorite projects are the circus toys, the circus carts and the glass scenes. I'd love to know what your favorite projects in the book are? How have you used one of my projects or ideas in your work? I'm currently working on new project variations from the book. Example, replacing the paper doll in the Princess and the Pea Project with one of my handmade clay dolls and parts.

I'm creating other circus animal toys using hippos, birds and elephants, incorporating wizard and fairy themes to them, I'm creating newer circus cart assemblage examples, one is Ollie The Wizard which I blogged about a few days ago. For Ollie, if I wanted to turn him into a circus cart, I'd just add wheels and some ephemera.Altered Art Circus Projects! 4Altered Art Circus Projects!

The Jar projects are perfect projects to incorporate into party and favor ideas for weddings, showers and birthdays. Replace images with ones of your loved one(s) and personalize it, so many ideas.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into some of the projects from my book and the new variations of them that I continue to create.
Altered Art Circus: Book Project! 2Altered Art Circus: Book Project!Altered Art Circus: Books!

Magic and Joy,