Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More B-Cuffs in a Glam Style!
Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 4
Baseball season is upon us, opening day games are taking place all over the country, Yankee opening day is tomorrow and the start of my favorite season with my favorite team.

Many ladies out there love the sport, played it in high school, college, on leagues, parents to boys and girls on leagues, married to baseball junkies and well just love the ambiance and fun of a stadium game, not to mention the drinks, snack foods and good company.Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 6Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 7
When you go to the game, do you wear a jersey, paint your face w/team colors, wear a cap, t-shirt or related color? I for one wear my lucky Yankee Cap and one of my B-Cuffs aka Baseball Cuff. I have 3 of my own, one basic, one team oriented and one chic and rocker glam.

Many customers have requested color cuffs and chic glam ones instead of basic styles, so they can wear them anywhere. The glam B-Cuffs are $10-$15 more then the basic custom cuff.Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 8Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 3

The basic custom cuff comes w/your choice of interior color, pearl strand, threading and rhinestone initial in front, most of you order "Q" for Queen of the Outfield. All rhinestones and colors are based on availability as well.

The Glam B-Cuffs are a little more girlie and ornate, usually coming with a custom color cuff, vintage or modern rhinestone pin, and strips, etc. They are blinged out to shine. In this post I am showing you examples of customer blinged out glam B-Cuffs that I recently finished. One for Sherry, Claire, Marie, Jenn and Polly, these are your cuffs, which were shipped today.Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs!
Now the pink is my fave, we all know I love pink and aqua. I'm going to make one similar for me!

To order your own cuffs visit:

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For the glam cuffs, email me for an invoice!

Magic and Joy,


EWian said...

What a grate alteration!


Shari Replogle said...

These cuffs are absolutely wonderful Lisa! Love them :)