Friday, August 16, 2013

Rocker Cuffs, Vintage, Distressed and Grunge

If you really know me, then you will know that I love, love, love music, all kinds of music, nothing gets me more inspired with creating then listening to some of my favorite music, from Shinedown, Tool, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains to Sting, The Eagles and Journey, rock, metal to classical and jazz, depending on my mood, will dictate the music I listen to and the art that I will create.

As many of you know I have been making Sports Cuffs and Leather Cuffs for a long time, always looking for another style to add to my line of cuffs, this new line are the rocker cuffs, dedicated to my love of music and rock star style.

After a recent trip to last week's Carnival of Madness concert at the Stone Pony, I got re-inspired once again to take my rocker cuffs to another level, with a more grungy and masculine feel, a perfect unisex cuff for both men and woman, a cuff for the rocker in you.

These cuffs range from simple to complex for all style ranges, grungy to new, the rocker cuffs will fit perfectly for you.

Custom orders available, if you have a piece of leather, a belt, guitar strap, purse strap or a personal leather piece or sports ball you want crafted into one of my cuff creations, let me know, as I can do that for you, otherwise visit my artfire store or website for ordering.


Monday, August 12, 2013

My Love of the Carousel

Its no secret that I love the colors and the magic of the circus, whether it be a summer carnival, a boardwalk amusement, or a ride on the carousel, everything about the lights and the music is just magic to me, the inspiration I gain from it is priceless, so imagine stumbling upon a restaurant/bar with a life sized carousel inside it, where you can eat, drink and well, be merry, just pure excitement for me, and yes I went inside and stayed awhile.

I couldn't contain myself with taking some photos, or two, three, okay like 30, lol, with a return visit before I left the city, just too cool. We sat at the bar, ordered a cocktail, by the time we were finished, the carousel made a full turn, of course I wasn't ready to leave, so I had to order another cocktail, just to make another round around the carousel, lol

The Carousel bar is the only revolving bar in New Orleans, for decades, it has lured guests to spin on the 25-seat, bright circus-clad Merry-Go-Round, installed in 1949 and overlooks famed Royal Street in the French Quarter, a place where many of its patrons/riders’ have come up with their most creative ideas and inspirations, and I can see why, the same thing happened for me.

The bar is called; The Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone located at:
The historic Hotel Monteleone is located at 214 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130-2201.

 I'd recommend a stop at the Carousel Bar for a drink or two and experience the magic while you are visiting New Orleans, my trip has inspired a new set of carnival/circus jewelry and artwork, coming soon.

Have a wonderful start of the week and hope you get inspired, if you are on instagram follow some of my in the moment adventures and works!


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Rabbit in Wonderland

Here is my newest as of late last night creation I have labeled: "Rabbit in Wonderland", created from a variety of pieces I found at the one and only Hobby Lobby, from their Fairy Tale line/Bead Treasures, found exclusively at Hobby Lobby. In addition I added some of my own elements and found pieces for extra whimsy such as a thin chain, clasp and matching findings.
Rabbit in Wonderland

After making this piece, I think I may just keep this one too, I love how it looks with a white tank top, seer sucker red jacket and skinny jeans (my fave thing at the moment). Although I have been asked for it to sell, hmmm., will just have to think that one out tonight.

Layering pieces always brings out the fun in a necklace and that saying: "less is more" has completely gone out the window with the new fashion trends these days and especially when it comes to my jewelry designs and works.
Rabbit in WonderlandRabbit in WonderlandRabbit in Wonderland
As an admirer of Alice in Wonderland which ironically was the first book I ever received when I was born from my Aunt Noel in a red leather classic binding, which as you can see snippets of red float throughout this necklace, mixed with my love for rabbits, Beatrix Potter and Fairy Tales, all can be seen in this piece.
Rabbit in WonderlandRabbit in WonderlandRabbit in Wonderland
If you don't live near a Hobby Lobby, try Michaels, AcMoore or JoAnne's and look for some whimsical pieces or visit Hobby Lobby on line for an array of these products from the Fairy Tales Line of components, if you go this week, they are on sale at 50% off.

I hope you enjoyed my newest creation and get inspired to create a fairytale necklace of your own.


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Wearing your creations

As an artist, I love to create my own jewelry, accessories and clothes, looking through fashion mags and blogs for inspiration, once I get on a creative kick, there is no stopping me, especially with several ideas in mind that are waiting to come to life, when this occurs I run straight to my studio and start scavenging through boxes and boxes of supplies, if I'm no satisfied I head out thrifting or to the craft store, I can even hit three different in a day, living near Hobby Lobby, Michaels, AcMoore and JoAnne's is the greatest thing, lol, going loaded with coupons even better.

Last week I headed out to Hobby Lobby and picked up some of their brand jewels that were 50% off, headed over to Michaels and picked up some components from the Amy Labbe Art-i-cake line and finally back home to pick through my vintage stash. After a few tries, I came up with this necklace:

This necklace was made with 2 strands of jewelry pearl chains from Art-i-cake, and a large pendant from art-i-cake, both available at Michaels Craft Store. The 4 center rhinestones are from the Hobby Lobby line of jewelry, at Hobby Lobby, I added some extra pearling, art nouveau clasp and findings from my vintage stash, the result this necklace, in the pictures below, I wore it with a navy tank top, navy and white seer sucker sailor cardigan, pearl bracelet and skinny jeans.

Grecian Goddess NecklaceGrecian Goddess Necklace In the following pictures I wore the necklace w/a yellow tank top, skinny black jacket, skinny jeans, and my handmade black bow tie leather cuff. Grecian Goddess NecklaceIMG_2893 A trip to the craft store can help create the fashion accessories for your next outfit, for the experienced artisan, a trip to the thrift store or a rummage sale can bring about incredible accessories, mix, match, try something new and different, you'll be surprised at the results.