Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer Memories Ornament

Every summer we embark on a multitude of adventures.  Exploring becomes a way of life either on a stroll to the park, hike in the mountains or a swim at the beach.

As an artist I always try to come up with unique ways to capture my adventure and preserve it. Back in June I was lucky to share an adventure to the Jersey Shore with my creative friend Marfi Bradford, who traveled to me from Arizona for some artful fun and exploring.

Everyday became a road trip to all parts of the Tri-State area.  One of those trips was to Asbury Park and Ocean Grove, NJ.  Both seashore towns located on the Jersey Coast.

While there I was collecting ephemera and found objects on the beach such as shells, drift wood, pebbles and sand.  When Marfi, My Mom and Myself returned we were all exploding with creativity, so we decided to start making art in the studio.  Marfi choose to work in a Halloween theme.  My mom created in a Victorian theme, while I wanted to capture the day at the shore.

My finished piece was created using some of the elements I found earlier at the shore. I called my piece: Queen of the Sea, a summer memories ornament which will preserve our memory of the day in Asbury Park and Ocean Grove.

-Drift wood
-Shells, all sizes
-Beach pebbles
-Lettered wood beads or scrabble pieces
-Chipboard letter
-White paper or floral wire
-Vintage image
-German silver glass glitter
-Glue: hot glue sticks, paper glue stick, tacky glue
-Tools: hot glue gun, scissors
-Other: pearl stick pin, chenille stem, navy fine glitter, card stock, letter sticker


1. Cut out vintage image from paper, adhere to card stock using paper glue stick, re-cut again. (This makes       the image more sturdy)
2. Hit glue the cut image to the center of a piece of drift wood or glue to the location of choice.
3. Begin layering shells and pebbles onto the drift wood.  Attach with hot glue.
4. Cover a chipboard letter with tacky glue and sprinkle with German glitter.  Then attach to the drift wood.
5. Thread a piece of paper wire with letter wood beads and hot glue each end to the drift wood.
6. Wrap a piece of chenille stem into a circle, attach to a stick pin, add a sticker and pearls. Insert into drift       wood.
7. Embellish vintage image with navy glitter and a crown shape made from a piece of chenille stem.
8. Write the date and location onto the back of the image.

-Create a tag.  Write the date, location, who you were with and a brief description onto the tag and attach to   the ornament.
-Use a photo of the day instead of the vintage image.
-Use a large shell as the base instead of the drift wood.

The possibilities are endless on what you can create out of your summer findings.
Thanks for visiting.