Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Workshop: The Birdcage Altered Art Book at Tinsel Trading Sat. May 24
Me and Salliann

The Birdcage Book Class at Tinsel!
The Birdcage Book! Full View!
Terri's Doll!

The Girls

Terri's Gorgeous Jewelry

On Saturday May 24, 2008 at 12pm, Tinsel Trading, was the place to be this past Memorial Day Weekend. It was the day I taught my workshop: The Birdcage Altered Art Book for a great group of talented artists. Terri Ventura is the events coordinator and is extemely wonderful, she surprised me with a pair of her designer earrings which she made exclusively for me, they are absolutely stunning. Visit her blog for more of her amazing works:
The night before I made each birdcage, to save time in the workshop, for the students to construct their pages.

We had an amazing learning paper and altering techniques, creating 3D assemblage pages in our books, all while we munched on goodies from Au Bon Pain. This coming saturday is my next workshop: Fairytale Boat Assemblage, which is the last class of the season at Tinsel, until the fall. Hope to see you saturday!
Tinsel Trading is located in NYC: http://tinseltrading.com/
P.S. Thank You to all who attended!
Magic and Joy!

Sunday May 18, 2008
Here is a picture of the amazing Sue Miller and Me! We found out that we live 20minutes away from each other, so I ventured out a week ago and went to visit her at her show, filled with many gorgeous creations, at the Jefferson Library. Her husband and her are absolutelty wonderful and super nice. Sue's work puts you in a fantasy world filled with lots of magic and joy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Week of Mail Enchantment!
Over the past 2 weeks I have received so many wonderful delights in the mail, that I had to blog about it! Of course I always received such beautiful works from all the wonderful artists who join the swaps I host and its so hard to part with the goodies and swap them back out, because they are absolutely gorgeous, each and everyone of them. But these past few weeks were different. I was involved with a few one on one swaps, and hosting a Marie Antoinette Collaboration. But the works and surprises that came through my door and the generosity of these artists can't even be described, that's how wonderful they are.

Too start, I received a surprise in the mail from the amazing Scrappy Jessi http://www.scrappyjessi.blogspot.com/
Srappy Jessie Barbie Surprise Her acts of kindness and surprises are amazing, receiving this surprise just to make my day was incredible! This cupcake chic atc is sitting on my desk! Thank You Miss Jessi!
Following this beauty were other gorgeous mail packages:
The Little Mermaid

Such as the two fairytale boxes I received from: JoAnn/Take a Break and Marla/CrazyFish666, both were my swap partners in a swap I hosted called: The fairytale Box Swap. JoAnn made me a Thumbelina Shadow Box and Marla made me a Little Mermaid Box, both are in my office on my desk and and hanging from my desk drawer. Thank You JoAnn and Marla: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7718440@N08/ and http://www.marlasfaerytails.com/ Now the magic doesn't stop here, I received glorious goodies from Gina Smith, Ann Denise Anderson, Sandy Camarada and MaryAnn McKeating. The pages they each made for the Marie Antoinette Book were absolutely exquisite, divine and regal. The generosity of each of these woman are astonishing. They each make my everyday shine brighter than the next, beauties in our art world, take a look: From top left to right: AnnDenise's pages, Gina Smith pages ,Sandy Camarada pages, A picture of Extra Whimsies from Ann Denise's new Papier Patisserie line, shown on my office shelf along w/a hat she made me some months back and Mary Ann's pages.

For a truely magical experience or two escape into a world of vintage splendor, go and explore one of their wonderful and inspirational sites, Each of these artists create from the heart and fill me with so much joy!
Ann Denise Anderson at:

Gina Smith at:
Sandy Camarada at:

MaryAnn McKeating at:
But the excitement didn't stop here. Look at the package of goodies that came with MaryAnn's parcel, She made an extra mermaid atc for me for the seaside pageant atc swap, and sent me a beautiful fairy doll, which is the cutest ever, I have never seen them before, now I'm on a mission to get more, LOL! Thanks for my new obsession MaryAnn! Hugs!

Then These next four pictures show the gorgeous and absolutely brilliant box I received from The Fabulous Bettsi McComb/Tender Arts. We were swap partners in the Marie Antoinette Box Swap hosted by Stink Bone Jones/Jamie. Look at this box, the details, so vintage chic and regal. Love the colors, love the bounty of vintage goodies which accompanied the box, loved the miniarure scene inside the box, Just beautiful! Thank You Dear Bettsi! Take a magical trip over to Bettsi's Blog: http://tenderarts.blogspot.com/

Now look at these pictures, the first one is a picture of the bunny crown and scrumptious goodies that accompanied the crown by the incredible Susie Scott, her works are truly in a league all their own, such a whimsical style with so much joy! I love love love my crown which is right in my office sprinkling me with magic and joy!
In the next picture is the most adorable paperdoll I have seen, made from a seed packet, floral wings, vintage image and paper, its too cute for words and was an extra goodies included in a package from Miss Luna Willowsong, who added it to her mermaid pageant swap package for me, how great is that. I have my dollie in my office as well. Thanks so much Susie and Luna! Visit their sites at:
My Book: The Art Circus, Now on Pre-order on Amazon

Hi all,
I had no idea that you could pre-order my book on line, its now on Amazon, Amazon UK, Target, College, and more.
Thanks: Ann Denise, Wanda, Lori, Gina, and all who informed me of this!

Here is what it says under the book:
Art Circus!: Altering Techniques, Art Cards, and Other Magical Projects (Paperback)
by Lisa Kettell (Author)
Product details

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Quarry Books (1 Feb 2009)
Language English
Product Description

Product Description
Art Circus! takes the reader on a magical journey into the artistic world where they can discover their creative muse which is waiting to come out and play. It is at heart a technique book for altered artists, but is housed within a wonderful, spectacular fantasy land. The book will bring the reader, the daydreamer, the explorer, the artist, to a place have never been, where they can unleash their artistic dreams and explore hidden worlds through cutting-edge techniques, creative projects, and beautiful images. The book will include easy tutorials on basic digital altering effects for new and vintage images, step by step instruction for projects, a gallery of inspirational projects from other artists, and clip art and vintage images for readers to use in their own projects. The book will cover digital and paper alteration, creating from found and household objects (jars and boxes), will feature playful illustration, vintage imagery, and use a myriad of other mixed-media materials ranging from glitter and wire to crinolin and coloring agents.

This book will bring the reader, the daydreamer, the explorer, the artist, to a place they have never been, where they can unleash their artistic dreams and explore hidden worlds through cutting-edge techniques, creative projects, and beautiful images. The book will include easy tutorials on basic digital altering effects for new and vintage images, step by step instruction for projects, a gallery of inspirational projects from other artists, and clip art and vintage images for readers to use in their own projects. The book will cover digital and paper alteration, creating from found and household objects (jars and boxes), will feature playful illustration, vintage imagery, and use a myriad of other mixed-media materials ranging from glitter and wire to crinolin and coloring agents.

Come take a visit by my flickr site to see all the wonderful comments everyone has left for me, they are just making my day shine bright, even on this rainy day, here in NJ!


Magic and Mega Joy to you all!

Hello All,

Now its official, The Faerie Zine Volumes are back and now available in full color format 42 pages, soft book cover, thick pages, looks like you are reading a soft cover book instead of a magazine. Plus the cover has been revamped with a new look! I'll upload a preview asap!

8.5 inches x 11 inches, perfect binding, interior paper (80# weight), full-color interior ink, exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

No more middle printing person, lost orders or delay's.

Now just order the zine and boom, it will get shipped directly to your address. The price will stay the same, but now its the best quality print on the market and full color.

The premier issue is retired as a print zine, but will still be available on cd.

All other volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5 are ready for sale in the new format!

Now accepting submissions for vol. 6,the best of the faerie zine book and Piddle Stixs Vintage Zine!

The best of the faerie zine and Piddlestixs will be available in Mid June! Vol.6 available in August, So get your submissions in fast!

Magic and Joy!

P.S. I accept high resolution jpeg images!
Purchase the zines at:



The zines will be available on EBay, however with their raised sellers fee, it will be $2 more on EBay, SO I recommend purchasing from my website and blog instead in order to save on purchasing fees!
Thanks Much!

They will also be available on Etsy by Tommorrow!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Candy Carnival Crown!

Hello all,
Here is a sneak peak at the crown I made for The Bunny Crown Swap I hosted in The Faerie Zine, This piece is called: The Candy Carnival and is for the wonderful Miss Susie Scott!

The theme of this swap was Spring, Bunnies, basically what I call: "Cupcake Chic", all who took part in the swap was assigned a partner, together each person made one crown/tiara and received one back.

The images in this piece are all hand painted with acrylic paints and pencil on bristol board. I choose yummy color tones in seafoam greens, pastel and bright pinks, yellows and vintage whites. I Hand punched flowers for luscious pink paper, added vintage crepe paper, new crepe paper, glitters and more.

I also cover the back of my crowns with paper or paint, so that it is not so bare, this gives it a more finished look!

Then when my piece was done, I headed for the sun, actually, I went outside and prepared it for a photo shoot, started on the porch and made my way to the garden and stone wall. I met up with some garden fairies on their way to tea, they shared some extra pixie dust with me, that they packed for their tea with the Queen Bee, down in Peapack, I thanked them for their kindness and away they went.

The Candy Carnival is packaged and on its way to Miss Susie. To see Susie's wonderful works you can stop by her blog at:

Monday, May 05, 2008

New CD in the collage collection: The Doll Collage Chronicles!

Hi all,
I have just completed a new cd in The Faerie Zine cd Collection called:
The Doll Collage Chronicles!

This is a new cd in my collage collection which contains: vintage Doll photos/images/patterns/projects/story collections and more By: Lisa Kettell.
This is an enchanting collection of Doll images, china head, postcards, and storybook related. This CD contains:
1. An assortment of vintage doll, children with dolls, doll illustration, china heads, collage images, cabinet cards, photo postcards which have been digitally repaired for perfect images. Some have further been altered with color for your altered art and other art projects.
2. Also contains a variety of doll and fairy music sheets.
3. I have also included a few collage sheets that measure standard 8.5 by 11 inches, in this cd, will include a doll collage sheet, butterfly wings, storybook and more!
4.Projects to make items with your doll and other images
5. A sheet of pre-maid doll tags and atc doll information backings!
6. Doll patterns
7. Vintage Doll Ephemera
8. An image from my collection which you can print and frame.
9. Stories, Articles, and Storybook Pages
10. backgrounds
11. How to Create a Doll Party
12. Doll Clothes
13. Blythe and other dolls
14. Primitive, and Vintage Chic.
This CD is a collage clip art/pattern/How to and Story all in one!
Each of the images in this cd have been carefully selected from my collection so that you can make your own Fairytale World filled with imagination. Escape into another time when you purchase this cd filled with rare and amazing items and how to guides.
The Images have been saved in a high resolution jpeg format, perfect for shrinking or enlargening. All the images range from mid size to high size resolution, which are perfect sizes for digital art, atc's, altered art, invitations, scrapbooking, etc.
Please do not resell these images in a collage sheet or collage image collection.
However, you may use them in your art and art pieces. If selling a collage piece on ebay, etsy or your website, and you have used my images, mention where the collage image came from, I do. That goes a long way and helps to keep our art community strong and fun.
This is the 10th cd in the new faerie zine series of images. This CD is called: The Doll Collage Chronicles!
To purchase scroll down this blog to the end on the right side of this page click on the buy now option and poof, you have bought the cd through paypal! If not purchase in my ebay, etsy or website stores!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Soiree Crown: Obelia's Surprise

Now with out further ado here is my new circlet crown I call: Obelia's Surprise, made from vintage fabrics, papers, tinsel, flat irredescent shell beads I picked up on one of our soiree stop offs, German Glitter Stars, precious pearls(pearls are a symbol of wisdom), sequins, silks and more.

A circlet is a crown with neither arches nor a cap (internal covering).

Many ancient crowns were circlet in style, notably the original St. Edward's Crown, the coronation crown of English monarchs, which was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell during the Commonwealth of England. In fairy tales, crowns often continue to be represented in circlet form.

In the twentieth century two British consort crowns, the Crown of Queen Mary, and the Crown of Queen Elizabeth, were designed with detachable half-arches connected to crosses pattee so that they could be worn as circlets.

Former Queens Consort whose husbands had died sometimes only wore their consort crowns as circlets after his death. Alexandra of Denmark (Queen Alexandra, widow of Edward VII of the United Kingdom), Mary of Teck (Queen Mary, widow of King George V of the United Kingdom) and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, widow of King George VI of the United Kingdom) all followed this practice.

For more information on a circlet crown and other crowns visit:

More pictures of my crown

One full view before I put on Obelia's Surprise

Now I am off to mingle with the other soiree attendees and to visit the Queen.
Again anyone wanting to learn about this event today and to see all who played visit:
Wow, now that I finished half of the sweet snow cap confections and three cups of tea with rum, feeling a bit dizzy, LOL, I picked some fresh flowers from the boats garden (every boat should have one) and filled my tea cup with it.
Tea Cup With Flowers
I have completed my crown for the soiree, I went to my dollies and pixies for some magic to sprinkle upon my dazzling crown, for that extra sparkle. Here they are hard at work The Magical Dollies

As they continue to sprinkle my crown with magic, I wanted to share with you the goodies in my cabin room such as the beautiful fairytale tapestry which hangs from
a shining rod, and lovely European Prints.
Fairytale Tapestry

European Prints

Not only is my cabin room beautiful, so is my dressing room, where I have filled with several gowns for the soiree, since I couldn't decide which one to wear, I brought a few to choose from, no regal lady would be complete without a plethera of gowns, even when on holiday!

Sitting enchantingly and elegantly next to one of my gowns is a whimsical sea baby mermaid which I brought with me on this adventure, her name is Elle Coralson
Elle Coralson

Along with Elle and the Dollies, I brought some reading material and music, since I can't go anywhere without some books, pamphlets or music. Two favorites of mine right now are Michael Hague's Fairytales and The Fairyland of Opera
Michael Hague's Fairytales

The Fairyland of Opera