Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Vintage Pink Christmas

I love the magic of Christmas and all its whimsy, every year I get into a different color scheme, for a few years I did reds, prims, berries, then all tinsel and shiny brite, this year I'm loving pink, pink and more pink. At the office w/decided on blue's, whites and silvers for a snowy, snowman, winter wonderland.

For this post I'd like to share with you a series of ornaments I re-created from vintage ones I have or were inspired be, keeping them in a pink, tinsel theme and making them easy enough to re-create for yourselves.

This first set of ornaments are called: The Fairy Slippers
Fairy Slippers! 2These ornaments are made from sturdy cardstock, chip board, Dresden: images and scraps, vintage glitter, tinsel and crepe paper, Easy to make!Fairy Slippers! 4Fairy Slippers! 5Fairy Slippers! 7This next set of ornaments are called the Enchanted Dresden Party Cones!Enchanted Party Cone! Made using a Dresden cone shape, glass pine cone ornament, mercury glass beads, tinsel, Dresden: images and scraps, tinsel, vintage glitter and ribbon.Enchanted Party Cone! 2Enchanted Party Cone! 4This next set of ornaments are called the Victorian Boot Tussie Mussies, Made with a discarded porcelain china doll leg/boot, crepe, tinsel, mercury glass, Dresden Trims and glitter!Victorian Boot Tussie Mussie! 5Victorian Boot Tussie Mussie! 4Victorian Boot Tussie Mussie! 2Victorian Boot Tussie Mussie! 3In my next ornament post I will share with you 3 more vintage inspired and pink Christmas ornaments that are fun and easy to make, using recycled items you may have around the studio or craft box!

Happy Holidays,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Instant Glam Bracelet Project
Instant Glam Bracelet
The amazing Carmi Cimicata asked me to be apart of this fabulous blog hop, which I was given two products from Instant Glam: Crystal Rocks and Bezels to create a project., I chose to use the two pieces from Instant Glam to incorporate in my popular crystal bracelets, the result, a fun and flirty bracelet with the colors of the sea to add some sun to my cold December.
Instant Glam Bracelet
Instant Glam Bracelet

-Beading elastic
-Crystal beads (color of your choice)
-Instant Glam Bezel
-Instant Glam Rocks
-Tools: wire plier and jewelry wire
Instant Glam BraceletInstant Glam BraceletInstant Glam Bracelet
1.Measure your wrist for bracelet size, cut 3 strands of 16 inch beading elastic, thread each strand w/the crystal beads, enough to cover your wrist (thread the elastic through the bracelet strands twice for durability, secure w/tight knot.

2. Glue the instant glam crystal rocks of  your color choice to the instant glam bezel, let dry.

3. Attach the rocked out bezel to the three strands of beads using wire, voila and fun and fabulous bracelet.

-Use pre-made bracelets as a base if you aren't too jewelry friendly or want to save time.
Instant Glam BraceletInstant Glam BraceletInstant Glam BraceletInstant Glam Bracelet

Instant Glam is an exclusive line of components by Fernando which brings a wave of fresh air and innovation to the do it yourself category.

Hope you enjoyed my project and get excited about these fabulous components as much as I am