Saturday, August 29, 2009

Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!7"Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice" translate from French to English: "Alice's Circus Conservatory" This is a new piece I created which is part of the Storybook Friends Collection and is inspired by vintage storybooks, their whimsical and enchanting characters. For this piece I choose to work with my favorite storybook: Alice in Wonderland and my signature Carnival/Circus theme. The main character of this storybook piece is a yellow chix named Alice, who comes back to Wonderland to visit the Circus, and gets transformed into costume as a chix for the day, while enjoying the many treats that this circus has to offer.Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!11
Alice is scene here through the looking glass entering Berrie Diddle Dee's Fun House of Sugary Sweets, notice the edible sugar bulbs hanging over head and the lollipop columns and gumball lanterns surrounding her. Everything about Berrie Diddle Dee's Fun House is sugary sweet, a candyland utopia filled with everything edible, there is even a gondola boat made from hardened marzipan which floats you out of the fun house on the cherry cocktail water stream, all who leave the fun house receive a sour cherry heart candy wand, curteousy of The Queen of Hearts Confectionaires.
Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!9Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!3
Stay tuned for Alice's adventure at the Circus! For Project directions on how to make your own glass jar vignettes/glass assemblages/glass jar fairies/jar cozies visit or pick up a copy of my book: "Altered Art Circus", Quarry Books!
Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!2
This piece of Storybook Magic was created from a canning jar (ACMoore), Acrylic paints (Ranger, Ink) and Pink Paint (Plaid), Glitter (Art Institute of Glitter), Clay (Model Magic), Scrapbook Paper (Prima), Crepe Paper (Blumchen),Forget Me Knots Paper Flowers (Paper Source), Tinsel Sheets (Candyland Crafts) and other fab supplies.
Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!12

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Paper Dream!

Its been quite a busy summer, I have been working non-stop on new works, commissions, submissions, deadlines, workshops and my business orders. A few weeks ago I saw something out of the ordinary, something magical and well odd. I was gazing upon an unusual sized ladybug type insect, walking happily along my garden room wall. I blinked my eyes a few times, and it was still there, red in color with tiny polka dots, this beautiful insect looked like a Lady bug Queen, straight out of one of my imaginative stories.

I turned my head for one second, and when I returned, this fascinating creature was gone, no where to be found in the room, needless to say, I knew it was late and crawled upstairs to bed. Now to some this encounter would be merely dull, but to me, it was a moment of enchantment on a warm summer night in August. The next morning I woke up feeling happy, energetic, inspired and LUCKY. In some folk legends, Lady bugs are a sign of good luck/good fortune, some happiness and in others love, but like many icons in folklore, each one has its own meaning, but I'll stick w/the luck interpretation.This was a morning that escalated into a wonderous one, an inspired day, works completed, contacts made, I was very productive. The past 2 weeks would bring me new art, and business relationships. During this time I came into contact w/Tiny Prints, a truly exquisite company, which possess such inspiration and exceptional products that it takes you a whole day to get through all the illustorous eye candy on their site.

However Tiny Prints isn't just a card site, but your ONE STOP SHOP to a Paper and Card Wonderland, they have everything you need for that special event, beautiful invitations, card wares, and stationary, favors, accessories, photo books and more. Whether you are searching for that special baby announcement or party invitation, a moving card or wedding program, TINY PRINTS is wonderful, one look at their site and I became instantly hooked.

A few weeks ago my dear friend Lara asked me; "Do you want to do our Halloween Party this year?" Then Lara and I finally agreed to host it, but where and when? was the next question we asked each other. After much careful planning we have decided for a few weeks prior to Halloween as to keep our party isolated from the other Halloween parties which will be popping up, now comes the fun part: "INVITATIONS" I'd like to have a simple invitation, great background and graphics, unique, yet in-expensive, that's alot to ask for in an invite, but a question that crosses many party host minds when investing in an invite, after all, to me an invitation can really set the mood of the event you are hosting. When choosing one, sit back a minute and ask yourself some of the following:
1. What is the theme of your event/party
2. What mood are you trying to set
3. Is this event more geared for children, teens, college, adults or seniors.
4. Time of year
5. Your color scheme (keep it simple, stay within 3 to 4 colors)
example: A Cupcake Bday Party:cream, white, pink and red (or eliminate one color and add a fun pattern)
example: Halloween Party: black, orange, yellow, cream or brown, pink, red and orange (think out of the normal color box)
6. Budget, how many invitations are you going to need?

These important questions can help you design your party and the accessories needed to go with it. The following are some of the invites that are catching my eye for the party:
Pumpkin Heads by Tiny Prints
Classic Candies by Tiny Prints
Fer-ocious Feline by Tiny Prints
To view all their Halloween Invitations and cards click on this link below:
From Tiny Prints:"You don’t have to succumb to the temptations of trick-or-treating this Halloween—instead, host an eerily cool party with our Halloween party invitations! Lure your guests into your lair with enchanting Halloween cards or put your guests in a festive mood with ghoulishly gorgeous Halloween party invitations. These Halloween party invitations are the perfect way to celebrate without having to deal with empty calories or a cheesy cat costume!"

Afterwards I'll be making a personal photo book for myself of all the images from the party, like a digital scrapbook, and we all know how I love photos and books!

As soon as you see a site you love or products that you believe in, doesn't your heart rate pump faster, mine does, so when I see a wonderful site, product or location, I can't wait to share with everyone I know. The best part with Tiny Prints is their whole company is a pleasure to deal with, so not only do you get a great product, but great service. Please visit their site at: and see all the producst they have to offer. Look for more posts and info from me regarding my adventures to Tiny Prints.

Oh and stay tuned for a project on how to recycle those invitations, cards, programs and menu's you receive or have left overs of. I turned a bridal shower menu into a tiara, my 30th birthday invite into a mask and my Christmas cards into a holiday banner.

Step by step projects on these soon!
Magic and Joy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Art Opera April 7-10, 2010 now open!
Art Opera, April 7-10, 2010 Registration for this event is now open on my website at:
or click on the art opera page:

Also at the event is the 1rst ANNUAL ART OPERA AWARDS!
Whether you are attending the event as a full or a la cart attendee, whether you are vending or even if you can't make it, all are encourage to vote for your favorite authors, designers, crafters, artists and more. The Art Opera Awards has been created as a way to thank and recognize those who have acheived and are acheiving so much to inspire all of us in the field and outside the perimeters.

Voting begins on Oct.1, 2009 and will run til March 1, 2010. Voting forms will be available on or before Oct.1, 2009, each nominee will be notified by email and all winner will receive an award and additional recognition at the Art Opera Orientation Dinner! These awards are the oscars, the goldens, emmys, tony's,music,etc awards of our field. Now its time to be recognized and thanked for the contributions you have made!

If there is anyone I should know about, please email me their names at:

If you would like to donate business cards, moo cards, company merchandise, buttons, store coupons, discounts, supplies, artful wares and goodies for the goodie bag please email me at the email address above!

Magic, Hugs and Joy to you all!
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gala!
Over the weekend, many bloggers escaped into a magical place filled w/munchkins, flying monkeys, yellow brick roads and the Emerald City, not to mention some high profile people: Glinda of Oz, Wicked Witch from every corner, The Wizard and Aa girl named Dorothy. This place could only be one place, The Wonderful Oz!

There was a blog party hosted by Twyla and Lindsey over at:

And what a party it was. Un-fortunately I could not escape into Oz for the weekend, as my valuable magic computers ran out of magic, due to a new anti-virus system and storm which has resulted in an un-magical router box, being replaced asap. So I had to wait until internet service (from the grand computer wizards), in order to re-visit the party and all the enchanting blogs which took part in this event.

Since I couldn't create as much magic as I had wanted to, I have included for all the wizard of oz attendees and faerie enchantment followers, some freebie images and a wizard of oz collage sheet to use in your most magical of art projects!

I hope you can create a world of magic with these and I thank you for visiting!
Magic and Joy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tinsel Wonderland Workshop
Tinsel Wonderland Workshop

Welcome to the Xmas Workshop and Artful Treasure Hunt entitled: Tinsel Wonderland, located in Historic Lafayette, NJ on Saturday December 5, 2009 inside the 1850’s Lafayette Mill Antiques Center and the Old Vaudeville Theatre!

Workshop is limited to 30-35 students only.


Art Nouveau Victorian, Do you have an elaborate, crazy or vintage hat you have always wanted to wear? What about a frilly shirt, ruffled collar or soiree skirt, velvet pants or velvet coat, fur stoll or vintage gloves, rows of pearls, glistening crystals in red, black, clear, green or dazzling aurora, rhinestone pins or a ladies sash? Have you ever wanted to wear these timeless pieces? Then please do, I know I will, come in your vintage best, or just wear that fabulous hat or dazzling necklace, let’s set the tone for the holiday season.


-Event Time is 9 am to 6pm
-Breakfast starts at 9am till 10:00am inside a quaint Anne of Green Gables Style Cafe which is known for their Gourmet and Simple Foods and is situated in the middle of numerous antique stores and across from my favorite of all: Lafayette Mill Antique Center, this place is also a favorite among other artists. Its so fabulous, that I warn you, you might night leave, the entire up stairs looks like a place straight out of a Vintage Time, filled w/secrets and magic, right out of Santa’s Toyland or Old World Storybook.

During breakfast you will be given your special goodie bags filled with project kits and surprises.

-The Workshop starts at 10:00am-2:00pm students will make a project straight out of a Tinsel Wonderland, this part of the workshop is called Santa's Toy Apothecary!

Students will make a clay/paper mache christmas tree doll with china doll head face, faux mercury glass bulbs, tinsel bulbs, tinsel sheets and tinsel treasures. You will also make an illustrated and distressed tag to go with your piece.

What you will learn:

-Doll making, clay sculpting, mold making, primitive/vintage painting techniques, how to make your own glitter and faux mercury glass. You will learn light illustration and distressing techniques as well from: Lisa Kettell, ooh that's me....

More Information:

-Enjoy hot chocolate and surprise treats as you welcome in the Christmas and Holiday Season, set inside a village straight out of Dickens Book.

-Enjoy a symphony of Christmas and Holiday music to get you in the spirit of the season.

-After Class we will begin shopping inside the Lafayette Mill Antiques Center and start Treasure Hunting, afterwards we will hit a few more antique shops all within fast walking distance.

-Dinner after the event is optional, but you are invited to tag along to the Lafayette House for dinner as well.

-There will also be some giveaways and I'll be hosting a swap or two before hand as well, again seating is limited since this is a smaller event and only for one day.

-Price for this full day of workshop, treasure hunting and surprises will be $150 registration will remain open until fill, once sold out, the next big event will be the ART OPERA April 7-10, 2010

-This workshop price also includes your project kits/material fees, so NO EXTRA material fees its all included.


Lafayette Mill Antiques Center
12 Morris Farm Road (Just off Route 15)
Lafayette, NJ 07848 (973) 383-0065

1hour from NYC
40 minutes from Warwick, NY
1hr 15min from NJ Shore
35 Min from Morristown, NJ
35 Min from PA border (Poconos Area)
1 hr from Pa border (Allentown Area)
1 hr 15min from New Hope, Pa/Lambertville, NJ
1 hr 45 min from CT border

To Register Visit: Once on this site, Please use the paypal button on the right to purchase your workshop.

Contact me about paying on layaway in 3 installments of $50 at:

To pay by check or money order please contact me at:

To join the art opera group!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meet the Storybook Toys, Friends of the Charlottes!
storybook toys2Pictured are: Violette, Bluebelle, Taffy, Pippie, Piccadilly and Percy!Each Doll is hand sculpted, (no molds), painted, felted, glittered and brought to life w/ a variety of techniques, each started with an illustration! These dolls are apart of my new illustrated doll line.storybook toys
Now available on Etsy at
or click on the direct link to their listing at:

In my Etsy Store you will be able to pick which style doll you want and it will be handmade and assembled for you, all one of a kind.Bluebelle the bear4storybook toys6storybook toys4If there is a specific toy wood block base you'd like, I will do my best to accomondate you!For your doll you must pick between these styles: A. Violette B. Bluebelle C. Taffy D. Pippie E. Piccadilly F. Percy. Then your doll will be handcrafted and mailed off to you safe and sound. Each doll w/their toy block measures between 5 1/2 inches to 6 inches tall.The dolls are available and custom dolls as well!Magic and Joy!Lisa!
percy the carnival wizardpiccadilly the chick
Their Story:
A whimsical symphony of music can be heard in the faint distance, as you walk closer it becomes more profound, sending delightful chills through you. Now just a short distance away the smell of chocolate, candy apples and cotton candy have filled the air, flickering lights in colors of the rainbow can be seen over head, the pitter patter of footsteps abound. Birds with pointy hats can be see flying overhead followed by racing dragonflies and Charlotte Flying Muses.

"Where is that red and white striped gate?", you have just asked yourself outload, then a little voice replies, "Straight ahead bare a quick left by the grand oak tree"
You turn to find a tiny chick who introduces himself as Piccadilly, an enchanting chick with a tinsel hat. After a grateful sentiment, you proceed ahead, bare a quick left at the grand oak tree and voila there it is, The red and white gate!

This is an enormous sized wooden gate with 2 pink column turret structures attached to it, followed by a line of giant bushes, to thick to pass through. The sign on the gate reads: "Ring Bell, To Enter", Once you ring the bell, the door slowly opens, revealing more and more glimmers of light and amusement.

Within minutes the gate opens to reveal the most magical, the most enchanting, the most amazing site to lay upon the eyes, a feast of pure imagination begins to surround you as you enter this most mystifying place. A Carnival, A Toyland, Storybook Land, A Fairyland, what else could you call it? Wizards of every kind, fairies, carnival-ites, real life dolls, charlottes and toys. "Could that be Pinoccio walking with a Princess?" "Is that a pool of mer-chicks frolicking around in the water?" As you walk by, you come across the most fabulous carousel ever seen with gilded golds, pinks, aquas, every color of a cupcake palette, with beautiful storybook characters gracing its floors, did I mention it is a three tier carousel!

Just around the corner from the carousel is The Magic Toy and Apothecary Shoppe, owned and operated by Percy Withermoore who also owns The Percy Withermoore Circus!
One glimpse through the large framed windows, one can see rustic shelves lined w/colorful bottles in odd shapes and sizes, ornate handmade toys and special goodies, a feast for the eyes.

In the garden of Mysterious Delights located on the outskirts of Storybook Land, is filled with secrets labrinyths, and tunnels, which lead to many other areas of Fairyland, including the Land of Charlottes, who are close friends with the Storybook Toys and Friends, One day if you come across a flickering light caused by a sweet chick, ask him or her the way to Storybook Land!Pippie the pink chick3

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Paper Source Grand Opening, Princeton, NJ!
Princeton: Paper Source Event! 12There is never a dull moment in my life, I always find an adventure and have a story to tell, whether its a new art piece I created, Cadbury our resident rabbit eating carrots from me, DJ our Dog frolicking around the garden, a new event or store I found, I always find something to talk about or do. If there is an adventure waiting to be embarked on, I will find it.

Geralyn Grey aka Greetings From Geralyn invited me to the Grand Opening of the Paper Source Store in Princeton, NJ (One of my favorite locations, just so much to see and do, many of the buildings have a European feel and look preserved in time)!Princeton: Paper Source Event! 5Princeton: Paper Source Event! 6Princeton: Paper Source Event! 9Princeton: Paper Source Event! 2I almost never give up an invitation, unless I have other plans. If you invite me, I will come, for this artful journey I brought my mom along, who I might add won one of the giveaways at the store, she was soooo happy.Princeton: Paper Source Event! 18
Once inside I began to drool, literally of course, one step inside a Paper Source Store and you might never be the same, its complete eye candy for the artful soul. After having an incredible moment of art excitement I quickly spotted Geralyn at the store and went right over to her, she had invited me to the Grand Opening and each day I waited with baited breath to go!Princeton: Paper Source Event! 23Princeton: Paper Source Event! 22Notice the rows and rows of gorgeous paper sheets, I wanted them all, and they were reasonably priced which makes it that much better.Princeton: Paper Source Event! 15Now this is what topped off my day, seeing my book in their store, Altered Art Circus is available at all Paper Source Stores, this happended to be the last copy that day, How excited was I! Notice the bunches of forget me knots in the background, you guessed it, they were all mine, LOL!Princeton: Paper Source Event! 25Here is a picture of the wonderful Denise and myself, with her copy of my book, so exciting. Denise is a wonderful flower artist making handmade felt and paper creations!Princeton: Paper Source Event! 26Notice the circus paper in my hand and my filled basket of artful wares!Princeton: Paper Source Event! 21This Grand Opening was so much fun, between exploring for treasures, talking with old friends and meeting new ones, not to mention beautiful weather and a short drive, the day couldn't have been more perfect. During the event I also met Chavonne Lenoir, who is the owner of Glamorous Life Events, which plans and creates that special event. We clicked right from the start, she was super nice!Princeton: Paper Source Event! 24Princeton: Paper Source Event! 20Then I had the pleasure of meeting one of Geralyn's friends who is a teacher in NJ, at Montclair Museum and her studio is located in Orange. Princeton: Paper Source Event! 17Look at Denise pictured between aisles and aisles of paper bliss.Princeton: Paper Source Event! 14Here is another glimpse inside my new favorite store! For those of you Boston and Cali Girls, I know you have had Paper Source nearby, but for me and the rest of us NJ-ites, this is the first NJ location, now located on Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ! I am so happy its here, and will be making more frequent visits to my new treasure haunt! Did I mention there is a cupcake shope around the corner called: House of Cupcakes, well I did some cupcake buying there too! Princeton: Paper Source Event! 13 For more information visit:
Paper Source
Geralyn's Blog:
Denise's site: Http://
Chavonne's site:
House of Cupcakes:
Auroratique (my mom's blog):

Monday, August 03, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne Sept. 18-19, 2009

Okay I don't know what is better then spending the inset of Autumn, then at an Art Workshop Soiree, filled with amazing teachers, students, ambiance and decor, yummy treats, goodie bags, a vendor faire and over the top wonderful Host.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this does exist, on Sept 18, 2009 the festivities begin, Kim
Caldwell Presents: Artistic Affaire L'Automne, in Los Angeles, California, the site
to sign up is:

Seating is limited and there are seats available! If you live in the Los Angeles Area or are flying into to LAX, then drop on by the event, I am one of the teachers, along with Ruth Rae and Julie Haymaker.

The Workshop info from Kim's Site:

Please join us as we commence the festivities and traditions of Autumn with three incredible artists, Julie Haymaker, Lisa Kettell and Ruth Rae. These inspirational women will spend an entire day and evening of crafting with us as we journey through their artistic projects full of inventive techniques and creativity. This lovely Affaire also launches our first Friday Evening Market Soiree featuring artists and vendors from near and far. We hope you can join us for this wonderful weekend together!

Friday, September 18, 2009
Artistic Affaire Market Soiree
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Artistic Affaire L'Automne
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Cost: $285.00

Your registration to this event includes:

~ Admission to our elegant Artistic Affaire Market Soiree on Friday, September 18th from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM featuring over 10 artisans and vendors.

~ Exclusive book signings with Lisa Kettell, Altered Art Circus and Ruth Rae, A Charming Exchange.

~ Three classes taught by nationally known artists, Julie Haymaker, Lisa Kettell and Ruth Rae.

~ Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner the day of the event.

~ Reception at The Vintage Emporium in Long Beach on Sunday, September 20th from Noon – 2:00 PM.

~ Creative art exchanges, goodie bags, give-a-ways and more. . .

Seats are limited so act fast and come join us! Registration payments and fees for this event are pre-paid and non-refundable.

Here is a preview of the project I am teaching: Dragonfly Ballerina Queen!