Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Come take a peak inside my Altered Book, Vintage Style Workshop at The Newark Museum!
My Lantern in the workshop

My Enchanting creamy cake stand and Bird cage cover, filled with goody bags

Sandy Working

Me, my apron and lemonade yellows

The Class: Karen, rae, Me, Marylin, Rima, Sandy, Barbara and Lynn

Steve and I Rae, Me and Lynn
Marylin and Sandy

Sandy's Page
Marylin's Page

On Sunday April 27, 2008 was my workshop at The Newark Museum, which I had prepared for weeks in advance. I gathered a mix of eye catching wallpapers, photographs, ephemera, tinsel, trims, glitters and more, many of the items were vintage materials from my own supply, along with a variety of new materials which I purchased for my students.

No event would be complete without a goodie bag filled with secret treasures and findings, nor would it be complete without chocolate, toffee, almond bars and chocolate creme cake. For me I came equiped with coffee and diet dr.pepper cherry chocolate soda, you couldn't tell I love chocolate could you!

My birdcage and cake platter didn't hold the ckae, but played royal guard for the surprise goodie bags which were gievn out at the end of the class, along with other surprises and a contest raffle in which I gave a full collage cd from my online store.

The first part of the class was spent selecting supplies for the book, next we began to assemble the first and second pages, which was a theater on one side and crepe paper 3d dolls on the next side. Followed by medallion pages and head shot pages. No one's book was fully completed, even mine, but we did learn how to combine book binding and fabric for a wonderful finale for our pages.

Students learned how to work with vintage supplies and colors, create crepe paper dolls and half dolls, paper fanning, medallions and light book binding and sewing. I'll be adding more images from this event soon.

P.S. I love paper lanterns and found a variety of them on Saturday night when I came home from the NYC, I brought in one, put a battery in it and hung it from the apothecary French style windows in the Museum's studio room.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday April 26, 2008 A Fun Day from NJ to NYC
Bianca and Me at Michaels
Me and my book
Heather Terri Me Jennifer Nancy
Jennifer and Her Cone
Jennifer's Cones
Lisa and Jennifer
Mom and Me
Terri and Jennifer's Apron
Mom and Me Again

I had a long and amazing day on Sat. April 26. It started with a jewelry demo I did in the morning at Michaels. Three wonderful woman came in for the demo, which was a make and take event with Lost and Found Beads by Blue Moon, half way through the demo, I was surprised by a visit from my dear friend Bianca and her fiance Steve, who are recently engaged. Their wonderful wedding is next year, I can't wait for this glorious event. Bianca joined in on the demo, we had so much fun.

Next I headed for Barnes and Noble, grabbed a coffee and lemon cake slice, picked up my Mom and we headed for the city. I was going to Tinsel Trading to drop off my birdcage book sample and visit Jennifer Paganelli and her class.

I'm so glad I made it in time, to meet up with Terri, Heather and to meet the amazing Jennifer Paganelli and her wonderful friend Nancy. Jennifer is an extremely talented artist who creates from the heart. Not only is Jennifer a wonderful artist, but positively sweet and nice. Jennifer's Blog:

Nancy's Site:

Heather and Terri are always what make my visits even more special, each of them possess such talent themselves and inspiration to me all the time.

Heather creates dazzling and incredible millinery designer showroom hats, which can be seen on Bazaar, and other top magazines, while Terri's jewelry is so vintage chic and divine, they can be seen in showrooms and the web.

Terri's sites:

My Birdcage Book Class at Tinsel Trading, NYC!

Deep in the forest, in a secret place, lies an enchanting colony called: Sugarwoods, a place were woodland creatures call home. Birds, bunnies, pixies and more, all dwell in this wonderful land. Henrietta Birdsview is the Queen of Sugarwoods, she lives way at the top of Pinkshire Grove, where the grounds resemble a patchwork quilt, filled with rare and unusual flowers collected from all over the world.For years the Birdsview Royal family have collected these natural wonders and cultivated them on their grounds. The Sugarwoods Arboretum is home to many more species of plant life, including the Henrietta Rose, which is a delightful hybrid rose, the Sugar Plum Tulips, The Crowning Delilahs and the Clausebird Hydrangea. The Pinkerton Family is a huge donator of stone which is the main material used to create the gorgeous statues at the Arboretum. My favorite part of the Arboretum is the Carousel which pipes out enchanting melodies from its magnificant structure, complete with mer-birds for all to ride on.
Hummingbird Lane is a delightful area with cute and cosy, cupcake chic boutiques and cafes filled with delightful trinkets, tea and precious fashion accessories. A must see is Goldies Crown Boutique, Woodies Pub and Bluebella's Tea Room, located on Greensly Pond over looking Shellies Lake House which hosts Boat Duck Rides every 10am, 12pm and 2pm, night rides with lanterns and dinner at 6pm and 9pm, reservations required.
When you enter the world of Sugarwoods, you might never leave!
Come join me in re-creating this wonderful place in my workshop entitled: The Birdcage Book, at Tinsel Trading!
For more pictures and info on joining me at Tinsel Trading for this class and to join in on other workshops visit Terri Ventura's Flick page: Dimestoredaze or her blog/websites:
Come on over for some enchanting melodies at my blog as well for additional pictures of this project and details of this class that I will be teaching on May 24, at Tinsel Trading!

My class will be filled with Lisa Magic, Surprises, Enchanting Goodie Bags, Giveaways and more, not to mention some edible treats as well.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Previews From The Pixie Isle Chronicles
"A Summer in Pixie Isle"
By: Lisa Kettell

Welcome to Grimshaw Alley located in Pixie Isle along the Merwin Sound. Pixie Isle is part of the Pixie Region of Wistica and located 25 miles from land. Since Wistica is south of England, the whole area has many British characteristics.
Pixie Isle is considered a premier seaside destination and famous for the Tri-Sea Pixie Pageant, last years winner was August Platmoore.

Lavender, coral powder and moongrass are indigenous to the island. While Wentmoore Holloway made the area famous with his delicious tea called Holloway's Teasers, with flavors such as: Mervander's Twist, Licorice Sunrise and Lavender Vanilla, and many more, which have now been made into scrumptious taffy and candy confections.
Madeline Merwright is pictured here waiting for Percy Spellbinder to start his summer potions class, held every thursday evening at 8pm. $100 pixiepents gets you 8 classes. This is a must do for any young and curious pixie.

This summer will be the opening of the Pixie Boutique on Pixie Isle. FiFi and Trixie LaBlume, have been preparing all year for their fashion show at The La Dolie Opera House. This would be the first fashion show for the two pixie sisters who had left The Phantom Chillarie Theatre Group just last year to pursue their love for designing.Their debut line will consist of a variety of cutting edge bustiers with vintage ribbons and tulle skirts layered over funky leggings. There will be lots of frills and glam in this collection, complete with dazzling Austrian Crystal colorful tiaras and blown glass flutter rings to accompany the pixie wings.
Pictured here is Polly Andrews, the lead model for the show, who was just featured on the cover of The Faerie Princess Magazine and in The Pixie Times. Polly with her velvety blonde hair, comes from the Rouge Agency and so does her friend Lisette, a new up coming model with gorgeous violet eyes and radiant long brown hair.
To show no hard feeelings that the La Blume sisters didn't renew their contract, The Phantom Chillarie will provide the props and flowers for the show, along with some advertising, other sponsors include: The Paris Magic Group, Hollowood Bank and Trust, Langley Grace Designs and The Garden Bug Cafe.
Every show has a theme, FiFi and Trixie choose a carnival theme. They even transformed the Opera House into an acting Carnival with Pierrots, Ballerinas, Acrobats, and a Lion Tamer, all courtesy of The Percy Peapack Carnival which opens on the Isle two days later. Some of the models will ride down the runway on elephants costumed in LaBlume clothing, others will roller skate while eating cotton candy and the rest will walk with balloons and candy apples.
At the end of the show, guests will be ushered into the opera promenade where they will be given either cotton candy light puffs or sparklers. Then the models, circus performers and The LaBlume Sisters will be whisked away in the Vintage Hot Air Balloons, in an eclectic blend of shapes and designs followed by a magnificant firework display.
I was impressed with the show, however, Lisette, who has no last name, seemed weird, quite strange if you ask me, there was just something about her that bothered me, I don't know what it was, she just did. What's even more strange is that the owner of The Phantom Chillarie has never been seen, only his liason, Groman Felsaunt, who is the appointed, head of the Chillarie. I asked my parents why no one has seen him, they claim, its because of his involvement with the dark arts. Rumors have circulated that he has a secret den where he tortored Pixies and Wizards for their magic, but it can't be proven.

Potion Class, Madeline and her friends c.1920

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Fairytale Box Assemblage Workshop I am Teaching at Tinsel Trading and Contest Too! Read Below! Kits Available Soon!
The Fairytale Boat Follies! My Tinsel Workshop! 2

In a land far far away where blue birds and sparrows can be heard singing sweet melodies as they fly by, a land where boats don't need water to sail, just a sprinkle of pixie dust on their sails and away they go, sailing gracefully through the sky, over storybook places such as Mother Goose Corner, Wonderland and Mermaid Cove where Peter and his bandits from Neverland can be seen playing mischievious pranks on Captain Kidd and his men.
Come set sail with me on the Fairytale Boat of Dreams in my workshop entitled: The Fairytale Follies Box Assemblage, at Tinsel Trading!

For more pictures and info on joining me at Tinsel Trading for this class and to join in on other workshops visit Terri Ventura's Flick page: Dimestoredaze or her blog/websites:

I will be teaching this class on May 31, at Tinsel Trading!

My class will be filled with Lisa Magic, Surprises, Enchanting Goodie Bags and more, not to mention some edible treats as well.

Also today begins the 2nd blog contest:

Contest Details:
7 winners will be picked to receive handmade tickets to ride this boat.
They are altered art vintage style boat tickets which I made to giveaway to 7 lucky winners, to represent 7 days of the week and the 7 seas. I will keep the tags a secret until the winners are picked, so start posting for a chance to win. These tags will also be made for my class as well!

Magic and Joy!

By June, I will be selling kits of some of the fairytale boxes, in different sizes and packs for all price levels!

Also take a stop by my flickr site of image and explore:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The "Arte y Pico" award was created/made to be given out to bloggers who inspire others with there creative energy and their works, whether it be writing, artwork or more. When one receives this award it is considered a "special honor". Once you receive this award, you are to pass it on to at least 5 others. For more info on this wonderful award pleases visit:

I just received this incredible award from the amazing Gina Smith, who is brilliant in every way. words can' t describe just how wonderful she is. I'm truly thankful for having her as a friend, Thank Gina for all that you do and for who you are! Please go and explore her wonderful site when you get the chance:

Now I have to pick 5 others to give this special award to.
I will have to start with Susie Scott Studios, She is such an incredible artist and continues to inspire me everyday with her wonderful art! One glimspe into her world and you will never leave!
Now without any hesitation, I want to send an award over to Mary Ann/Follow Your Bliss, her artistic energy is amazing. MaryAnn is truly a wonderful artists and wonderful person, stop on my her wonderful site for endless inspiration
Bettsi -Tender Arts is such a wonderful artist and person, I can't forget to drop on by her site and send her this special award. Everything she touches turns to magic and enchantment, a true artist who creates from the heart and a joy to swap with visit the wonderful Bettsi at:
Izabella Pierce is what can I say brilliant, her work just inspires you instantly, her creative energy is amazing and I'm lucky to have become friends with her. Izabella is also a guest artist in my art book, The Art Circus which will be released this year. Take a visit to her world of magic:
Now I have to award the wonderful Terri Ventura who is absolutely the greatest ever. Not only is she super talented and full of energy, she creates from the heart and is so nice. She is a pleasure to speak with and I am honored to call her a friend. You have to go and visit her site which is filled with so much inspiration. Thank You Terri:
I need to award one more, to Susan Tuttle her creative energy and beautiful artworks inspire each and everyone of us, everyday. Not only is she a brilliant artist, but a brilliant person too, take a journey over to her site for a moment of inspiration!
Can I award one more, it has to be Ann Denise Anderson We met by chance, a serendipity, accidental encounter, and i'm glad we did, her work is absolutely divine, so whimsical, so fancy, so chic, just beautiful, and I'm proud to say she is another guest artist in my new art book. Please take a minute and explore her world of whim and fancy!
Well one more:
Denise/Couture de Papier Denise does so much, and is just filled with tremendous creative energy, her works are vintage chic, they continue to inspire me as does her energy and dedication to others, that is why I have to give her this award! If you want to embark on a vintage journey, take a visit her site!
The award states, send to at least 5 people, I did 7, for 7 days of the week!
Thank You Gina for this award!
Have a magical week everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lisa's Crown in the Garden!

Here are some more pictures from Gabriela's class:
Above top left: Heather and I, My Crown during a photo shoot in my garden, My Crown and me, Some scrumptious trimmings and embellishments I used, a photo of some of the paper I used as well which I extra enchanced and turned into an enchanting piece of paper on the computer!
I will be adding some more photo's today of Terri and the other royal girls.

Saturday April 19 was Gabriela Delworth's Crown Class at Tinsel Trading in NYC. Here is a variety of pictures of all of us and our royal crown creations! Along with glimpse into our sparklicious day.

Gabriela flew in all the way from Canada to teach this class, along with her husband who filmed this regal event!

We started the day off by selecting our trims and embellishments, then picked papers revolving around our gorgeous items. I have to say the papers were absolutely amazing, the colors were vintage chic, cupcake chic, springy, trendy, girly and ecclectic, so many to choose from. I wanted to use the all, lol!

As for the crown making: Everyone seemed to create crowns that went with their outfits ( I don't think it was intentional either, we just picked the colors we were feeling for the project), including me who picked shades of pinks, reds and greens, not to mention, I was wearing most of those colors too. LOL

I couldn't of asked to be apart of a better event, with such wonderful people who each are filled with incredible talent and were a pleasure to create with. They each inspired me in many ways and are new friends I have met: Ellen, Sallianne, Merrilee, Mariah and Gabriela, each of you are brilliant! As for Heather and Terri they are absolutely wonderful and so is her beautiful daughter!

The Royal Court of Tinsel consisted of:
Lisa, Ellen, Gabriela, Mariah, Sallianne and Merrilee.

Everyone's crowns were absolutely divine, You wanted to leave with them all,

For more pictures and to join in on a day of workshops visit Terri Ventura's Flick page: Dimestoredaze or her blog/websites:

To Visit the Crown Queen herself, Gabriela, visit her blog at:

Visit Art is You at:

Visit the amazing Ellen for more photos and details of the event:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Okay here are some more amazing finds I bought at the Store:
1. I got around 50 vintage greeting cards from the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. They are the cutest and more detailed cards, some are fuzzy, like the chick, some are on a removeable stick which can double as a wand, some have feathers, some have foil, fabric and trimmings, ribbon, and embossed, the insides of each card have illustrations too. I love them, especially the circus style ones which I photographed together and then photographed the sweet cupcake chic ones together.

2. I also discovered some beautiful cabinet cards and photographs on this trip, One had a girl sitting in a make believe garden in the photographers studio, the other has 2 children dressed in flapper style clothes, the others look like communion gowns and wedding gowns. I also picked up old Ginny doll ads, raggedy ann print from 1930, 1982doll magazine, Mozart music book (for my vintage book classes) and ephemera.

3. My hunt wasn't over yet, picked up a large tarnished silver plated bowl

Plus the foll0wing items, which I haven't had a chance to photograph yet:

4. Sterling silver, not plated, incomplete silverware in wooden, velvet lined box
5. World War 2 extra large clothing/supply trunk
6. Clemente wooden baseball bat (That one was for Glenn)
7. Vintage woman in costume print in old frame
8. Huge, no enormous box of old/vintage shine bright and other Christmas bulbs, glass ornaments, tinsel garland, paper garland, cards, ads and more! Dating between the 20s-50's

My Mother had some great finds as well:
Old hankerchiefs, 2 Kewpie dolls (she got to them before I did, I'm still working on her for the other one, LOL), 3 vintage woman in costume prints-Victorian, an old sewing iron from 1900's, a small tea set and doll house miniatures, a lamp, fireplace set from England, jewelry, 2 mammy dolls, campbell kids dolls and an old vitorian poem book.

Let's just say it was a day filled with vintage and cupcake bliss, not to mention the scrumptious chocolate mousse cupcake we each picked up on the ride home with a large coffee, and her tea, we needed to re-fuel after that excursion.

On Wednesday I had a fabulous day filled with magic and joy. I went went on my monthly antiquing and rummage excursion with my Mother, in NJ. We frequent this one place alot on Blackwell Street in Dover, its in an old department store building from the turn of the century and is filled with so much vintage eye candy, I'm ususually there for hours looking for treasure.

On this trip I found so many great items and buys, along with receiving packages filled with delicious finds I bought on Ebay!
To Start:
1. I bid and won 38 old textile bobbins on Ebay, they are the most beautiful I've ever seen, completely amazing!
2. I placed an order for vintage and cupcake chic style feathers for the birds of a feather book swap I am hosting and for 2 vintage book classes I am teaching at the Museum and Tinsel Trading!
3. At the Antique Center I nabbed a great tag sale find of a vintage fishing tackle box complete with metal fishing accessories for $2. This tackle box is filled with wonderful treasures, the metal fishing pieces have perfect drilled holes in them making them perfect for id bracelets and jewelry. There are several vintage ones from England and France as well. As for the box, it is a rustic seafoam color, looks like enamel/metal paint original to the piece and will be perfect for housing my metal findings!
4. Then I stumbled upon a vintage jewelry box from the 1930's, its an embossed green leather with raised bees on it with creamy beige velvet inside, I bout it for $2 and it will hold my vintage jewelry.
5. Then I found vintage jewelry for my jewelry making in the dollar basket, they were so pretty and vintage chic, I photographed them in the jewelry box.
I'm posting more finds and info in a minute, read above post for more!