Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Birds of a Feather Swap and More!

Birds of a Feather Swap Banner

Hi All,
Here is the banner for the:
Birds of a Feather Swap, which is the book collaborative, I am hosting!

Use this banner in your websites and blogs!

Magic and Joy1

P.S. This swap is still open, if interested in joining contact me, we have 6 slots left!

Envision: Tinsel, Pale pink feathers, Victorian Ladies and Children dressed as fairies or in bird costumes, the opera, theater, rhinestones, tinsel, glitter, millinery flowers, paper trims and more!


Birds of a feather Collaboration
Limited to 16 people only
Due Aug.1

-Make 16 original pages in a 5 inch by 5 inch pages format.
This will add to the authenticity of the book and the elements inside of it. Since the page size is small you can make them fast and fun with scrapbook papers and more. Make sure to thicken your pages with thick card stock to hold the embellishments, try to decorate the back as to not leave it so plain.

Embellish the pages with feathers, glitter, ribbon, rick rack, millinery flowers, 3-d hats, tags, etc. Make sure you leave a 1inch margin on the left side for binding and you sign the back page with your name and info, try not to leave that side to bare.

Stay in a vintage color scheme: beige and pink, brown and green, pastels, cupcake colors, vintage chic, just to give you an idea.

I will make the covers, inside covers and do the binding for this book collaboration.

Since this book is more elaborate with vintage surprises You will need to send in $15 that includes: binding materials, the 3-d elements, covers and the return shipping for your book which will probably cost around $3-5 to ship back, the other half goes for the cover and binding!

The cover will be covered in vintage whimsey, pale pink feathers with rhinestones and velvet, and more surprises

Envision: a walk into the nature of fairyland


Cottage Touch said...

Pretty I added you to my new blog! Hugs Denise

Cottage Touch said...

Oh No!!! I am the cat!

faerie enchantment said...

So excited, Denise, I will add your new blog in a few!

Lori said...

Lisa, it was so nice to see you stopping over to my doll post today:) i miss seeing you on flickr, but i just really can't find time to play over there anymore...the post below the doll challenge is for my one year blogiversary giveaway if you would like to play:) any news on the you~know~what? email me, i would love to hear!!!
i am all swapped out right now or i would sign up for yours, it sounds fun!!!

faerie enchantment said...

Oh now worries Miss Lori, so glad you stopped by. Some of us blog, some of us flickr and now I'm going to do both.
Many of my friends blog, and for awhile I was slacking on my blogs, but I'm back now! LOL! I'll be visiting you more on your blog now!

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Hi Lisa,
I added the Birds of Feather banner to my blog and I also posted your blog on my blog! You inspired me to housekeep my blog! So excited for the swaps!!!!!
Hugs always,

faerie enchantment said...

Oh great Ann-Denise!
So many people are back to blogging, I was neglecting mine, now I'm back, glad you are cleaning too! I'm stopping by your blog world now!