Thursday, April 24, 2008

Previews From The Pixie Isle Chronicles
"A Summer in Pixie Isle"
By: Lisa Kettell

Welcome to Grimshaw Alley located in Pixie Isle along the Merwin Sound. Pixie Isle is part of the Pixie Region of Wistica and located 25 miles from land. Since Wistica is south of England, the whole area has many British characteristics.
Pixie Isle is considered a premier seaside destination and famous for the Tri-Sea Pixie Pageant, last years winner was August Platmoore.

Lavender, coral powder and moongrass are indigenous to the island. While Wentmoore Holloway made the area famous with his delicious tea called Holloway's Teasers, with flavors such as: Mervander's Twist, Licorice Sunrise and Lavender Vanilla, and many more, which have now been made into scrumptious taffy and candy confections.
Madeline Merwright is pictured here waiting for Percy Spellbinder to start his summer potions class, held every thursday evening at 8pm. $100 pixiepents gets you 8 classes. This is a must do for any young and curious pixie.

This summer will be the opening of the Pixie Boutique on Pixie Isle. FiFi and Trixie LaBlume, have been preparing all year for their fashion show at The La Dolie Opera House. This would be the first fashion show for the two pixie sisters who had left The Phantom Chillarie Theatre Group just last year to pursue their love for designing.Their debut line will consist of a variety of cutting edge bustiers with vintage ribbons and tulle skirts layered over funky leggings. There will be lots of frills and glam in this collection, complete with dazzling Austrian Crystal colorful tiaras and blown glass flutter rings to accompany the pixie wings.
Pictured here is Polly Andrews, the lead model for the show, who was just featured on the cover of The Faerie Princess Magazine and in The Pixie Times. Polly with her velvety blonde hair, comes from the Rouge Agency and so does her friend Lisette, a new up coming model with gorgeous violet eyes and radiant long brown hair.
To show no hard feeelings that the La Blume sisters didn't renew their contract, The Phantom Chillarie will provide the props and flowers for the show, along with some advertising, other sponsors include: The Paris Magic Group, Hollowood Bank and Trust, Langley Grace Designs and The Garden Bug Cafe.
Every show has a theme, FiFi and Trixie choose a carnival theme. They even transformed the Opera House into an acting Carnival with Pierrots, Ballerinas, Acrobats, and a Lion Tamer, all courtesy of The Percy Peapack Carnival which opens on the Isle two days later. Some of the models will ride down the runway on elephants costumed in LaBlume clothing, others will roller skate while eating cotton candy and the rest will walk with balloons and candy apples.
At the end of the show, guests will be ushered into the opera promenade where they will be given either cotton candy light puffs or sparklers. Then the models, circus performers and The LaBlume Sisters will be whisked away in the Vintage Hot Air Balloons, in an eclectic blend of shapes and designs followed by a magnificant firework display.
I was impressed with the show, however, Lisette, who has no last name, seemed weird, quite strange if you ask me, there was just something about her that bothered me, I don't know what it was, she just did. What's even more strange is that the owner of The Phantom Chillarie has never been seen, only his liason, Groman Felsaunt, who is the appointed, head of the Chillarie. I asked my parents why no one has seen him, they claim, its because of his involvement with the dark arts. Rumors have circulated that he has a secret den where he tortored Pixies and Wizards for their magic, but it can't be proven.

Potion Class, Madeline and her friends c.1920


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