Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hi everyone,
I know a few of you live in the NYC/Tri-State Area, if you don't but will be in the area, come join me in my upcoming classes at Tinsel Trading in NYC! My classes are filled with vintage magic, whimsey and fairytale enchantment, which are sure to bring out the creative muse in you!

  • Tinsel Trading

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    I copied some of the schedule from the site with my classes and info!

    For more classes in April and May, visit the tinsel trading sight or contact Terri Ventura!

    I'd love to meet some of you!

    Vintage Style Bird Cage Book:

    Enter a world of fantasy and enchantment with published author Lisa Kettell, of The Faerie Zine and the soon to be released art book: The Art Circus, due in stores this year.

    Lisa's work can be seen locally and throughout the world.

    Envision a time where Marie Antoinette was setting trends, where bird feathers were made into gowns complete with rhinestones and trims, lavish costumes and dazzling tiara's, secret gardens, butterflies and cages filled with rare birds. Come re-explore this place and time with the Vintage Style Bird Cage Book.

    Construct a three dimensional book in the form of a birdcage, with interior pages made from vintage fabrics, trims, rhinestones and luscious pale chic feathers and other romantic findings.

    Saturday May 24 12-pm-4pm

    Class fee: 85.00 plus 10.00 material fee

    Material will be provided.

    The Fairytale Follies Box Assemblage:

    Lisa Kettell, of The Faerie Zine and The Art Circus is back to teach a class filled with lots of glitter and tinsel fun.

    Come join her and escape into a fairytale world filled with magic by making a large whimsical box assemblage complete with paper mache, scrumptious vintage trims, glitters, images, secret curiosities, and lots more.

    Please join us for an enchanting afternoon of fun and excitement

    Saturday May 31st 12pm-4-m

    Class fee; 85 plus 10 material fee

    All material will be provided

    If you have any questions about any of our Workshops please contact Terri Ventura (Workshop Coordinator) at

    Our Fabulous Instructors

    Terri Ventura
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  • Please go online and check out all the wonderful Art Work these talented ladies create.


    dime store daze said...

    HI L,
    Thanx for the promo.... I'd loved to meet your friends and fellow artists.
    The classes are a blast, and with the nice weather the city is the place to be.

    faerie enchantment said...

    I agree with you Terri!
    I'm already collecting some treats for the surprise goodie bags!