Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Midsummer Fun, Exploration and Fairy Specimens!

Its late August and that can only mean one thing, Midsummer Season. You probably thought I was going to say Back to School, didn't have the heart to blurt it out. In NJ students go back to school after Labor Day which is September 7th this year.

Midsummer is such a magical time of year, sunflowers glowing in the warm light, fireflies flickering in the night, last minute vacations and explorations. There is just so much to do this time of year.

After a month's break from heavy creating, I found my creative muse and started making a ton of projects from jewelry to paper craft and everything in between. I have a huge parcel from the Canvas Corp Brand of families that I just couldn't wait to dig into. Everything in their brand speaks to me.

I have started a series of exploration projects reflecting on the 1920's Egyptology era, African adventures, specimens and wizard-ology.  Some seaside whimsy and storybook tales mixed in there some where. 

The first series of projects are the fairy specimens, The first one is labeled "FAE" no.1, she is a Fairy Queen discovered off the coast of South Africa by a Museum Archaeologist named Brady Winthrop who discovered an old map and legend in the museum's private library chamber. Professor Winthrop along with Blake Davis, Cooper Vanderhoff and Casey Mellon sailed off on an exploration to prove fairies do exist.  What they found was more then just fairies.......

The first in the series of 12 specimens is "FAE" no.1, who has been named Ciara and  carefully placed in a specimen box with branch samples from the site. Legend has it that these specimens are actually mummy casings which cannot be opened until the Fairy Life Rites Spell is said. This secret spell can be found in the Ancient Book of Fairy Rites and must be read on a blue moon....

For now I'd like to share the first series of specimens, "FAE" no.1-Ciara.

  • Clear 3 by 5 inch Plastic Hinged Box (craft and dollar stores have these)
  • Serengetti 6 by 6 inch Paper Pack-7 Gypsies
  • Maritime Mini Ephemera Pack-7 Gypsies
  • Printer Tray Label Holders-7 Gypsies
  • Pearl Glimmer Mist Spray-Tattered Angels
  • Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist-Tattered Angels
  • Flat Back Frozen Charlotte-Lisa Kettell Designs
  • Rhinestone Strand-Simplicity 
  • Glues/Tools: Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Scissors
  • Other: Copper Tape, Thin Branches, Beige Lacy Floral Leaves, Glitter, Stamped Lettering
  1. Line the bottom of the plastic box with two types of paper from the Serengetti paper pack using a glue stick.
  2. Hot glue thin branches to the right side of the base and side of the plastic box.
  3. Age the frozen charlotte with walnut inks, rubbing off excess with a soft cloth or napkin until desired amount of aging is achieved.
  4. Cut the leaves to form whispy wings, age with more walnut ink and hot glue to back of the frozen charlotte. 
  5. Next hot glue the winged frozen charlotte to the box center. Spray the whole box contents with mist spray a  few times. Embellish the frozen charlotte with copper tape and rhinestones.
  6. Attach the plate to outside of the front rim of the box and add lettering.
  7. Finally add any extra pieces to the box.

  • The frozen charlottes I use are from my line of products and are perfect for painting, aging w/inks and gluing in paper projects and assemblages.
  • For a realistic porcelain frozen charlotte coat these frozen charlottes from my line with resin glaze or spray glaze.
  • I used the wrappings from ground cherries as my wings. But you could cut open floral chinese lantern flower pods or use bark shards or shells.
  • Try vintage images in place of the frozen charlotte.
  • Make a faux map and add a metal tag for more fun. 
Stay tuned for the rest of the exploration projects including more specimens, the book of Fairy Rites, Professor Winthrop's Journals, Casey's Treasures and more.