Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flower Power Tuesday
Flower Power Tuesday Banner
For this Flower Power Tuesday, I opted for another type of project post, the up-cycling of flower pins and broken jewelry. The following are some examples of bracelets that I made using vintage and modern flower pins, beads, broken jewelry and other components!
sugar plum fairy This piece is called the Sugar Plum Fairy Bracelet. The beads were threaded with tarnished gold head pins, the pin was attached with heavy duty jump rings and finished off with a toggle clasp.
Enchanted Garden Bracelet! 6This bracelet is called: The Enchanted Garden and was created the same way as the Sugar Plum Fairy Bracelet, only difference is the color scheme and beads. I used pearls in this bracelet with a vintage enamel pin, which I layered with a rhinestone button.

Two different looks using the same concept! I hope these bracelets inspired you to create your own flower power bracelets! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Magic and Joy,

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Mini Kewpie Heads and The Sugar Pink Fairy House!

Mini Kewpie Heads! 3
Hot off the mold press are the newest additions to my parts line: Mini Kewpie heads which measure about 1/2 inch in size, they come painted in 6 sweet colors and are perfect for many projects such as tiny dolls, medallions, scrapbook flowers, charms or necklaces for your doll crafts as well. These new parts are available in my etsy store, the moonfaires world website or at Piddlestixs.
Mini Kewpie Heads! 4

After creating these little parts, I decided to use one in my newest candyland putz house ornament called: The Sugar Pink Fairy House!
Sugar Pink Fairy House! 7Sugar Pink Fairy House! 5Sugar Pink Fairy House! 3Sugar Pink Fairy House!
The Sugar Pink Fairy House will be available tonight in my etsy store. The other versions are available at Piddlestixs!

Daisy Sprinklestone is a fairy from Sugarland which borders Sprinkleton and Candyland, the region is known for their sugar soil and sugar plantations. Gumdrop Farms is world known for their 250 plus varieties of home made sugar such as maple sugar, cherry sugar, blue raspberry sugar, sugar plum, brown, vanilla, lemon pie and licorice sugars.

Daisy is a sugar fairy who loves sugar cookies, sour cherries and blue raspberry pie ice cream, her dream is to open a fairy cakes cafe and share her magic with everyone.

Hope you enjoyed meeting The New Kewpies and Daisy Sprinlestone!

Magic and Joy,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Carnival Master Cupie Heads!
Lion Master Cupie Heads! 4
The new kids on the block, meet: Carnival Master Cupie Heads, the latest addition to my doll parts line, these new bee's are now available in my etsy store, moonfaires world website and Piddlestixs!
Lion Master Cupie Heads! 3
Like my other parts and embellishments, these are hand molded and pressed with clay, sanded and painted. This little guy compliments the other cupies/kewpies and carnival parts in my collection which are perfect for those fun circus, birthday, party and doll themed projects and layouts!
Lion Master Cupie Heads! 5
I hope you enjoyed the new additions to the line!
Magic and Joy,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Meet Toliver and Lilly!
Toliver and Lilly!
Hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy and exciting Thanksgiving filled with all the scrumptious treats and magical giving that families can create on this special day. My favorite part are the baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows and pecans, the butternut squash and Sandra's Cherry Almond Cake, which I wait for every year. We will be traveling again to PA for another exciting Thanksgiving filled with tons of laughter, love and wonderful food. I know my Grandfather will be with my Grandmother watching from above and joining us in Holiday Spirit.

May you all ring in this holiday season with all the magic it can provide. Before I leave today I wanted to leave you with a story, the story of Toliver and Lilly!
Toliver Twizzles!
Toliver who full name is Toliver Twizzles is a wizard from Pemberton who is on his way to the annual Trippy Wizard Invitational, held inside Trippy Woods at Hollow Bach Arena.

Toliver's cousin Oliver plays for The Tripping Woods Perchables, the opposing 3 teams are: Battingsbees, Woodchips and Grove Falcons.

Toliver is pictured here in his gaming cape, wizard hat and wand, after the event Toliver and friends will attend the Starland Soiree to celebrate the team who wins.
Toliver Twizzles! 5
Meet Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy from Storybook Land.

Lilly is the official Sugar Plum Fairy of Storybook Land, Candy Land and Confectionary Land. She comes from a long line of Sugar Plum Fairies dating over 500 years.
Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy!
Her great great grandmother Lila was Queen of the Sugar Plums, Lilly is 2nd in line, her sister lavendy is first in line, since her mom Porcia is the current Queen of the Sugar Plums!
Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy! 4
Here is Lilly in her official Sugar Plum Dress, waiting to spread magic and joy this holiday season!
Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy! 5Glittered Block!
Have a magical Thanksgiving and ringing in of the new Holiday Season!
Magic and Joy,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Flower Power Tuesday
Flower Power Tuesday Banner
For this Flower Power Tuesday Post I decided to create a pleated crepe paper flower medallion and topping it off with a smaller crepe paper flower medallion and one of my party girl doll head parts.

These flower medallions can be turned into box or bag toppers, placed on atc's, cds, book covers and banners, use as a party hat topper, cake topper or turn into a fun headband or brooch.

Here are some example projects I created using the double layer crepe paper flower medallions:
Party Girls Necklace Boxes! 4Party Girls Necklace Boxes! 3Party Girls Necklace Boxes! 2The above pictures is an example of how you can decorate a small gift box or jewelry box using a medallion and my party girl doll heads
Party Girls Hat Topper! 5Party Girls Hat Topper! 3The Tin Doll Rosettes!These pictures are examples of creating pleated flower medallions using metal/foil and embellishing it with another party girl doll head and layering onto a party hat.
Doll Land Party Banner! 7Doll Land Party Banner! 15Doll Land Party Banner! 16Doll Land Party Banner! 18Here is an example of using the pleated technique once again with crepe paper to form another medallion which is layered with one of my carnival cupie dolls. Candyland Corner at Piddlestixs! 2Here is another pleated medallion this time using scrapbook paper and a large pom pom for the center.

The possibilities are endless. Refer to last week's Flower Power Tuesday Post to learn how to pleat.

Have a wonderful night,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

There's a Bear Carnival Over Here!
Party Bear Boxes!
Meet Beethoven and Blue Bear, who love to attend parties and carnivals!
Beethoven's Circus! 7Beethoven's Circus! 5
Beethoven is a bear from Vienna and Blue Bear is from Peapack. Both bears love the circus and to attend parties, Beethoven recently attended the Piccadilly Circus, he was named after the Circus star, Beethoven, who started at the Piccadilly Circus and eventually opened his own, Beethoven's Flying Circus.

Beethoven's favorite part of the circus are the cotton candy and the elephant ballet. Come join Beethoven at his next circus adventure.
Blue Bear's Party! 4Blue Bear's Party! 7Blue Bear's Party! 6
Blue Bear, everyone's favorite bear, well at least to Ginny Le Bear who has a crush of Blue Bear as do some of the other lady bears. Today Blue bear is attending a party in Pink Woods and word has it, he might be named bear of the year. With all this buzz surrounding him, Blue Bear remains humble and loves to harvest honey on his honey bee garden, he even pays his bees wages, unlike some of the other honey garden keepers. Can't wait to hear what happens at the party.
Estelle's SoireeEstelle's Soiree! 2
Another party bear is Estelle, who loves a good dress up soiree, she was invited to Darcy Brimwell's Annual Holiday Soiree, the most talked about soiree of the year. The theme this year is royal pink, all are asked to dress in pink colors and wear crowns, Estelle is so excited about that. Here is a picture of Estelle where her pink best and a Bromley Crown, the finest crown makers in England.
Party Bear Boxes! 5Party Bear Boxes! 4
All my boxes are made from handmade paper mache, paste, compressed paper mache boxes or wood boxes, tinsel or my handmade glass glitter, trims, embellishments and more.

Each piece is air dried for 3 days, sanded, painted and embellished. Look for more bear boxes coming soon. They are available in my store: Piddlestixs, 12 Morris Farm Rd, Lafayette, NJ 07848, some in my etsy and website as well.
Party Bear Boxes! 6

Have a magical day,

P.S. See you at Flower Power Tuesday Tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Week!
Candy Wizard, Charlotte Doll! 6
Its been a wonderful Birthday week for Glenny and Me, the two of us are born a day apart, November 15 and November 16, the same year (will leave that part out, lol)

I love a good celebration whether its for a friend, family member or customer ordering party wares from me, being festive always keeps one upbeat and filled with smiles. During my Birthday week I have been making all types of party items from banners to flowers, hats, doll and embellishment parts and charlottes.
Candy Wizard, Charlotte Doll! 7Candy Wizard, Charlotte Doll! 5
Today I am sharing with you: Candy, the Party Wizard. Candy is a party wizard from Wistica Woods, who enjoys baking sweet treats for her friends and family, Candy's favorite treat to make are pink moon cakes filled with cherries and vanilla, then coated in bright pink icing, did I mention her favorite color is PINK, AQUA and more PINK!

Candy and her friends were just invited to the Wizard Ball at Birdiebelle's Conservatory, this years theme is Candy Land, you can bet, Candy is excited about that. This years Wizard Ball Queen will receive a 6 month supply of cherry beans, cocoa truffles and pink pops.
Candy Wizard, Charlotte Doll! 3Here is Candy all dressed and awaiting the arrival of her friends to the Wizard Ball. Her parents rented a Swan carriage for their transportation.
Candy Wizard, Charlotte Doll! 4Candy Wizard, Charlotte Doll!
Candy was made from a variety of items, my fave part her glittered wizard hat. Candy will make a return as cupcake toppers and a party banner soon. Just as these charlottes made a return in cotton candy pastel pink, custom order for a customer!
Large Cotton Candy Pink Charlotte Heads

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flower Power Tuesday!

Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions!

Flower Power Tuesday Banner

Today on Flower Power Tuesday we are going to create Crepe Paper and Seam Binding Flower Medallions! These flowers can enhance your scrapbook layouts, assemblage projects, banners, party hats, party cones/tussie mussie's or turn into flower pins to wear.


-Crepe paper party streamers (color of choice)

-Seam binding (color of choice)

-Quilting thread

-Quilting need

-Jewels, pearls or beads

Step One: Paper pleat your crepe paper strips, then stitch through one end of the crepe paper using a needle and thread, recommended stitch: Running Stitch, or use a sewing machine.Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions!

Step Two: Attach the seam binding, using needle and thread with a running stitchCrepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 2Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 3

Step Three: After you are satisfied with the length of crepe and seam binding, cut and begin to arch to form a circle, pulling the threading as you go Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 4Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 5

Step Four: Hold the two ends of in place and stitch closed Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 6Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 6

Step Five: Begin playing with jewels, rhinestones, pearls, beads Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 8Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 9Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 10Crepe and Seam Flower Medallions! 11


-Layer 2 crepe paper medallions together for a thicker piece.

-Add an old clip earring to the medallion center

-Add an image to the medallion or an image head, seal with a clear page pebble.

-Instead of a flower use the stitched crepe and seam binding strip as trim for a page or for a doll skirt.

The possibilities are endless, here is an example of a scrapbook page layout I created using crepe paper medallions that I made using crepe paper, my doll parts and my scrapbook paper.

Sweet Marie Scrapbook Layout! 2Sweet Marie Scrapbook Layout! 7