Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Anime Invasion

The Anime's 4

Here are the new doll parts on the block:
The Anime's, made from my original molds, hand pressed and hand painted. These new doll parts are perfect for all your Anime, Kawaii, Jewelry, Scrapbooking and Art Projects. These pieces come flat backed which are perfect for crafting!
The Anime's 3The Anime's
These pieces are now available in my Etsy Store and soon in my Artfire Store!
The Anime's 2
This one is called: Liselle, Miss Anime!
Liselle Miss Anime!
This one is called: Taffy, Miss Anime!
Taffy, Miss Anime
I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mary Engelbreit's: 120 Slow Cooker Recipes, I'm in it!

This is my recipe which starts on page 108 of the book entitled:
Sassy Balsamic Chicken, this is a recipe I have taken a few years to master and was inspired by my Grandmothers and my Italian Heritage, I have recipes for Shepperd's Pie, Scottish Eggs, Scones and Macarons from my English and French Heritage as well.

The books came to me signed by Mary on Christmas Eve, what a surprise it was to open my mailbox and see this parcel sitting in there, it completely made my Holiday Season, once again Mary inspires the holiday, she is truly a remarkable woman and artisan, I am honored to be in this fabulous book!

I'll be blogging some recipes this week, I hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned for updates on the release of the candy/sweet shoppe bar at the store, cupcake accessories, and unique party wares. I'll be carrying this book along with some others in the store soon!

Magic and Joy,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Valentine Swaps for you to join!
Dolls From Storyland, Paper Dolls! 2

To start let's ring in the New Year and Valentine's Day with a vintage style Valentine ATC Swap and Valentine Postcard Swap!

Sign up Deadline: Feb. 5
Swaps need to be sent no later then Feb. 11

-Think vintage valentines, lace doilies, paper doilies, paper dolls, chocolate hearts, cherries, crepe paper, vintage Dennison, etc.

This is a 2 for 2 swap ( make 2 atc's get 2 atc's back )
After sign up ends, you will be assigned swap partners
Queen of Hearts: Show Girl!
Sign up Deadline: Feb 1
Swaps need to be sent no later then Feb. 5

-Think vintage valentines,paper dolls, foil crowns, gilded crowns, dazzling tiara's, Queen of Hearts, Valentine Queens, Vintage Red Prom Dresses, crepe paper, vintage Dennison, etc.

This is 12 for 12 swap. We will each make 12 of the same or close to the same pieces that will hang from a ribbon and turned into a banner. Example, have you seen name and birthday banners made from card stock triangles, circles, squares with lettering on them?
Each piece base should not be bigger then 5 inches by 5 inches, its okay if you have ruffled papers, trims, etc hanging off your pieces.

Each of you will receive 12 pieces back, including the ribbon to hang/glue your banner pieces off of.

These pieces will be shipped directly to me, organized and shipped back out w/return shipping fee of $3.00 for US, $4.00 Canada, $6.00 Euro. This fee includes the ribbon, re-packaging, etc.
Queen of Hearts Valentine!
Sign up Deadline: Feb. 5
Swaps need to be sent no later then Feb. 11

Make 5 valentine postcards, get 5 back, they don't have to be the same.
You will be assigned 5 swap partners

Think vintage postcards and valentines, costume parties, and candy shoppes.
Valentine Boutique!
Remember, each swap item you send shows the amount of time you put into it. Many swappers put time into their creations, let's all respect each others time and efforts.

Sign Ups:
Leave your name in this post and tell me which one or ones you want to sign up for! If you prefer emailing me, facebook me or flickr me, you may do that as well. Once the deadlines are up I will assign the partners and inform you! When signing up I need your email!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout!
Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 8
Here is a new scrapbook layout I created using the following products:

-Candy Crowns Scrapbook Paper, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Taffy Crowns Scrapbook Paper,
Lisa Kettell Designs
-Candy Stripes Scrapbook Paper, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Matryoshka parts, Lisa Kettell Designs
Rick rack, ribbons, trims,
-My handmade felt flowers
-Felt pieces
-Paper mache frame
-Chipboard letters and more

-Vintage Image, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Glues: Fabric Tac, Kids Choice, Zip Dry, Beacon Adhesives
Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 4

My scrapbook layouts always combine a variety of materials, I love mixing papers, fabrics and felt, ribbons, trims and embellishments! I love bright, bold and kitchy colors, yet I love grungy and worn tones as well. The layout above is a result of my love for vintage, kitchy and handmade!
Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 5Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 4Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 3
The Matryoshka parts are currently available in my Etsy and Artfire Stores on line and at my storefront: Piddlestixs!
Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 2
Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 9
Matryoshka Scrapbook Layout! 6

The papers will be available soon!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
Fairy Celebration!
Wishing all my friends, blog friends, artists and viewers a Happy and Healthy, Magic Filled Holiday, Christmas and all that you celebrate!

Believe in the Magic of the Season!

Enjoy some of these images for your works!
Magic and Joy,

The Christmas Angel
The Fairy Godmothers
A Fairy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Matryoshka Invasion!
The Matryoshka Wreaths! 3

I have loved Matryoshka's aka Russian nesting Dolls since I was a little girl, I own about 10 sets of them, my mom or Grandma would pick one up for me at thrift stores or when they saw them in their travels!

For the past 4 years I have seen a soar in people getting back to collecting them and creating them, thus driving up the cost of the originals and making them that more special! I love the handmade versions and all the whimsical and kitchy Kawaii/Sweet colors.

The new color scheme I am loving to create with is cherry red, periwinkle, and white! I just finished dying and painting a dozen vintage bottle brush wreaths in fun blue, pink, purple and red colors over the weekend. After much thought on what to decorate them, I choose using my new Matryoshka dolls and vintage/kitchy millinery and supplies!

Here are the results:
The first one is Pollyanna's Fairytale!
Matryoshka Wreath, Pollyanna's Fairytale! 5
Matryoshka Wreath, Pollyanna's Fairytale! 6Matryoshka Wreath, Pollyanna's Fairytale! 3

Pollyanna and she loves fairy tales!

This new piece is made from a hand dyed, vintage bottle brush wreath I created, then embellished with vintage kitchy pieces, vintage beading, millinery, berries, my own scrapbook paper and my handmade Matryoshka Dolls, glitter, paints and more.

This style is
Matryoshka Wreath, Pollyanna's Fairytale!
Matryoshka Wreath, Pollyanna's Fairytale! 2
The Next one is: Nellie's Fairytale!
Matryoshka Wreath, Nellie's Fairytale! 3Matryoshka Wreath, Nellie's Fairytale! 2Matryoshka Wreath, Nellie's Fairytale!

Nellie and she loves fairy tales!

This new piece is made from a hand dyed, vintage bottle brush wreath I created, then embellished with vintage kitchy pieces, vintage beading, millinery, berries, my own scrapbook paper and my handmade Matryoshka Dolls, glitter, paints and more.

This style is
Matryoshka Wreath, Nellie's Fairytale!

The Matryoshka Wreaths!
Both these ornament wreaths are nice sized and available in my Etsy Store!
Magic and Joy,

Monday, December 20, 2010

Miss Spellbinder's Ballet, Two Projects and a Giveaway!
Miss Spellbinders Ballet Box! 5Miss Spellbinders Magic Ballet ATC! 6
Once again I created another project using my new scrapbook paper, these two projects involve 2 sheets from the collection, Wizard Ballet and Midnight Optometry.

The Wizard Ballet sheet is mirrored, allowing for the artist to get several projects from the one sheet such as an atc, a tag, an assemblage base or small paper doll, as accents for a scrapbook layout and more. This sheet comes in 2 tones: Glow and Plain tone, and as one full sheet.

I created two projects from that one sheet and still have paper left from it to create more. Its already illustrated allowing you to add to it, alter it, create a whole atc series from it (making atc swapping easier, etc).
Wizard Ballet Steampunk Scrapbook Paper 2

The first project is an assemblage made using:
-Wizard Ballet Scrapbook Paper
-Midnight Optometry Scrapbook Paper
-Sizzix Big Shots Machine/ Sizzix Box Die Cut
-German glass silver glitter, chunky cut
-Fine glitter, Art Glitter
-Black seam binding
-Cream crepe paper
-Fabri-tac, Beacon Adhesives
Miss Spellbinders Ballet Box! 5Miss Spellbinders Ballet Box! 4Miss Spellbinders Ballet Box! 2Miss Spellbinders Ballet Box!
The second project is an atc trio:
-Wizard Ballet Scrapbook Paper
-German glass silver glitter, chunky cut
-Fine glitter, Art Glitter
-Black seam binding
-Cream crepe paper
-Fabri-tac, Beacon Adhesives
Miss Spellbinders Magic Ballet ATC! 3Miss Spellbinders Magic Ballet ATC! 4Miss Spellbinders Magic Ballet ATC! 5

The Giveaway: One Miss Spellbinder Magic Ballet ATC and Scrapbook Blanks!
Miss Spellbinders Magic Ballet ATC! 3

I will be giving away a Miss Spellbinder ATC and 2 Spellbinder cuts from the paper, so that you can make 2 atc's for yourself using my paper!

Leave a comment here, telling me your favorite storybook or fairytale, that's it! I will pick the winner on 12/31/10

Magic and Joy,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector!
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 17
Here is another project using my steampunk faerie paper, the faerie tile paper. These are steampunk faeries turned into a pocket book and faerie box called:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector!

The one sheet of paper can yield a few projects. I made the steampunk faerie banner, 3 faerie wands and this projects using one sheet of this scrapbook paper!

This project doubles as an accordian folded book, and a box theater! For directions on how to make an atc sized accordian folded book, pick up a copy of my book: Altered Art Circus for directions on how to make it!

Here are some photos of the project!

Here it is closed with the faeries tucked into it, complete with their wands:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 18
This photo shows how I closed it, using 2 metal brads and dmc metallic thread:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 19
This shows the book opened:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 13 The book itself is made from my Apothecary Potion Paper, Aqua grunge luggage paper and left overs from my steampunk faerie paper. The top sections of the book are pockets, which the faeries and their wands slide into.
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 15Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 16
These are the Faeries and Their Wands:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 10
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 12
The Book turned into a Faerie Box/Theatre:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 9Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 8Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 5
I used Zip Dry to glue the papers together to make the book, I sanded down the edges of the folds and inked/distressed w/Lipstick Ink-Distress Inks-Ranger Ink.
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 4Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 2
I used Art Glitter on two of the faerie and Antique Silver glitter from Martha Stewart on the other faerie!
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector!
Now here is another project you can make using the faeries: Faerie Wands!
Steampunk Faerie Wands!Steampunk Faerie Wands! 5Steampunk Faerie Wands! 3Steampunk Faerie Wands! 4For this project just glue a wooden dowel to the back of the faeries.

Basic supplies for both projects:
-Aqua grunge luggage paper from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Steampunk faerie tile paper from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Apothecary potion paper from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Zip dry, quick grip, kids choice glues, Beacon Adhesives
-DMC metallic thread
-Floral wire, white
-Clay Stars from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Wooden Dowel
-Lipstick Ink, Distress Inks Tim Holtz, Ranger Ink
-Metal Brads