Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Steampunk Faerie Studio Banner
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 10
Who doesn't love fairies, pixies and everything fantasy? I love it all, all kinds of fairy and magic! With the release of my new papers: I decided to create another project from them, this time using the: Apothecary Potion Scrapbook Paper and Steampunk Faerie Glow Scrapbook Paper, as the basis for my next project, Steampunk Faerie Studio Banner!

-Apothecary Potion Scrapbook Paper
-Steampunk Faerie Glow Scrapbook Paper
-German glass glitter in Silver( Martin Meyer or Art Glitter)
-Black seam binding or black grosgrain ribbon
-Chipboard lettering
-Glues: Kids choice glue, foam tac glue
-Tools: Scissors
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner!
1. First cut out 4 of the faerie squares on the steampunk faerie paper, use this square to trace 3 squares onto the apothecary potion paper, cut.
2. Now measure 12 inches onto ribbon, cut out, you will need 4 strips of 12 inch ribbon, set aside. next cut 6 strips of 2 inch ribbon, set aside.

3. Position your chipboard lettering to spell: FAERIE, each square will get a letter, once you are satisfied with their location, glue in place with kids choice glue, let dry.
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 7
4. Next glitter your chipboard letters with German glass glitter using foam tac to hold the glitter, let dry.
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 6
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 5
5. Assemble your banner, using kids choice glue, start gluing a 12 inch strip of ribbon to the back of the top left corner of your first square which will be a faerie square, letter F, glue a 2 inch square to the top right of that square, glue the other end of the 2 inch ribbon to the top left of the apothecary potion square, letter A, repeat this until all squares are attached and spelled correctly.
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 8
6. Attach the other 12 inch strip of ribbon to the last square at the top right. Next tie a bow on each end (at the paper corner) using the remaining 2 strips of 12 inch ribbon.

7. Your banner is ready to hang on your favorite wall, armoire or location of choice.
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 11
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner! 12
Steampunk Fairy Studio Banner!! 13

My papers are sturdy and not flimsy, making it easier to layer onto the paper or stand alone without the worry of crinkling or turning. Each paper has artwork in itself, come in same patterns to use in atc's, card making, etc.

-Add some crepe paper to the tops of the squares
-Line the tops with German glitter
-Add Doll heads to the faerie
-Turn into ornaments
-Turn into faerie garland for a tree


Ann said...

just magical!!! must go check out your papers!!!! I love your art..brings smiles and joy to may heart!!

Ann said...

lisa.where can i find your scrapbook papers?

faerie enchantment said...

Hi Ann,
So glad you came by to visit.
The papers are being priced and packaged by the manufacturer now, once that is completed, I'll know which craft stores will have it and where you can order on line as well!

Much Magic, Hugs and Joy to you!