Monday, December 06, 2010

My New Scrapbook Paper Line!
Steampunk Fairy Scrapbook Paper

Hot off the press, I picked up 2 huge box samples of the new paper in my new scrapbook lines!

These collections are based on my love for fairy, fantasy, apothecary, storybook, party and dolls. With a grunge/steampunk twist and a sweet shoppe feel for the others. I created coordinating papers for easy layout layering, for card making, atc's, party hats and banners. Create unique designs with each one, use my doll parts and embellishments for extra flare or just place in a frame and hang on the wall. Each of these papers will bring you to a world of pure imagination and solve those magical mysteries!
Meet the Steampunk Fairies:
Steampunk Fairies Scrapbook PaperSteampunk Fairies Scrapbook Paper 2
Visit the Apothecary Shoppe:
Apothecary Steampunk Scrapbook Papers!Apothecary Steampunk Scrapbook Papers! 2
Doctors Steampunk Scrapbook Paper
Go to the Wizard Ballet:
Wizard Ballet Steampunk Scrapbook PaperWizard Ballet Steampunk Scrapbook Paper 2
Set Sail on the Mermaid Mercantile Steampunk:
Mermaid Mercantile Scrapbook PaperMermaid Steampunk Scrapbook PaperMermaid Steampunk Scrapbook Paper 3
Storybook Steampunk:
Storybook Steampunk Scrapbook Paper 2Storybook Grunge Scrapbook Paper!Steampunk Books Scrapbook Paper
Go Shopping at the Kaazbar:
Kazbaar Scrapbook Paper


Elaine A said...

Awesome, awesome papers Lisa! They are just gorgeous and like nothing I've seen before! LOVE THEM!

Elaine Allen

Incipient Wings said...

these are so beautiful!

MaygreenFairies said...

Congratulations.. beautiful papers!! xx

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks soooo much everyone! Hope you enjoy the others as well!
Magic and Joy,