Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector!
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 17
Here is another project using my steampunk faerie paper, the faerie tile paper. These are steampunk faeries turned into a pocket book and faerie box called:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector!

The one sheet of paper can yield a few projects. I made the steampunk faerie banner, 3 faerie wands and this projects using one sheet of this scrapbook paper!

This project doubles as an accordian folded book, and a box theater! For directions on how to make an atc sized accordian folded book, pick up a copy of my book: Altered Art Circus for directions on how to make it!

Here are some photos of the project!

Here it is closed with the faeries tucked into it, complete with their wands:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 18
This photo shows how I closed it, using 2 metal brads and dmc metallic thread:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 19
This shows the book opened:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 13 The book itself is made from my Apothecary Potion Paper, Aqua grunge luggage paper and left overs from my steampunk faerie paper. The top sections of the book are pockets, which the faeries and their wands slide into.
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 15Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 16
These are the Faeries and Their Wands:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 10
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 12
The Book turned into a Faerie Box/Theatre:
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 9Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 8Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 5
I used Zip Dry to glue the papers together to make the book, I sanded down the edges of the folds and inked/distressed w/Lipstick Ink-Distress Inks-Ranger Ink.
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 4Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector! 2
I used Art Glitter on two of the faerie and Antique Silver glitter from Martha Stewart on the other faerie!
Dr.Wambatt's Faerie Collector!
Now here is another project you can make using the faeries: Faerie Wands!
Steampunk Faerie Wands!Steampunk Faerie Wands! 5Steampunk Faerie Wands! 3Steampunk Faerie Wands! 4For this project just glue a wooden dowel to the back of the faeries.

Basic supplies for both projects:
-Aqua grunge luggage paper from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Steampunk faerie tile paper from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Apothecary potion paper from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Zip dry, quick grip, kids choice glues, Beacon Adhesives
-DMC metallic thread
-Floral wire, white
-Clay Stars from Lisa Kettell Collection
-Wooden Dowel
-Lipstick Ink, Distress Inks Tim Holtz, Ranger Ink
-Metal Brads


Incipient Wings said...

what magical treats you have for us!
these are adorable..I can't wait to get my hands on this paper!
have a beautiful night.

Heather said...

This is adorable Lisa!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks soooo much Ladies. The paper is nice and sturdy too, it allows for layering and heavier pieces with out sinking through the paper, due to the paper weight of each one!

Hugs to you both!

Sandy Michelle said...

Neat idea! I hope you are enjpying the holidays. Thanks for my son's birthday wishes! Merry Christmas Lisa!

Sandy xox

Elaine A said...

Lovely Fairies Lisa. Your papers are just beautiful!

Elaine Allen

Auntie Cake said...

Oh my goodness, you are making me want to run and get out my glitter and glue! So loving all your magical projects. The world needs more magic like this!