Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Christmas Circus!
Elephant Candy Circus Bulb! 3
Come One, Come All to the Christmas Circus Ball....

Every year I try to paint a few bulbs for the tree making the designs easy enough for parents to make with their children and fun enough for teens with just the right magic for all to do. At the end of the season I usually grab a few boxes of left over bulbs to keep on hand for the following years holiday projects.

This season I decided to create a collection of ornaments which reflex my circus follies and doll cupcake toppers, keeping the process as simple and easy as possible. The result for this batch are the painted follies bulbs! Later this week I will introduce the follies sculpted bulbs!

The first one in this series is:
Elephant Candy Circus Bulb! Elephant Candy Circus Bulb! 4Elephant Candy Circus Bulb! 2
The next one is:
Mouseland Ice Cream Circus Bulb!
Mouseland Ice Cream Circus Bulb!Mouseland Ice Cream Circus Bulb! 6Mouseland Ice Cream Circus Bulb! 3Mouseland Ice Cream Circus Bulb! 4
These bulbs are so fun to make, I feel like I'm at the circus, lol! The next member of the follies is The Koala Carnival and Daisy Le Giraffe's Circus!
Circus Bulbs! 2


ittybittybirdy said...

your work is always so fun! If only my basset hound didn't find glass christmas balls so fun to eat :/

Incipient Wings said...

how adorable!
I have a few boxes of the clearance ornaments from last year's sales...I think since we are making some dough ornaments tonight, we will try to make a few of these:)

faerie enchantment said...

LOL, My Golden Retriever loves bulbs too, lol!
Thanks so much ladies, hope you found some magic from this post!

Magic and Joy,