Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Steampunk Scrapbook Robots!
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 12
I've been creating some projects using my new line of scrapbook papers,

This project is a fun and easy one which involves two sheets of my new papers: Dark Plum Grunge and Optometry Rust, paper shapes, zip dry, thin nails, metal brads, bells, trims and more! Perfect for using as:

-the base in a scrapbook layout
-turn into a ornament for that special boys tree
-makes several, add lettering and turn into a room banner
-make a wall hanging
-turn frou frou using the sweet papers in my line
-replace robot face with your child's face or friends face
-create a paper doll with stand

-Dark Plum Grunge Scrapbook Paper, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Optometry Rust Scrapbook Paper, Lisa Kettell Designs
-Creatology Paper Shapes, Robot Style
-Zip Dry, Beacon Adhesives
-Kids Choice Glue, Beacon Adhesives
-Ornate Metal Brads or metal buttons
-Small jingle bells, red color or color of your choice
-Thin nails or silver painted tooth picks w/glued bead on top
-Tinsel, silver chenille stems, dark color sequins
-tools: wire plier, scissors, pencil

1. Gather your supplies for the project
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots!Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 2Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 10
2. Place robot shape towards the edge of the optometry rust paper, covering the whole robot up to the neck of the piece
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 3
3. Trace the shape onto the paper
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 4
4. Cut out the traced pattern from the paper, set aside. Apply zip dry to the creatology template using your finger, rubbing the glue in with a circular motion
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 6Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 7
5. Quickly position the cut robot onto the glue lined robot shape, smooth in place. Trace the head shape of the robot onto the Dark Plum Grunge Scrapbook Paper, cut out and glue into place, your piece should now resemble this
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 8
6. Begin embellishing your robot, starting with the face first. Press closed the metal prongs on the back of a brad and the loop of a jingle bell using a wire plier, glue onto the robot for eyes and mouth using Kids Choice glue, now add more metal brads for the robot's buttons, let set for 20 minutes.Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 16
7. Finish embellishing your robot with nails, tinsel, sequin and trims. Add a piece of chenille stem to the back of the robot to turn into an ornamentSteampunk Scrapbook Robots! 18
Steampunk Scrapbook Robots! 14

-For extreme steampunk design use quick grip in place of kids choice glue
-Use washers in place of metal brads
-Attach a tiny glass vial/bottle to the hand of the robot
-Add a variety of metal pieces or charms to the whole robot

The possibilities are endless!
Magic and Joy,


Heather said...

Very cute idea for a boy craft! Love the idea Lisa!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi Lisa,

Wow, how wonderful are these? Your own line of Scrapbook paper that is so awesome Lisa. Are your products associated with Ranger? I always thought you would be a perfect fit with Tim and Claudine. You certainly are the most creative person!

Hope you are enjoying a lovely Holiday season.

Incipient Wings said...

This is great,
my little girl and I are going to use this idea to make her daddy a gift!since he's so into science fiction, it's perfect:)
thank you!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Lisa, I am flattered that you came to my blog and I am just over the MOON about your creations! I cherish your book that I won last year in a give away and I have learned so much from your art and creations. Please come by again and I am very happy to have come across your work! LET THE MAGIC NEVER END, right?

Happy Holidays, Lisa!!!!


faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone, so glad you came by to visit the project!

Magic to you Heather, Karen, Marfi and Anita, wishing each of you a magical filled holiday season!