Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pam Huntington is a brilliant artist who teaches workshops across the country such as Art is You, Artfest, Art and Soul, and various other locations. That is why we are lucky to have Pam join us at Art Opera to teach some fabulous workshops:
Pam Huntington Parlour BirdPam Huntington Parlour Bird 2
-Victorian Parlour Bird
Pam has always been fascinated by the old Victorian Parlour's that were filled with butterflies, birds and fauna. Come join Pam and learn how to create your own Victorian Parlour filled the charm of a real one, which can sit in your studio, office or favorite location. Best part is you receive the glass dome as well, love that.

Learn vintage techniques, assemblage, while working w/vintage and new items, distressing agents and more.

Seats still available, contact me to reserve your seat, last day to guarantee your seating is April 5.
Art Opera Workshop: Parlour FairyArt Opera Workshop: Parlour Fairy 2

Parlour Fairy Shadowbox
Pam creates enchanted worlds through her art, in this class join Pam on a journey into a World of Enchantment, a Flights of Fancy in Fairyland, with the Parlour Fairy Shadowbox. You create an enchanted shadowbox with a jointed winged fairy ballerina, while working with a plethora of vintage and new materials which will make the heart sing. Your final piece will have a dancing ballerina which will move up and down like your own personal theater.

Seats still available, contact me to reserve your seat, last day to guarantee your seating is April 5

Pam's fabulous kits for the 2 workshops:
Art Opera: Pam Huntingtons Class Kits!

Visit Art Opera Website at: www.artoperanj.com

to register for single or multi workshops

Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown!
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown for the:
Queens of the Sea Pageant at Art Opera!
This crown was made by AnnDenise Anderson for the main Queen of the pageant. Each table at the dinner soiree will have a Queen chosen to represent their tables. The Queens are randomly picked by chance at the start of the evening.
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown! 2
Toward the end of the evening all guests will randomly write down a name of someone inside the dinner soiree who they feel should be the Ultimate Queen of the Sea. Then each table Queen will hand the written ballots to AnnDenise, who will then tally up the names and then call the winner.
This Queen will be crowned with the beautiful head piece above, followed by this gorgeous Sash and a Dazzling Septor.
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Sash! 5Art Opera: Queens of Sea Sash!
The septor photos will be un-veiled soon. All three items are handmade with regal detail by AnnDenise Anderson aka Whim and Fancy Designs. AnnDenise is also teaching, sponsoring and vending at Art Opera 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Art Opera, Red Bank, NJ April 7-11, 2010!
Art Opera Overview! Again Art Opera will be held April 7-11, 2010 in red Bank, NJ at the Oyster Point Hotel and St. Anthony's Hall.Oyster Point Hotel: Art Opera 2Oyster Point Hotel: Art Opera 4
Oyster Point Hotel: Art Opera 10If you haven't registered fro Art Opera yet, look at everything that's going on: Art Opera Lanterns: Cupcake Chic!Art Opera Lanterns: Cupcake Chic!
-Wednesday Night is the Dinner Soiree w/mini group workshops and presentations from: DMC Floss (Liz/Allison), Parcel (Nancy), Lisa Kettell and more. Receive these project kits, supplies and treats inside your goodie bags. Munch on candies from handmade candy cones hanging from your chairs. Enjoy a vintage seaside setting w/lanterns and more. Guest Speakers, Art Opera Awards, Queens of the Sea Pageant w/a royal court, Gourmet Dinner, sweets and more. (Full attendees get this complimentary ticket, however there are tickets available for the dinner for those of you who are ala-cart attendees, vendors, or want to come)

Parcel: Pre-Valentine's Day! 34

-Thursday, Friday and Saturday (sat.morning) Workshops with top instructors: Ruth Rae, Traci Bautista, Suze Weinberg, Lisa Kettell, AnnDenise Anderson, Jenny Hernandez (polka dot pixie), Linda Hahola, Jenny Heid, Joan Kettell, Terri Ventura, Pamela Huntington, Heidi Wallingford, Kecia Deveney (lemoncholys). All classes include either breakfast or lunch, depending on the time of your workshop. 5 Full attendee packages are available, and 10 ala-cart (single Workshops) are available. Walk-ins the day of the workshops will be available for some of the workshops only.
AnnDenise Anderson's Classes:
Art Opera: Acrylic Libretto Book! 3Art Opera:AnnDenise's TopHat Class! 5Art Opera: Coral Crown
Jenny Hernandez aka Polka Dot Pixie Classes:
Jenny Hernandez Inner FairyJenny Hernandez Blissful Bluebird 2
Heidi Wallingford's Classes:
Art Opera: Heidi's Belle of Ball WorkshopArt Opera: Heidi's Workshop!Art Opera: Heidi's Workshop! 4
Pamela Huntington's Classes:
Art Opera: Pam Huntingtons Class Kits!Pam Huntington Parlour BirdPam Huntington Parlour Bird 3Art Opera Workshop: Parlour Fairy
Ruth Rae's Classes:
Art Opera Workshop: Legacy Journal 2Art Opera Workshop: Legacy JournalArt Opera Workshop: Talisman!Art Opera Workshop: Fused! 2
Terri Ventura's Class:
Art Opera Workshop: Scavenger Bracelet!Art Opera Workshop: Scavenger Bracelet! 2Art Opera: Treasure Book 3
Joan Kettell's Classes:
Previews:Joan's Art Opera Workshop! 5Previews:Joan's Art Opera Workshop!Previews:Joan's Art Opera Workshop! 12Previews:Joan's Art Opera Workshop! 11
Suze Weinberg's Classes:
Suze's Wax Works!Suze's Wax Works! 2
Traci Bautista Classes:
Art Opera Workshops:Business of ArtArt Opera Workshops:Inspiration SketchbookArt Opera Workshops:Inspiration Sketchbook 3Art Opera Workshops: Art Journaling! 3Art Opera Workshops: Art Journaling! 4
Kecia Deveney's Classes:
Kecia Deveney Angel Reliquery 3Kecia Deveney Angel Reliquery 2
Lisa Kettell's Classes (Me):
Art Opera: Carousel BookArt Opera: Carousel Book 3Art Opera: Carousel Book 2
Jenny Heid and Aaron's Nieradka's Classes:
Art Opera: Sweet Dreams MobileArt Opera: Sweet Dreams Mobile 3Art Opera: Sweet Dreams Mobile 4Art Opera: Sweet Dreams Mobile 6
-Thursday Night Sparkle Gathering

Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera  3Monmouth Antiques! Art Opera
-Friday Night Private Attendee, Guest, Vendor Party at Monmouth Antiques starting at 7pm. Visitors to the shoppe will receive Art Opera shopping discounts, take part in amazing antique and art giveaways, treasure hunt, catered food and fun. (this is complimentary and is available to all attendees, guests, vendors)Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 4Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 26Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 2Plum Cottage: Art Opera! 16
-Saturday and Sunday is the vendor soiree at St. Anthony's Hall, just around the corner from the hotel. Inside the vendor soiree will be vendors, artisans, book signings, make/takes, mini workshops, demo's and more.
(The 2 day vendor soiree is free for attendees, guests pay $10 at the door each day, or go to the Art Opera Website and print/write down the code to bring w/you to save $2). Below is a list of the vendor soiree mini workshops, make/takes and demo's which are either free or for a small fee. Art Opera Mini Workshops 2010
-Saturday and Sunday are additional small demo's and mini workshops at: Monmouth Antiques, Plum Cottage and Carla Gizzi, the schedule is on the Art Opera Blog!

For the whole photo gallery of amazing workshops, instructors, props, decor,
vendors, location, to do, inside the shoppes, the oyster point, etc., click on the Art Opera Photo Gallery Album on Flickr
and/or Join the Art Opera yahoo Group!