Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown!
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown for the:
Queens of the Sea Pageant at Art Opera!
This crown was made by AnnDenise Anderson for the main Queen of the pageant. Each table at the dinner soiree will have a Queen chosen to represent their tables. The Queens are randomly picked by chance at the start of the evening.
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Crown! 2
Toward the end of the evening all guests will randomly write down a name of someone inside the dinner soiree who they feel should be the Ultimate Queen of the Sea. Then each table Queen will hand the written ballots to AnnDenise, who will then tally up the names and then call the winner.
This Queen will be crowned with the beautiful head piece above, followed by this gorgeous Sash and a Dazzling Septor.
Art Opera: Queens of Sea Sash! 5Art Opera: Queens of Sea Sash!
The septor photos will be un-veiled soon. All three items are handmade with regal detail by AnnDenise Anderson aka Whim and Fancy Designs. AnnDenise is also teaching, sponsoring and vending at Art Opera 2010

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OH GOSH!!!!! I wish I were going! boohoo!!!