Friday, March 19, 2010

Art Opera Shopping and Mini Workshop w/Carla Gizzi!

Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 4
Post Three of two posts I did on the Art Opera Blogof my adventure to the Antiques District in Red Bank, located on Front Street, where a lot of Art Opera happenings will be occurring. Post One showcased Monmouth Antiques, Post Two showcased Laura and Plum Cottage, right across from Cheryl at Monmouth Antiques, and today Post Three will spotlight Carla Gizzi Design and Studio located a few steps down from Monmouth Antiques.Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 22Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 26Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 15Let me just say, one glimpse into the window and I knew I had to go into this store. Peering inside gave me whimsical chills, opening the front door and I was in an enchanted world.

Carla's store offers an array of wonderful new and vintage treasures from handmade jewelry, papers, dolls, ornaments, frames, mirrors, trinket boxes to mosaic lined furniture and accessories that Carla hand applies to each one. Her store is intwined in a cupcake chic color palette mixed wit muted vintage tones, and modern bright, all of it works fabulously.Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 10Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 11Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 8Once you enter the store, you will not leave, same as Monmouth Antiques and Plum Cottage. Carla, like Laura and Cheryl will be housing mini workshops/demo's in their stores throughout the weekend of Art Opera. I will post the schedule tomorrow.Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 16Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 24Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 5Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 2Carla Gizzi Store: Art Opera 6For now, enjoy the photos of this fabulous store, to visit Carla, check out the website at:
To visit the rest of the photos from the fun things happening at Art Opera this year visit:
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