Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ClothPaper Scissors: My Article: Illustrative Clay Painting!

Does it get anybetter then this, being inside Cloth Paper Scissors, Nov./Dec. 2009 Issue? I am beyond excited, there is nothing more magical then seeing your works printed for all to see and be inspired by.
This publication has been one of my fave magazines for years, and is such an honor to be apart of this edition with so many other wonderful and talented artisans inside. I mean look at that cover, this artist is incredible, sooo cute and gets you in the Holiday spirit.
My article is entitled: Illustrative Clay Painting in which I have also included the recipes for 2 handmade clays that you can use in your paintings, for jewelry, sculpting, pressing into molds, etc.Finding ways to illustrate various storybook characters is a passion of mine, not too serious, not overdone, just something whimsical, fun and easy to do, with fast results. As an artist, I love projects which look amazing and are easy to do. This project is one of them, by incorporating a variety of supplies such as clay, felt, flocking, papers, glitters, jewels, you get a 3-d piece of art which not only tells a story, but can hang on your wall or sit on your shelf sharing that story.Lulu's Carnival! Finished!Original Piece
If you can't illustrate, these project can be created using copy right free clip art from companies like Dover Publications or from vintage silhouettes, or image transfers, which can easily be painted over or built upon w/the clay or felt.

taffy the merchick illustration2Original Piecetaffy the merchick illustration4Other Versions!
Carnival Queen Charlotte PenningtonOther Version Using my Clay Doll Heads
I hope you enjoy my article and the whole issue that Cloth Paper Scissors has put out, they do such a great job and art soooooo very nice to work with, over the top nice.
To visit their world: http://quiltingarts.com/cpsmag/cpshome.html

Thanks for visiting my world!

Magic and Joy,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

TINSEL WONDERLAND, December 5th, only 6 weeks away...Tinsel Wonderland WorkshopAs many of you know I have several events going on besides the Art Opera, this next event is: TINSEL WONDERLAND, where I am hosting a day workshop located in Historic Lafayette, NJ on Saturday December 5, 2009 inside the 1850’s Lafayette Mill Antiques Center and the Old Vaudeville Theatre!Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 20
Tinsel Wonderland: Mill Antiques! 3
Historic Lafayette: Millside Cafe!

This event is being held in an entire historic and antiques district with so many places to find treasures and hidden secrets. This location has long been a favorite destination for locals and out-towners alike, who travel to here when they are in the region.Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 5Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 6Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 10Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 11Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 9Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 12
Workshop is limited to 30 students only. ( We have 5 seats left, so email me if you want me to reserve you a seat)


Art Nouveau Victorian, Do you have an elaborate, crazy or vintage hat you have always wanted to wear? What about a frilly shirt, ruffled collar or soiree skirt, velvet pants or velvet coat, fur stoll or vintage gloves, rows of pearls, glistening crystals in red, black, clear, green or dazzling aurora, rhinestone pins or a ladies sash? Have you ever wanted to wear these timeless pieces? Then please do, I know I will, come in your vintage best, or just wear that fabulous hat or dazzling necklace, let’s set the tone for the holiday season.

Update Itinerary: (quick time change from 9am to the new start time: 9:30am)

-Event Time is 9:30 am to 6pm
-Breakfast starts at 9:30am inside a quaint Anne of Green Gables Style Cafe which is known for their Gourmet and Simple Foods and is situated in the middle of numerous antique stores and across from my favorite of all: Lafayette Mill Antique Center, this place is also a favorite among other artists. Its so fabulous, that I warn you, you might night leave, the entire up stairs looks like a place straight out of a Vintage Time, filled w/secrets and magic, right out of Santa’s Toyland or Old World Storybook.

During breakfast you will be given your special goodie bags filled with project kits and other surprises.

-The Workshop starts at 10:15am-2:00pm students will make a project straight out of a Tinsel Wonderland, this part of the workshop is called Santa's Toy Apothecary!

Students will make a clay/paper mache christmas tree doll with china doll head face, faux mercury glass bulbs, tinsel bulbs, tinsel sheets and tinsel treasures w/doll house to place her in. You will also make an illustrated and distressed tag to go with your piece.

What you will learn:

-Doll making, clay sculpting, mold making, primitive/vintage painting techniques, how to make your own glitter and faux mercury glass, assemblage and vintage arts. You will learn light illustration and distressing techniques as well from: Lisa Kettell, ooh that's me....

More Information:

-Enjoy hot chocolate and surprise treats as you welcome in the Christmas and Holiday Season, set inside a village straight out of Dickens Book.

-Enjoy a symphony of Christmas and Holiday music to get you in the spirit of the season surrounded by a Kris Kringle Market and glitter as you work.

-After Class we will begin shopping inside the Lafayette Mill Antiques Center and start Treasure Hunting, afterwards we will hit a few more antique shops all within fast walking distance.

-Dinner after the event is optional, but you are invited to tag along to the Lafayette House for dinner as well, please let me know early in the day if you are going to come, so I can make the final reservations.

-There will also be some giveaways and I'll be hosting a swap or two before hand as well, again seating is limited since this is a smaller event and only for one day.

-Price for this full day of workshop, treasure hunting and surprises will be $150 registration will remain open until fill, once sold out, the next big event will be the ART OPERA April 7-10, 2010

-This workshop price also includes your project kits/material fees, scrumptious treats, drinks, goodie bags, room, giveaways, breakfast, so NO EXTRA material fees its all included.


Lafayette Mill Antiques Center
12 Morris Farm Road (Just off Route 15)
Lafayette, NJ 07848 (973) 383-0065

1hour from NYC
40 minutes from Warwick, NY
1hr 15min from NJ Shore
35 Min from Morristown, NJ
35 Min from PA border (Poconos Area)
1 hr from Pa border (Allentown Area)
1 hr 15min from New Hope, Pa/Lambertville, NJ
1 hr 45 min from CT border

To Purchase:

Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 14Tinsel Wonderland: Mill Antiques! 7Tinsel Wonderland: Mill Antiques! 10

I visited the location yesterday to finish last minute details and well of course shop. Next year I am planning on opening a shoppe and Workshop location, perhaps in the same area of the center, where I'll host art retreats, Art Sleepovers, Workshops, Various Art Events/Vendors, Signings, Guest Instructors, and more, stay tuned for that as well...
Historic Lafayette, NJ! Antiquing 2See You There!

Also to see more of the photos click on my link:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Edgar Spooktacular Mail Surprise!

When witches go riding,and black cats are seen,the moon laughs and whispers,‘tis near Halloween.-Spooky Unknown

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion. ~Henry David Thoreau

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.- - - Shakespeare "Macbeth"

This Magical adventure begins this past May, when I met Kimberlee Edgar at ZNE in Pleasanton, CA, at the vendor fair and I have to see, I was instantly drawn to her booth, filled with so many wonderful and vintage curiosities, like walking into an old apothecary and treasure shop from the late 1800s early 1900s, pure feast for the eyes. Well you know I couldn't leave w/o buying some goodies, waiting for the right project to use them in....It's at events, its online on blogs, forums, and groups that you truly meet extraordinary people and build fabulous friendships, sharing your likes and desires w/like minded people who inspire you to create a world of artful magic. Through these serendipity encounters, you find people who truly go out of their way to make you smile and shine through their blogging about your wares or latest events, email greetings, comments, swaps and gifts, that's right gifts, which is the biggest surprise of all, receiving un-expected treasures in the mail and that is just what Kimberlee has done, she surprised me w/ a huge box filled w/Spooktacular treasures in true Edgar and Edgar style, right down to the package labeling.
Opening up this box was like opening up a Pandora's Box of magic, in which I found the cutest seer-sucker black/white striped tissue paper which wrapped scrumptious candy treats, Edgar and Edgar labeled coins and a vintage doll w/handmade wares created from Kimberlee herself, she is beautiful and I absolutely adore her, and she is currently sitting on my desk sprinkling magic and joy. Isn't she adorable?

Thank You Kimberlee for making my Halloween Season that much more spectacular and magical.
Hugs! XO, Lisa!

Edgar and Edgar is Kimberlee's business, you can find her etsy store here:

http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5302862 or visit her magical blog at:

One visit and you might never leave her enchanting world.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tinsel Trading: A Magical day w/friends and Wendy Addison!
Me in Tinsel Trading! The Magic!Last week I was told Wendy Addison was coming to town, to sign her beautiful and magical line at Tinsel Trading. http://www.tinseltrading.com/I had been meaning to visit Marcia and Linda at Tinsel for a few months, so this was the perfect time for me to go on by for a visit and to finally meet up w/Wendy.Me, Wendy and Marcia!Me, Wendy and MarciaAfter speaking w/Terri, http://dimestoredaze.blogspot.com we agreed on meeting in the city at 11am, so I gathered up mom http://auroratique.blogspot.com and we headed to the city, the ride was smooth, traffic low, perfect parking garage, the only thing I could have done w/o was the rain and cold, lol. Once we met Terri at my fave Au Bon Pain cafe, we walked next door to Tinsel Trading.Me and Mom!Me and Terri!Wendy and Marcia!Now if you have never been I highly recommend it for the following reasons:
-Love at first site: The Ambiance, the magical decor, the merchandise, the treasures.
-The warmth within: The magical staff, their warm/friendly welcome and attitude.
-The experience: The feeling of being in a snow globe of magic and getting lost in your own world of enchantment
-The events: Always a surprise popping up at Tinsel
-Workshops: They have done workshops in the past, I know I have have taught a few of them, now stay tuned for upcoming ones, perhaps this upcoming winter.Tinsel Trading! 4Tinsel Trading! 14Tinsel Trading! 13Tinsel Trading! 11Tinsel Trading! 5Tinsel Trading! 10Okay I can keep going on this, that's because its like my 2nd home, I just don't go in and leave within 5 minutes, I'm there for 2-4hours exploring, shopping and conversing w/friends about events, news and fun, catching up on everything in our lives, my favorite wonderland.

As soon as we all walked in, Terri, Mom and I were instantly greeted by Wendy Addison, she is EXTREMELY nice and beyond talented. Me and Wendy!Me and Wendy .If you are not familiar w/her work, one look and you will soon be engulfed into her world and become an instant fan, can I say magical glitter. Wendy Addison Display! 4Wendy Addison Display!Wendy Addison Display! 3Wendy also has a fabulous line of magical German glass glitters, I love the antique pink, and they come in these vintage containers which look like they came straight out of an apothecary shoppe from 100 years ago.Wendy Addison Glitter!Wendy Addison Glitter! 2Wendy's beautiful works are handmade works of art, her crowns send me into a frenzy, I'm lucky to own one, her chandeliers are over the top and her art oddities belong in everyone's home, studio or magical space. Did I mention the Theater of Dreams handmade, handbound, hand numbered book?, That is one of the greatest works of art I've seen.Terri and Wendy!Terri, Wendy and the Theater of Dreams Book To purchase this magical book or to visit her enchanted studio visit: http://www.wendyaddison.blogspot.com/ and http://www.wendyaddison.net/
Linda and Terri!

Not only did Wendy greet us but so did Marcia and Linda, now it was time to give the girls their surprises, one for Mom, Terri, Linda, Marcia and Wendy, their own special charlottes: Mom-Blue Monkey from Oz, Terri-Ozma of Oz, Linda-Pumpkin Dragonfly, Marcia-The Tinselette Dancer and Wendy-The Star Fairy.Linda and her Charlotte Dollie! Linda's fairy can be seen flying around her office from the store...
Me, Meleen and Wendy!Me, Meleen, WendyMeleen and Mom!Meleen and Mom!Me and Meleen at Tinsel!While sitting down and chatting about everything around the moon and back, guess who walks in my friend Meleen, http://passionatedetails.typepad.com/my_weblog/ I nearly fainted, I have been missing her forever, and she walked in wearing the most amazing vintage coat, I mean amazing, and she joined the crowd, staying with us for hours as well. Me and Grace!Me, Wendy and Grace! The surprises don't stop, then Miss Grace http://graceinthepinkcity.blogspot.com/ walks in and now its a full party, she and I have been blogging and emailing each for awhile and boom, she walks in and now we finally meet, she is amazing too. ( I know I say amazing alot, but its such a great word, lol).Terri, Wendy and Mom!
Also Visit Marcia and Wendy at Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Workshops at the end of April in St.Louis, MO at: Not mention a plethora of other fab instructors such as Charlotte Lyons and Mary herself.

My day couldn't have been any better, I was filling up w/inspiration and bottling up the magic to bring back to my own studio, photographing snippets of the treasures within Tinsel, and the people we know and love. It was a day of magical bliss and I can't wait to go back for another visit. Stay tuned for some magic we are all working on....

To see the full set of pictures click here: