Thursday, October 01, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne, Los Angeles, CA, Part Four!
Long Beach, CA! 3The Party is not over yet, some of the gals headed over to the flea market, while Kim and I decided to sleep a bit and head over to the next event at the Vintage EmporiumVintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA!2 Vintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA!3 Vintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA!6Vintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA!13
Okay This store is now one of my favorites, not only does the Vintage Emporium have amazing vintage wares including jewelry, dolls, wares and fab hats, accessories and unique oddities, but amazing artworks from artists such as Denise Hahn Vintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA!10and beautiful upcycled jewelry, I loved the vintage earring bracelets, which I must buy soon or just fly back to LA and visit, plus the owner Julie is so nice, Vintage Emporium: Me, Denise and Owner!she put out a spread of the most amazing gourmet tea goodies such as scrumptious coconut cupcakes w/these cute pink picks on them, tea sandwiches, raspberry water w/real raspberries floating whimsically around the glass jar, apps and more. I sampled it all, soooo good. Vintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA!7Vintage Emporium, Long Beach, CA! 8The girls who went to the flea market joined the party as well, you should see what they bought, my friend Sherry picked up the best vintage corsettes ever, they reminded me of carnival ones w/jewels, feathers, trim, vintage chic, and very delicate. Vintage Emporium: Artistic Affaire Gals!At Vintage Emporium I bought a bunch of the cutest tiny dolls w/outfits on them, a gorgeous vintage necklace w/crystals and sweet pumpkin color beads most likely 1950s, a victorian style necklace w/porcelain locket for my mom, a vintage porcelain storybook doll, ballerina painting, cabinet card, and other fabulous wares.
Vintage Emporium:Annette and Earleen!Annette and Earleen bought some amazing goodies at the Vintage Emporium, Annette bought a jar filled of flowers, gorgeous. Vintage Emporium: Me and Priscilla!Priscilla brought her wonderful mom, those two girls are super nice, can't wait to meet w/Priscilla again..
Vintage Emporium: Hattie Beauties!Vintage Emporium: Me and Bryanna!Vintage Emporium:Sophisticated!I'm in the mood for Hats, simply beacause I worn one....LOL! Okay after Bryanna tried on the cutest vintage millinery hat complete with an array of vintage flowers, I knew I had to try one on, the one I choose was reminiscent of a cupcake chic sunday in the garden style hat, soon some of the girls were wearing them, Holly, Danielle, and Sandy, it was like the Chic Hat Tea Society, LOL. Well you know I couldn't leave without my hat, so Miss Primrose Garden which is the new name for my hat, headed home with me and my other goodies all the way back to NJ, awaiting to sit regally on my new dress form that Suze gave me when I came back to NJ.Vintage Emporium: Jenn and Me!Vintage Emporium: Me and Sandy!Vintage Emporium: Kim and Cheryl!Vintage Emporium:Me, Jessi, Danielle! 2Vintage Emporium:Danielle and Ruth!
All the girls were having a fabulous time, shopping and chatting, a perfect day of girlie fun. Stay tuned for my final post of Artistic Affaire L'Automne 2009, with the final destination of the day, Santa Monica, Ca and shopping at Shabby ChicVintage Emporium:Cheryl, Me & Michelle!If you are in the LA area or looking for wonderful items visit the Vintage Emporium in Long Beach at: also have events and classes, one coming up w/Denise Hahn. Julie, the owner is amazing, I promise you'll love Vintage Emporium. Vintage Emporium: Me and Sherry!


vivian said...

so much fun Lisa! cant wait for your art opera.. which reminds me.. I still need to send our deposit! OOPS!
have a great weekend!

faerie enchantment said...

I can't wait either, we will have a wonderful and art filled time! Can't wait to finally meet too!