Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Artistic Affaire L'Automne, Los Angeles, CA, Part Three!
As the day progressed on Saturday, everyone became more and more excited, each hour bringing inspiration and creative expression.

After my class, I sat back for a minute to relax, reflex and have some lunch, awaiting for one of the swap exchanges I took place in, the first one I took part in at Artistic Affaire Event was the Tim Burton Ornament Swap hosted by Priscilla, followed by the Masquerade Swap hosted by Bryanna.Artistic Affaire: Me and Kristen!christine and me with our masksArtistic Affaire: PriscillaArtistic Affaire: Tim Burton Swappers!Around 2pm, Stefani Girard and Maria from Craftside/Quarry Books http://craftside.typepad.com/ came by to visit me for a bit and do a 2 minute interview about my book and my works, these two girls are beyond AMAZING, I was so excited to meet with them, I wish I was in LA longer so Stefani, Maria and I could have spent the day artsying around the region...Next time, But I'll see them at CHA this winter, can't wait.Maria, Me and Stefanie! 2Me and Stefanie!me and Maria!

After Lunch, Julie Haymaker Thomas started her wonderful workshop, I couldn't help but walk around and witness beautiful artworks being created, her class was a true treasure of enchantment and vintage delights, her class kits were to drool over and the finished pieces each told a story through the eyes of the student who made it, they all created their own version of the original which was amazing!Julie's Class!Amy w/her project from Julie's class!Artistic Affaire: Denise and Me!Following Julie's class was a gourmet dinner and the exchange of another swap, stories and fun, all leading up to the last workshop of the day which was hosted by the one and only Ruth Rae, who like Julie is amazing and brilliant. Her wristlets class kit came in a cigar box, OMG, love that, and was so inspiring, I can't wait to try one. Me and my buddy Ruth!Danielle's Project from Ruth's Class!
Artistic Affaire: Me, Bryanna and Christine!Artistic Affaire: The Girls!Artistic Affaire: Me and Joy!
At the end of the day a few of us stayed behind and began the clean up, watched a bike marathon in front of the studio, then all headed home, to get much needed sleep from a long day filled with magic and joy!Artistic Affaire: Me and Christine!
Artistic Affaire: Shereen and Me!
Stay tuned for the next installment of Artistic Affaire Part Four, The Party at Vintage Emporium.


Ashley said...

Oh my! I came across your blog today, and I do believe I'm in love with all of this amazing art! Wow! I've found a new favorite blog. Yes indeed I have. No doubt you are going to be added to my blog roll!


MaygreenFairies said...

Gosh Lisa hun, you are always so super busy!!! Loved reading all about your latest trip, just wish I could have been there!! :-( xx

Marie Antionette said...

Hello pretty girl,
Love all of this fantastic Art.Love the Marie Antoinette Mask.Its so kool.You are always having fun.I'm so happy for you.You put a smile on my face.XXOO Marie Antionette