Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recycled Baseball!

The B Queen Cuff Bracelet!

"Queen of the Field" Besides loving art in every form, I'm a huge sports fan, love Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and Polo.

My faves are Hockey, Football and Baseball!
Huge Yankees, Giants and Rangers Fan, yet my fave football player is Peyton Manning from the Colts, LOL!.The B Queen Cuff Bracelet!
Since I go to alot of games I became inspired to make a sports cuff mixed with some vintage and chic flare. This one is called: "Queen of the Field", for this project I used one recycled baseball (Older the better) which makes 2 cuffs, then added some glamour and glitz through vintage rhinestones, tiny pearls and an ornate silver clasp, then I lined the back of the baseball leather with a good quality beige wool.
The B Queen Cuff Bracelet! 3Each baseball will yield you 2 cuffs, on some cuffs I have lined the backing w/suede, colored leather or velvet. With these cuffs I have also dyed the leather of the baseball, added more rhinestones, pearls or flowers and charms.
The B Queen Cuff Bracelet! 4
Tommorrow Glenn and I are going to the Yankee Game: Yankee's vs. Orioles, I will be wearing this cuff and feeling like a true Queen of the Field!

Hope I inspired you to recycle objects around your home or garage, if baseballs aren't readily available, try recycling an old leather belt or leather clothing, try turning an old tie into a ribbon cuff bracelet or using as a belt, top the ribbon belt w/ a rhinestone pin.

Magic and Joy!


Simply Me Art said...

Oh my Gosh! From a True Baseball Nut, Dodger Girl here I am Crazy for this. How Clever and so Beautiful. Love, Love, Love it....See you next week too, Jamie
P.S. Darn those Yankees too..... hehehehehe!

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

Now I have seen everything! You are a genius, only you would think of something so original! It is truly a lovely bracelet. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. Just wonderful Lisa, wonderful!

Elaine Allen

Julie Bouésso said...

Clever! While a true German girl only cheers for soccer, I can see your point here! :-) I am thinking too. Don't have an old belt, but some ties around the house... Stay tuned! Cheers, Julie

vivian said...

wow Lisa! what a GREAT idea! your are sooo creative!

eclectic archivist said...

Very Clever!

Geralyn Gray said...

I really love the cuff---I hope you are wearing it when you at the stadium when Derik Jeter breaks the record! Thought it was going to happen the other night!

Evelyn said...

Very cool bracelet! You will be Queen of the Field when Derek Jeter becomes King of the Field. Go Yankees!

faerie enchantment said...

LOL! With this rain today, it better clear up so I can be queen of at least my seat tonight, lol.

I dreamt of the yankees too last night, must have been the bracelet, LOL!


Becci said...

This is a true example of letting inspiration and creativity just take over!
Have a great hair day!

faerie enchantment said...

Thank You so much!

I might be wearing a hoodie to protect the new hair highlights so I don't look like a chia pet by 11pm, LOL!

Magic and Joy!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

a baseball, eh? you think you're pretty darned creative and talented, don't you - huh?

well, I think you are, too!

these are charming!!!!!!!

" M " said...

So beautiful indeed! you will be the ball of the game with all your bling!
: P

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

this is stunning, I love your creations! xxoo deb

Holly Loves Art said...

Oooooh these are wonderful, Lisa! A fabulous idea! I am SO looking forward to finally meeting you in just four days! Can't wait. Safe travels, my friend.


faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much, I have a few more cuffs to tweek, then I'll upload them so you can see additional examples.

Derek Jeter broke the Yankee record and I had this cuff on, LOL!

Jamie/Holly, see you in a few days!

A huge thank you to each of you for coming by my blog, hope you left w/inspiration!

Magic and Joy!

Marie Antionette said...

Lisa Dear,
That is one of the koolest ideas I've seen.Its quite beautiful.What any sport fan would love this.
I wanted to stop by and tell you I am having my one yr blog anniverary givaway.Come throw your name in the hat ,I would not want you to miss out,for you are one of the first to visit me.XXOO Marie Antionette

pinkstilettos said...

What a cute braclet...very original! Love your much inpiration. I am going to add you to my blog roll!

meleen dupré said...

oh lisa,
now if you only had that beautiful cuff on last november when we ran into Mariano Rivera at the airport!!!

really lisa, just beautiful!!!


faerie enchantment said...

Thank You everyone...Hope you have been inspired....

Meleen, too funny, I should have had that bracelet made then.. But I wore it and Jeter broke the record, so that made up for it, LOL!

icandy... said...

You are just overflowing with the coolest ideas ever! Thanks for the inspiration!

chinamommy said...

Oh LOVE it & i am NOT a sports girl... i love to golf, but have no time for watching sports... BUT, sports jewelry??.... now that i could get into! so cute Lisa!!

PCarriker said...


Ineke van den Akker said...

Well done!
I love it!
with love from Holland,

Bryanna Lenan said...

LOVE the baseball cuff. LOVE.

TattingChic said...

THAT is so cool. That is the perfect gift for the girly baseball fanatic! :)

Cassandra said...

This is amazing! What a wonderful idea! Very creative, thanks for sharing.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

OH LISA I my be able to get into sports if they inspired me like this cuff. This is amazing you are sooo talented. Hey we got a very late start (10:30) at the flea so we did not call .By then we knew every SMART person would have come and gone ( the heat!!). I am going to email you the things we talked about. Keep closely in touch, my Darling . Meeting you was one of the highlights of the event!!! Hugs Julie

julie Haymaker thompson said...

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jhon said...

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Alix said...

How do you cut the baseball? And where can I find more photos of your other cuffs? Do you sell these?

Alix said...

How do you cut the baseball? And where can I find more photos of your other cuffs? Do you sell these?