Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Countdown:Third Day, Second Day & Christmas Eve!

I would like to wish everyone, everywhere a happy, healthy and joyful Christmas! May it be filled with much magic and joy!

Here is my gift to you: Some images for you to enjoy in your holiday works!

Fairy Celebration!Holiday Elves!Merry Christmas, Vintage Card!The Real: Babes in Toyland
The Fairy Godmothers
Merry Christmas To All!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Days of Christmas, Post 7!

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

Today I'd like to showcase some favorite Christmas ornaments/decorations for you to make or to just enjoy!

This following piece was made from a broken 3d star ornament that I up-cycled and added a vintage cake ballerina, tulle, pearls, ribbon, Dresden Wings, millinery, stickles and glitter!
The Celestial Soiree! Ballerina Upclose!The Celestial Soiree! 3
Here are some examples of the Dresden Boat ornaments, project supplies, instructions, video and details of this on Spellbinders Curiosities Blog and at Victorian Scrap Works Site!Dresden Ornament! Angel!
Here are some chenille chubby stem doll ornaments I made last year, the possibilities are endless!
Chenille Dolls
Here are some kitchy faux felted/spun cotton style ornaments, fast and easy, low maintenance, using recycled Christmas Tree batting skirt/snow blanket & crepe paper!
Queen of the Soiree!
Here are some of last years Papier Puppen Dolls/Ornaments made from crepe paper, images, chenille, etc., Instructions a few post back and on Spellbinders Curiosities Blog!
Queen Gertie 2!
Queen Gertie!
Here is a version of my circus toys from my book: Altered Art Circus, which I turned into an ornament:
Maude, The Giraffe Queen!
Here are some variations of the bulb wand from my book: Altered Art Circus, turned into bulb and cage ornaments instead:
Queen of Candyland!Candy Tinkersby! Pixie Orb!2

More Christmas Magic to follow!
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Five Days of Christmas, Post 6!

On the 5th day of Christmas....

Reindeer Soiree! 4The Finished Reindeer Papier Puppen!For this Christmas Post I have decided to do a Christmas Project Tutorial on the Reindeer Papier Puppens created at my house for the Christmas Art Party!
Papier Puppens Project! 5The Papier Puppen Kit
-One chenille stem cut to 6 inches
-Tinsel chenille stems for embellishing
-One 12 by 12 inch piece of crepe paper folded in half (white, pink or red)
-One 4 inch by 4 inch piece of crepe paper (white, pink or red)
-Two 2 inch by 2 inch pieces of crepe paper (beige)
-Six 12 inch by 2 inch strips of crepe paper, pleated (for dress ruffle)
-Vintage greeting card image of a reindeer, layered onto cardstock
-Tools: Tacky glue, hot glue/hot glue gun, scissors, needle, thread.
-Other: Trims, ribbons, millinery, floral picks, sequins, rhinestones, glitter

Step One, Two and Three:
Papier Puppens Project! 4
1. Meaure and cut 6 inches from a chenille stem.
2. Attach tacky glue to each end of a piece of 6 inch cut chenille stem. Place each end onto a piece of 2 inch by 2 inch beig crepe paper, fold, and roll, add a little extra tacky glue to secure.
3. Now add tacky glue to the center of the chenille stem, place onto the 4 inch by 4 inch piece of crepe paper, and roll, secure end with a little extra tacky glue.
Step Four and Five:
Papier Puppens Project! 2
4. Fold the 12 inch by 12 inch crepe paper in half, measure 2 inches in from the un-finished ends, and sew a quick running stitch all the way across, pull together gently, hot glue to secure thread, cut extra.
5. The un-finished folds will be on top are the bodice part, one side will have a slit, that is your dress side, cut another small slit into the other side of the dress, only at the top. This is so you can fold down the dress bodice and place the cover chenille stem into it, for the arms. Refer to the top and bottom photo example.Papier Puppens Project! 3
Step Six:
Papier Puppens Project! 6
6. Layer vintage reindeer image onto card stock w/a thin coating of tacky glue, let dry, cut out, add a small strip of same color card stock, to back of image, glue in place, let dry. Then attach to top insert of dress bodice (refer to example above)
Papier Puppens Project! 7With attached reindeer head
Step Seven:
Papier Puppens Project! 8
7. Pleat the cut strips of crepe paper, fold in half, and glue to bottom of dress using hot glue or tacky glue. Then add to the wrists for extra frou frou ruffles.
Step Eight!
Front of My Doll!
8. Add final embellishments such as more chenille/tinsel, berries, millinery, berries, glitter, etc.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six Days of Christmas, Post Five!

On the 6th day of Christmas......

Lisa-Me, Diana and Joan!The 6th day of Christmas was spent celebrating the essence of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the North Pole, Bake Shoppe Tradition and Artsing w/Friends.
Me and Diana w/the Cookies!
Diana's Cookie!As Christmas approaches, I still haven't felt like its truly Christmas Time, yes I have the house decorated with Holiday Cheer, Hosted a Holiday Workshop and Did the Holiday Shopping...But I was missing some of the spirit and it came to me full force when Diana and My Mom came over to bring it.The Un-Frosted Cookies!The Sugary Embellishments!
We decided on a Christmas Cookie and Art Party at my house, starting at Noon and going til 10pm. We ordered lunch, baked cookies, sang to the holiday tunes and made a holiday doll/ornament dedicated to Rudolph or Mrs. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeerette...Reindeer Soiree! 4
Reindeer Soiree!Front of My Doll! 4To start we made several batches of Sugar Cookies w/my homemade icing, sugary spinkles w/colors straight from a 1950's Bake Shoppe, not to mention cinnamon hearts, and pearls. I couldn't resist, I had to bring out the Crown cookie cutter for a few crown cookie shapes. While they were baking we started our doll project. Reindeer Soiree! 2
I pre-sewed the doll dresses in advance to save on time and took step by step photos so that you too could make them at anytime. They are very simple to make and are an updated version of my popular papier puppen dolls from a few years ago, this time they are more poofy and have rounded dresses. Front of Diana's Project Doll! 3Diana's DollSide of Diana's Project Doll! 2Diana's Doll 2
In between doll making, I mixed up a batch of my chocolate chip cookies, made some with almonds, pecans, toffee and coconut too, they came out soooo good. I am a coconut lover and anything with fresh coconut in it, makes me happy. The whole house smelled like a bakery, lol. Side of Joan's Project Doll!Joan's DollUpclose of Joan's Project Doll!Joan's DollFront of Joan's Project Doll!Joan's DollFinally we all began to fade and start to retire for sleep, after Diana and my mom left, Glenny and I poured a glass of wine and had a quick snack, then it was off to bed, while I do think I dreamt of sugar plums dancing around my sleepy head.


Visit Diana's Blog:

Joan's Blog:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Seven Days of Christmas, Post Four!

"Christmas Treasure Hunting!"

Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 5Taking a break for yourself during the last few days of Christmas is hard, but sometimes you just have to. I re-grouped a few days ago and gifted myself with a few hours of treasure hunting with my mom.Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 8Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 6

Mom and I decided let's go explore, this came after shopping for many of our loved ones at the Mall and Toys-R-Us, now it was time to un-wind. I savored every drop of my Gingerbread Coffee and Cranberry Orange Cookie, as we detoured from the plan and headed to my other favorite shopping location: Blackwell Antiques Center in Dover. The top floor used to be a 5 and 10 store, the antiques dealers headed to the huge bottom floor, its really like walking into time when Woolworths/5 and 10 stores were the rage, as you step down each stair you can re-live that moment in time. Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 12Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 11So much to see and search for, its completely energizing and inspirational for me to find items which bring back the memories of an innocent time, they hold so many secrets and history within them. I cherish this, treasure hunting as I call it is my favorite thing to do. My whole book: Altered Art Circus is about re-visiting forgotten times, imaginary places, storytelling through your treasures and creations to re-make that favorite place within your own home or studio. Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 26Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 22Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 24

My Finds of the day:
1. Pink, Red, Gold Shiny Brite Bulbs in Original Box, some ornate: $2.99
2. Miscellaneous Bulbs $1.00
3. Kitchy Celluloid Holiday Doll $4.00
4. Box of Vintage Jewelry $7.00
5. Vintage Clown Book, Children's Books and Baking Book $8.00 for it all
6. 24 French Beaded Flowers and vintage vase: $3.99
7. Mercury Glass Garland, multi color: $6.00
8. Vintage Tasty Cakes Tin: $2.00 Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 20

Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 14Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 15

On this 7th day of Christmas I want to reflect on Wednesday's finds and magic. Today I am preparing for a fun day w/Diana and My Mom, we will be making Christmas Papier Puppens, baking cookies and enjoying holiday conversation!
Treasure Hunt Wednesday!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Magic and Joy,