Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tinsel Wonderland, Part One the Set up!

Welcome to the beginning of Tinsel Wonderland, an art workshop I hosted at the fabulous: Mill Antiques in Historic Lafayette, NJ. A day of magical fun and treasure hunting to be had by all who attended.Glimpse inside Tinsel Wonderland!Holiday Goodies at the Mill! 10Glimpse inside Tinsel Wonderland! 3Holiday Goodies at the Mill!Trees of the Mill! 2 Set up began weeks in advance by gathering trees, art supplies/goodies, serving platters, trays, party favors/goodie bags, glitter and more. I began cooking 2 days in advance and made my famous cupcakes the night before, they are always a hit, real moist, vanilla and creamy not too sweet and not bitter, buttercream frosting, I'll post the recipe soon.Pink Tree inside Tinsel Wonderland! 4Sharon and Joe at the Mill let me come in Friday to set up, when I arrived they already had the tables and chairs set, that was where the fun began. The workshop was set up in the most magical Christmas room, filled w/pink trees, green trees, classics, vintage holiday treasures all around. My trees would fit perfectly in here.Tinsel Wonderland Stars! 4Tinsel Wonderland Setup! 8Tinsel Wonderland Setup! 3Tinsel Wonderland Setup! 4Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 15
Not to mention in between setting up I was treasure hunting looking at goodies I wanted to buy, and boy did I, and so did the girls who attended, lol.
Tinsel Wonderland Setup! 10Tinsel Wonderland Cupcakes!
Tinsel Wonderland Setup! 7Vintage Bottle Brush and Mercury Glass!Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 21After setting up, Mom and I grabbed a late lunch at the Millside Cafe, and headed home.Holiday Goodies at the Mill! 3
Holiday Goodies at the Mill! 8
Putz Houses at the Mill!I then headed over to the market for fresh English Cucumber and dill for the tea sandwiches, breads, cheeses and italian specialties, the ran to get goodie bags for the goodies, and was stuck in traffic for the our towns Christmas tree lighting and festivities, rushing home to meet my weekend guest, the amazing Gina Smith, my dear friend, we have been friends for years, but finaly after all the emails, phone conversations, swaps, we finally met, lol. It was like we met hundered times before.

Let's just say Gina spoiled us beyond words, she arrived w/dessert wine, gourmet cupcakes from yo-cakes, and loads of gifts, I mean it was like Christmas when she arrived. She helped me with the food platters and food set up for the next day: Tinsel Wonderland! My Goodies From Gina!Stay tuned for the next two parts in this incredible adventure, not to mention a visit to the attendees blogs and sites.

Magic, Hugs and Tinsel, Joy


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icandy... said...

Oh my!!!! I only wish that I could attend... everything is so enchanting!
Happy weekend to you!