Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tinsel Wonderland, Part Two, Workshop!
Me inside Tinsel Wonderland 2
Come with me and you'll see a world of pure tinsel imagination.... lol. That's just what is was, pure tinsel imagination, a world of Christmas Magic awaiting all who attended and came to visit. Tinsel Wonderland Front!Tinsel Wonderland Cupcake Aqua!Tinsel Wonderland Front! 2Tinsel Wonderland Front! 3Tinsel Wonderland set up! 2Tinsel Wonderland Stars!Tinsel Wonderland set up!After having a minor delay in the morning, we headed over to the workshop, all that was left to do was arrange the food, drinks and supplies, so that we may begin. I choose a mixed food palette!

The Menu:
-3 Types of Bagels: Cinnamon Raison Swirl, Honey Wheat and Blueberry

-English Cucumber, Garlic and Dill Tea Sandwiches.
-Cream Cheese and Red Raspberry Tea Sandwiches.
-Antipasto: Roasted Peppers, Italian and Basic Cold Cuts, 3 Types Olives
-Cheeses, 3 Types Hummus, Roasted Garlic and herb toasted Bread slices
-Breads for Sandwiches

-Salsa, Gourmet Cheese Puffs, Butter Pretzels

-8 Layer Bars: Coconut, Toffee, Walnuts, Pecans, Choco.,Butterscotch, Graham Crackers
-Creme Brulee and Vanilla Cupcakes
-Anise Sugar Cookies

-Dounkin Donuts Coffee
-Bottle Water
Some TinselettesThe Tinselettes Working! 4Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 5Of course no one left hungry, I always bring lots of food no matter where I host a workshop, party or event, food fuels the body. After some breakfast, we began our workshop, which was to make a Christmas Tree Doll Topper, made from a chipboard cone shape which I rolled the night before, my rounded charlotte doll heads and trimmings.Tinsel Wonderland Workshop!Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 9Patty in the Trees!Gina in the Trees!Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 3The longest part was actually figuring out how to decorate their doll, which paper, crepe or fabric to use, arms, no arms, wings, no wings, halos, crowns, hats, decisions, decisions, LOL!Diana Working!Terri and Pam w/their dolls!Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 13Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 11Joan's Doll!Time was of the essence starting around 1pm as the snow began to really come down around us, however it did add to the ambiance of the day, Tinsel Wonderland, complete with the real snowy tinsel.

MaryAnn McKeating, Terri Ventura aka Dimestore Daze, Gina Smith, Fairies Twilight and Myself aka Moonfaires World, donated to the goodie bags w/ postcards, images, cards, jewelry findings and charms, spun gold dresden bulbs, and vintage goodies.
Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 14Each attendee also left with a 1970's silvery timer clock, they were all hung on the trees to represent: Father Time, and each attendee left with one, they all still work and would look lovely if coated in glitter or altered and hung from the Christmas Tree or favorite spot in the house.Tiffany and Joan w/their dolls!Laughing At Tinsel WonderlandLaughing At Tinsel Wonderland! 3Laughing At Tinsel Wonderland!2Our Tinsel room received an abundance or friends, visitors and curious seekers wanting to know what was going on in this room of trees, even our mascot of the day, a little dog named Lucy!Tinsel Wonderland Workshop! 8Terri, Joe and JoanTerri, Joan and PamJoe and Sharon!Marcel and Glenny!Throughout the day Marcel Martori was on hand photographing the various stages of the day for future publication. Marcel will also be at Art Opera in Red Bank, NJ April 7-11, 2010

In between steps, we all took treasure hunting breaks, staking claims on finds throughout the store, then coming back to create and then heading back to shop. Diana found a display of vintage dollies, we all rushed over and started picking out our favorites to buy, lots of laughter and magic at that doll shelf.

Stay tuned for the treasure hunting and snow blizzard part of the adventure in Post No. Three!

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talulahblue said...

Loving your happy photos, a feast for the eyes, YAY for Christmas !!!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much, sending holiday magic and joy to you!

Bryanna Lenan said...

WOW! Looks incredible... wish I was there... Ive been living vicariously through Gina... xoxo Bryanna

Shari Replogle said...

What a beautiful workshop you had!
Everything looks just so gorgeous and fun.
Happy Holidays to you Lisa.