Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eight Days of Christmas, Post Three!

"Tree's of Magic"
Homemade Christmas! 4

On the 8th day of Christmas........

We are only 8 days away from Christmas, the true spirit of the season is upon us. Have you begun shopping for presents? What about buying ingredients for the gingerbread and sugar cookies, Sugared Plum Pudding, Candy Cane Bars, Fruit Cake or Anise treats? Homemade Christmas! 3

Did you locate the family holiday heirlooms, decorated the house and tree, or found the St. Lucia Crown and Candles? Where are the holiday cards? Did you mail them yet?
Shiny Brite Christmas! 5Shiny Brite Christmas! 6So much to do and get ready for the closer we get to Christmas Eve and Day. This year I vowed to get my Christmas cards out on time, to have my presents wrapped, the sugary sweets done and the decorations up. I opted to decorate only 3 Christmas trees this year instead of 5 or 6 like I normally due, to keep the theme more homemade and vintage instead of modern. I wanted to create a holiday this year reminiscent of holidays past from the 1940s or 50's in a simple and apple pie time.Shiny Brite Christmas! 4Shiny Brite Christmas! 2Shiny Brite Christmas!I choose red as the primary color in the decor such as red berries, red bulbs, red ornaments and red flowers. For accents I wanted white/creams, some green, pink, and silver.shiny brite christmas 12shiny brite christmas 16shiny brite christmas 13The sitting room has been transformed into what I call: Shiny Brite Land filled w/a shiny brite pink tinsel tree and a shiny brite silver tinsel tree which are each loaded with vintage shiny brite bulbs, vintage ornaments and homemade wares. Each tree sits upon a table, homemade tree cloth and adorned with a vintage vignette of sweet finds which I have collected over the years.Shiny Pink Christmas! 4Shiny Pink Christmas! 3Shiny Pink Christmas! 2The main tree stands magically in the family room, a fresh cut green tree from the farm, decorated with a mix of vintage and new ornaments, loads of handmade ornaments, colorful lights, bows, berries and birds.My Handmade Ornaments! 3Behind the french doors, you enter the living room, the mantel is decorated w/red berries, Christmas Cards, topiaries and nutcracker, the shelves w/vintage holiday and carnival vignettes, followed by more berries. Floral Christmas! 2Floral Christmas!The banister is wrapped w/a green garland, sugared fruits, berries and red velvety pointsettas. Everything ties into the next, a cozy enchanted, homemade, apple pie mood, warm and inviting, waiting for friends to come over and share some holiday cookies and conversation.Homemade Christmas!

What magic does the 7th day of Christmas have in store? Can't wait!

Magic and Joy,



Bryanna Lenan said...

Hi Lisa! Merry Christmas!! xo Bryanna

LuLu Kellogg said...

Lisa, everything looks so wonderful! The pink tree is my favorite!

Happy Holidays,

Tamerie Shriver said...

Lovely pictures!

Merry Christmas, Lisa! And all the best in the coming New Year!


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