Friday, December 18, 2009

Seven Days of Christmas, Post Four!

"Christmas Treasure Hunting!"

Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 5Taking a break for yourself during the last few days of Christmas is hard, but sometimes you just have to. I re-grouped a few days ago and gifted myself with a few hours of treasure hunting with my mom.Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 8Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 6

Mom and I decided let's go explore, this came after shopping for many of our loved ones at the Mall and Toys-R-Us, now it was time to un-wind. I savored every drop of my Gingerbread Coffee and Cranberry Orange Cookie, as we detoured from the plan and headed to my other favorite shopping location: Blackwell Antiques Center in Dover. The top floor used to be a 5 and 10 store, the antiques dealers headed to the huge bottom floor, its really like walking into time when Woolworths/5 and 10 stores were the rage, as you step down each stair you can re-live that moment in time. Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 12Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 11So much to see and search for, its completely energizing and inspirational for me to find items which bring back the memories of an innocent time, they hold so many secrets and history within them. I cherish this, treasure hunting as I call it is my favorite thing to do. My whole book: Altered Art Circus is about re-visiting forgotten times, imaginary places, storytelling through your treasures and creations to re-make that favorite place within your own home or studio. Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 26Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 22Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 24

My Finds of the day:
1. Pink, Red, Gold Shiny Brite Bulbs in Original Box, some ornate: $2.99
2. Miscellaneous Bulbs $1.00
3. Kitchy Celluloid Holiday Doll $4.00
4. Box of Vintage Jewelry $7.00
5. Vintage Clown Book, Children's Books and Baking Book $8.00 for it all
6. 24 French Beaded Flowers and vintage vase: $3.99
7. Mercury Glass Garland, multi color: $6.00
8. Vintage Tasty Cakes Tin: $2.00 Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 20

Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 14Treasure Hunt Wednesday! 15

On this 7th day of Christmas I want to reflect on Wednesday's finds and magic. Today I am preparing for a fun day w/Diana and My Mom, we will be making Christmas Papier Puppens, baking cookies and enjoying holiday conversation!
Treasure Hunt Wednesday!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Magic and Joy,



In My Blue Room said...

I am so jealous, everything is so overpriced out here in LA! Have a wonderful day baking and making Lisa...

Bryanna Lenan said...

WOW!! You have some lovely lovelies...


eclectic archivist said...

Antique treasure hunting is ALWAYS a good thing!

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy holidays Lisa! I am so happy that we were finally able to meet earlier this year! Wish you all the best during the holidays and always. Cheers!

Elaine Biss Designs said...

So lovely!! My mom had that book with the girl looking at the pettycoat girl!