Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Ten Days of Christmas, Post One"

Theme Today: "Cupcake Chic"
Miss Pixie Deerfield 3From now until Christmas I will be blogging about holiday Crafts/Projects, Handmade Wares, Christmas Trees, Events, Parties and Recipes. To find extra inspiration, search for new and archived projects, see guest designer works visit: http://spellbinderscuriosities.blogspot.com/

This new blog is dedicated to all projects, published/printed projects from me and Moonfaires World Guest Designers.
Miss Pixie Deerfield 2I'd like to start the ten days of Christmas with a theme I have labeled: "Cupcake Chic" which is a color palette I use to categorize creamy cupcake icing colors, pastels, new brights, wrapped in a 1940's to 1960's color scheme and style, set in a storybook sweet shoppe setting. There is room for fairytale style from the 1920s and 30's, and the Rainbow bright era of the early 80's which can be classified in this category as well. So can distressed whites, pinks and neutrals which when combined with a cupcake color, some peppermint stripes and cherry red, boom instant cupcake chic. Miss Sugar DeerfieldCandyland stripes, sweet sprinkles, painted pastel metals, color aluminum, spun cotton, plastic foam, forget me knots, 1940-50's corsages, party wares from the 40s-60s, Kewpies, Celluloid Carnival, Fair and Send Away Dolls, Penny Dolls, Bisques, Cutesy Tasty Cake Dolls, Nancy Ann's, Campbell Kids, Revlon Dolls, Tin Toys, 50s Space Toys, vintage and frou frou prom gowns, feather trees, tulle trees, mercury glass, plastic charms, charm bracelets, rhinestones, honey comb paper and decorations, tinsel, tinsel/foil decorations, kitchy deers and stuffed animals, ice cream fountain sodas and shoppes, 5 and 10 stores, all these categorize inside "Cupcake Chic". Miss Pinky DeerFieldI've been working back into this color palette and theme for quite some time, originally I was grungy in colors, moved to bolds, back to grunge, then to bolds, finally finding my home within this theme, my favorite color combos right now are aqua and pink, lemonade and violet, blueberry and violet, a pastel rainbow mix wth creams.
Bluebelle's Christmas Box! 5

For Christmas this year I started in September, re-dying and painting my display trees a cupcake robins egg blue/aqua color, bringing them to Silver Bella, mixing them with all cupcake chic colors. me at my booth 33For Tinsel Wonderland I mixed these same trees with tinsel colors, silvers and creams.Me inside Tinsel Wonderland 2At my house I opted for shine brite trees in the sitting room, one is tinsel silver, the other tinsel pink, keeping only vintage and vintage handmade ornaments on these two trees with aluminum foil rolled vintage garland and tree toppers.My Silver Bella Display! 15For ornaments I re-visted the bottle brush material for trees and wreaths which were transformed into ornaments and dolls, By simply bleaching and dying either vintage or new bottle brush trees you can really create some fabulous things which don't have to be reserved for just the holidays. Nora and the Bubble Gum Soiree glittered bleached bottle brushConfectionary Toy Block Friends! 3Lilly, The Sugar Plum Fairy! 2Lilly and Toliver!For the project on bottle brush tree dying and the Storybook Toys visit the Art Glitter Blog here:


or visit the Spellbinders Blog here:


Tommorrow I will have before and after photos of the bleaching process of the trees on the Spellbinders site.

Valentina's Flying Parade!Valentina's Flying Parade 2I upgraded the tear drop boat ornaments by replacing vintage images with my handmade dolls, decorating with Dresden, bouillion and more. Nellie, The Holiday Queen!Nellie, The Holiday Queen! 4You can see some of them on the Victorian Scrapworks Site


You can purchase many of the supplies to make these ornaments there. Once you finish shopping visit


this is the place for the project instructions and video on how to make them.

Stay tuned for the 9th day of Christmas post tommorrow on the Pine Cone Carnival of Ornaments: Fairies, Sugar Plums, Little Bo Peep and Wizard Pine Cones and visit Spellbinders blog for the project instructions!

To purchase any of the finished pieces visit my etsy store at:

To see more of my holiday trees and pictures visit:

Magic and Happy Holidays!

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