Monday, December 21, 2009

Four Days of Christmas, Post 7!

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

Today I'd like to showcase some favorite Christmas ornaments/decorations for you to make or to just enjoy!

This following piece was made from a broken 3d star ornament that I up-cycled and added a vintage cake ballerina, tulle, pearls, ribbon, Dresden Wings, millinery, stickles and glitter!
The Celestial Soiree! Ballerina Upclose!The Celestial Soiree! 3
Here are some examples of the Dresden Boat ornaments, project supplies, instructions, video and details of this on Spellbinders Curiosities Blog and at Victorian Scrap Works Site!Dresden Ornament! Angel!
Here are some chenille chubby stem doll ornaments I made last year, the possibilities are endless!
Chenille Dolls
Here are some kitchy faux felted/spun cotton style ornaments, fast and easy, low maintenance, using recycled Christmas Tree batting skirt/snow blanket & crepe paper!
Queen of the Soiree!
Here are some of last years Papier Puppen Dolls/Ornaments made from crepe paper, images, chenille, etc., Instructions a few post back and on Spellbinders Curiosities Blog!
Queen Gertie 2!
Queen Gertie!
Here is a version of my circus toys from my book: Altered Art Circus, which I turned into an ornament:
Maude, The Giraffe Queen!
Here are some variations of the bulb wand from my book: Altered Art Circus, turned into bulb and cage ornaments instead:
Queen of Candyland!Candy Tinkersby! Pixie Orb!2

More Christmas Magic to follow!
Happy Holidays!