Friday, February 03, 2017

DIY Cactus Art


Today I am sharing with you a cute cactus project created using cardboard rolls on my   Head on over to see the full project w/step outs.

Just Grab some:
Hygloss Bright Papers, Beacon Adhesives 3 in 1 Glue, Craft Paints, Scissors and a Black Sharpie Pen.  

This project is also apart of the Hygloss Cactus Round Up on the Hygloss Site!
to see the full round up; 

Travel Pennants

Sequined Cactus 

and Cardboard Roll Cactus. So much Cactus Love, its contagious!

Visit more of my projects on Home Talk, Darby Smart, Rit Dye Studio, Hygloss, Beacon Adhesives, Signature Crafts,, and other sites!


Thursday, January 05, 2017

New Website/Blog Launch

Hi All,
Its been a while since I posted over here. You can view current posts, updates, new works, store, etc over on the new website, complete with a new blog:

I'll still be checking in here often. This blog has almost a decade of works and inspiration which will continue to thrive on this blog including visitor lists and views.

I needed to build a whole new website for the brand. But will continue to keep you guys in the loop over here too.

Thanks so much. You can visit me here or at the new site!


Monday, April 11, 2016

New Website and Blog

Hi All,

Just a quick update! Soon we will be launching our new blog and website!
Check back soon for all the details!


Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Wishes, Canvas Corp and Giveaways!

Last week I headed down to Texas for a Spook-tac-ular Halloween Event called; "31 Wishes" hosted by AnnDenise Anderson.  For several years now AnnDenise has been hosting this festive event every October with new themes every year.  This time she opted for a favorite theme of mine, vintage circus. Now if you all know me, you know I love creating vintage styles, circus themed projects and Halloween magic.  When AnnDenise asked me to teach, I accepted within seconds and knew 31 Wishes was going to be over the top.
The new challenge, creating a fast and simple project that the attendees could make within 1-2 hours. A project they could mix in with their Halloween decor throughout the house, something with a vintage feel and worked into the events theme.  The supplies I used needed to have all these elements and had to excite the attendees. So without hesitation I knew the Canvas Corp Brand of companies would be the perfect choice. With 7 Gypsies and Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp helped me customize the perfect supplies for my project.
The result a Vintage Style Halloween Paper Cone filled with sparkling tinsel shards, layered with vintage images, labels and Halloween tags. Finished with tiny potion bottles, crepe paper fringe and ink. I used the orange and black striped paper as the cone base, then layered all my pieces inside. A very simple project to create with such a great impact. All the attendees each made paper cones that screamed vintage, screamed circus and screamed spook-tac-ular.

After my project, AnnDenise taught her gorgeous circus-y dolls. Everyone made a doll which fit their personality. Some were tattooed, some were glamorous and some theatrical, all with a touch of vintage flare. The whole process for each doll was amazing. So what kind of doll did I sit down and create? Any guesses? Give up? A tight rope circus performer who I named; "Tippy Cornwall, The Greatest Tightrope Ballerina of the Century".
There was way too much excitement at 31 Wishes from the food, to the supplies, the projects, the decorations, the ladies who attended and AnnDenise.  Everything was absolutely magical, that's why I had to bring back some magic for all of you and one lucky reader to win one of my 31 Wishes Kits and a surprise treat bag from the Canvas Corp Brands; 7 Gypsies and Tattered Angels.  There's just too much goodness I had to share.

So here's the scoop on how to enter:
Enter on the Rafflecopter Link below w/this info
1. Share your favorite Halloween movie with me.
2. Like the Canvas Corp Instagram and Facebook Page
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Giveaway starts 10/17/15 and ends 10/21/15 at Midnight.  The winner will be announced on the blog and contacted for their mailing information.  The package will be shipped as soon as the winner sends me their information.

Good Luck Everyone, stay tuned for more of the 31 Wishes Event recap w/project highlights, set up and Texas snapshots.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

My Countdown to 31 Wishes

In just a few short days I will be heading southwest to Fort Worth, Texas for the fabulous 31 Wishes Event.  I'll be bringing some Halloween magic with me as I leave NJ courtesy of the Fabulous Canvas Corp Brands: Canvas Corp, 7 Gypsies and Tattered Angels. 

From magical project kits to spook-tac-ular goodie bags, all the attendees will be squealing in delight from all the Canvas Corp Brands products they will be receiving and creating with during my fun and fast project at 31 Wishes on Oct. 10, shhhhhh. its a surprise.

Every year AnnDenise Anderson puts together an over the top amazing Halloween spectacular.  Her attendees enjoy a full day of creative bliss with scrumptious treats, whimsical projects, treat bags, and social fun.  All of this is set in a world of magic allowing all who attend to escape into a realistic fantasy world.  I promise the spirits are friendly just like Casper and Wendy.

This year's Halloween theme is one of my favorites, a Vintage Circus.  Seriously? A Vintage Circus theme?  Once I heard this, I knew I had to create something special to share with all the attendees. It has to be spooky, spellbinding and magical, after all AnnDenise is all about the enchantment.

My project series this fall have all the elements of world travel focusing African Safari's, the Australian Outback, Egyptology and Old London. With hints of hidden magic, enchanted circuses and wizards.  I focused on lots of aged and rustic textures. Navy, leather, parchment and burnt cream color palettes,  Plus I never forget the shimmer, its important to add shimmer for a more magical feel.

What better brand to use in my projects this fall then the Canvas Corp Brands.  7 Gypsies creates one of the best series of vintage papers and haberdashery I've seen, they fit perfectly with my projects, as do all the products in the Canvas Corp line. I just can't wait to share them with my students.

Over the next week I will be blogging snippets of my journey to Texas, my time at the 31 Wishes Event, project diy and a series of giveaways that will get you really excited.  So hold on tight, the magic is just beginning.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Midsummer Fun, Exploration and Fairy Specimens!

Its late August and that can only mean one thing, Midsummer Season. You probably thought I was going to say Back to School, didn't have the heart to blurt it out. In NJ students go back to school after Labor Day which is September 7th this year.

Midsummer is such a magical time of year, sunflowers glowing in the warm light, fireflies flickering in the night, last minute vacations and explorations. There is just so much to do this time of year.

After a month's break from heavy creating, I found my creative muse and started making a ton of projects from jewelry to paper craft and everything in between. I have a huge parcel from the Canvas Corp Brand of families that I just couldn't wait to dig into. Everything in their brand speaks to me.

I have started a series of exploration projects reflecting on the 1920's Egyptology era, African adventures, specimens and wizard-ology.  Some seaside whimsy and storybook tales mixed in there some where. 

The first series of projects are the fairy specimens, The first one is labeled "FAE" no.1, she is a Fairy Queen discovered off the coast of South Africa by a Museum Archaeologist named Brady Winthrop who discovered an old map and legend in the museum's private library chamber. Professor Winthrop along with Blake Davis, Cooper Vanderhoff and Casey Mellon sailed off on an exploration to prove fairies do exist.  What they found was more then just fairies.......

The first in the series of 12 specimens is "FAE" no.1, who has been named Ciara and  carefully placed in a specimen box with branch samples from the site. Legend has it that these specimens are actually mummy casings which cannot be opened until the Fairy Life Rites Spell is said. This secret spell can be found in the Ancient Book of Fairy Rites and must be read on a blue moon....

For now I'd like to share the first series of specimens, "FAE" no.1-Ciara.

  • Clear 3 by 5 inch Plastic Hinged Box (craft and dollar stores have these)
  • Serengetti 6 by 6 inch Paper Pack-7 Gypsies
  • Maritime Mini Ephemera Pack-7 Gypsies
  • Printer Tray Label Holders-7 Gypsies
  • Pearl Glimmer Mist Spray-Tattered Angels
  • Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist-Tattered Angels
  • Flat Back Frozen Charlotte-Lisa Kettell Designs
  • Rhinestone Strand-Simplicity 
  • Glues/Tools: Hot Glue, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Stick, Scissors
  • Other: Copper Tape, Thin Branches, Beige Lacy Floral Leaves, Glitter, Stamped Lettering
  1. Line the bottom of the plastic box with two types of paper from the Serengetti paper pack using a glue stick.
  2. Hot glue thin branches to the right side of the base and side of the plastic box.
  3. Age the frozen charlotte with walnut inks, rubbing off excess with a soft cloth or napkin until desired amount of aging is achieved.
  4. Cut the leaves to form whispy wings, age with more walnut ink and hot glue to back of the frozen charlotte. 
  5. Next hot glue the winged frozen charlotte to the box center. Spray the whole box contents with mist spray a  few times. Embellish the frozen charlotte with copper tape and rhinestones.
  6. Attach the plate to outside of the front rim of the box and add lettering.
  7. Finally add any extra pieces to the box.

  • The frozen charlottes I use are from my line of products and are perfect for painting, aging w/inks and gluing in paper projects and assemblages.
  • For a realistic porcelain frozen charlotte coat these frozen charlottes from my line with resin glaze or spray glaze.
  • I used the wrappings from ground cherries as my wings. But you could cut open floral chinese lantern flower pods or use bark shards or shells.
  • Try vintage images in place of the frozen charlotte.
  • Make a faux map and add a metal tag for more fun. 
Stay tuned for the rest of the exploration projects including more specimens, the book of Fairy Rites, Professor Winthrop's Journals, Casey's Treasures and more.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tropical BoHo Necklace DIY

I recently received an amazing package filled with jewelry components from the Dazzle-It Tropical Punch line from the John Bead Corp. A variety of designers were sent a package from the John Bead Corp. Each package was filled with different items from the Tropical Punch Line. The challenge was to create a jewelry piece using these supplies and share it within the Tropical Punch Blog Hop.

My package was filled with so much summer goodness. With the BoHo trend still rising this summer, I decided to create a fun summer BoHo statement necklace. The only thing extra I added were the fun tassels I made using neon floss.

After making my necklace, I paired it up with a fun and flirty tank, mixed yellow summer cardigan and skinny jeans. Think a preppy boho Carmen Miranda. This is a fun and flirty line perfect for adding some sunshine to your designs.


  • 1 pack Tropical Punch Flower Maker, rhinestone gold
  • 1 pack Tropical Punch Lucite Mix, Riviera
  • 1 pack Tropical Punch Lucite Mix, Siena Wall
  • 1 pack Tropical Punch Finding Kit, Gold Jump Rings
  • 1 pack Tropical Punch Petal Curves, Shaded Purple
  • 1 Pack Lucite Chain 16x30mm, Sugarloaf
  • 3 Skeins Neon Yellow Light Effects Floss, E980 DMC
  • Additional: gold jump rings, gold clasp and gold beading wire
  • Tools: needle nose plier, flat nose plier, wire cutter



  1. Thread 5 tropical punch petal curved flower beads onto gold jewelry wire.  Then wrap the wire around the rhinestone gold tropical punch flower maker.   Wrap the extra wire around the flower maker center a few times, tighten and twist the ends together to close, cut extra wire.
  2. Repeat the step above for the second flower.
  3. Thread 7 beads from the tropical punch Lucite mixes onto gold jewelry wire.  Then wrap wire around the third rhinestone gold flower maker and pull tight, twist ends close.  Cut the remaining wire.
  4. Cut the Lucite chain in half and attach each chain half to the purple flowers, using the extra large gold jump rings.  Attach the mixed bead flower to the center of the purple flowers using a few small gold jump rings.
  5. Open the 3 skeins of neon yellow floss from their packaging.  Fold the skein in half, twist a thin strand around the center a few times and tie knot to secure to form a small tassel. Trim length till desired length is achieved.  Repeat for each tassel.
  6. Insert a small gold jump ring to the top of each tassel and attach to the bottom of each beaded flower.
  7. Finally attach 4 small gold jump rings to each Lucite chain end and add the clasp. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • Make your tropical flowers larger using 6 leaves instead of 5. Try doubled flowers using 12 flower leaves.
  • Make a layered flower necklace and add more tassels or fringe.
  • Add more rhinestones to the necklace.
Hope you enjoyed my post and get inspired to make your own tropical boho pieces.

See you soon,
Lisa :-)