Monday, December 30, 2013

DT Project: Baby Bailey/Pan ornament, Marfi Bradford

Here's an amazing enchanted project created by DT Member Marfi Bradford using the Baby Bailey Unfinished Doll embellishment from Lisa Kettell Designs and other magical supplies.


  1. Paint baby Bailey peach and brown, let dry.
  2. Cut toothpicks into fourths and glue on top of head for horns.
  3. Glue moss, mushrooms, acorn and artificial flowers to the inside of ornament half.
  4. Make a pan pipe out of toothpicks by gluing five toothpicks together then cutting them at an angle.
  5. Attach them to baby bailey.
  6. Glue baby bailey inside ornament.
How amazing is this project from Marfi? Love it. I could see a whole series of enchanted storybook ornaments, couldn't you?

More projects on their way including the launch of the new website.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

DT Project: Pink Pixie Fairy, Debra Famularo

Deb’s Pink Pixie Fairy Card


  • Lisa Kettell Designs Cupie Head
  • ATC card backing
  • Mini pink bottle brush tree
  • Lisa’s Altered Art collage images
  • Hello Dollie image by   
  • Pink scalloped trim by Julie Collings
  • Glitter, flower, rhinestones, pink craft wire, ink, pink sequin trim and adhesive.

1.   Layer an ATC card backing ephemera of choice, and a collage image of a cupie doll, secure in place with adhesive.
2.   Attach a cupie head from Lisa Kettell Designs to top center of the cupie doll image on the ATC card.
3.   Add dimension to ATC with ink of choice.
4.   Embellish with scalloped trim, bottle brush tree, sequins, rhinestones, flower, craft wire and glitter.

This is such a fun project to create for any occasion, holiday or for a gift. ATC's are great trading projects as well.
    Bottle brush trees work for some many projects. Valentine's Day is coming up, this would make a great Valentine card or use in a party banner. Instead of a rectangular background shape, use a heart shape.
    Visit this link to learn how to create and dye your own bottle brush trees at Rit Dye:

Stay tuned for more DT projects from the DT girls at Lisa Kettell 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Angel Lulu and The Gingerbread by DT Member Marfi Bradford

Today I'd like to showcase returning DT Member Marfi Bradford’s two Design Team projects using Lisa Kettell Designs (LKD) products. I can't pick a fave, love them both.

 The Gingerbread House Project:

  1. Paint a paper mache house shaped box with gingerbread and ivory paints. 
  2. Then attach glittered candies, stickers, lace trim and a cupcake to the painted house with glue.
  3. Next paint the Tristan style doll heads brown and glittery.
  4. Finally add them to the gingerbread 'cookies'.
 Angel Lulu Project:

The next project is an ornament
created using Marfi's favorite embellishment, carnival Lulu.

  1. Hot glue  glitter tinsel around the 5 inch wooden circle.
  2. Next hot glue a Styrofoam snowflake to the front of the circle.
  3. Paint Carnival Lulu embellishment, add wings, skirt and tiny Christmas tree.
  4. Hot glue her to the snowflake.
  5. Finally, add a pipe cleaner to the back of the circle to make a hanger.

"I hope you get a chance to try out these projects..they're super fun to make."-Marfi

For more products visit:
Moonfaires World/Lisa Kettell Designs

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cupie Stick Pins by DT Member Kim Smith

Today I am posting a project from returning DT member Kim Smith, who created this whimsical set of stick pins using Lisa Kettell Designs products. These can be used in almost anything. Add these stick pins to a project, scrapbook layout, assemblage or insert in cupcakes or just jazz up a party.

Here is Kim's Project:

Need a cute, quick, easy project to give as a gift, wear as a hat or lapel pin or accent your altered art? I made these Cupie Head Stick pins using items from LisaKettellDesigns...want to know how I did it? Here you go....

  • Cupie Dollheads, LKD (Lisa Kettell Designs)
  • FrouFrou Stickpins, LKD (Lisa Kettell Designs)
  • Green Glitter Stars, LKD (Lisa Kettell Designs)
  • Glitter..I used white, pink and blue
  • Paper Flowers
  • Rhinestones


  1. Take Frou Frou stick pin and gently slide it into  the Cupie Doll head. Check to be sure it's where you want before you continue.
  2. Put a thin line of white glue on head and sprinkle with glitter. Add rhinestone accent. 
  3. For Cupie Flower Stickpins, glue bottom of pin to star, add glitter and paper flower. 
  4. What next? Add more glitter! (be careful when working with the stickpin, you can add a pin keeper to the end to prevent getting poked and to finish the artpin.)

Cupie Dollhead Stickpins are shown on LKDesigns Bingo card, also available in the 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Yule Fairy Box by DT Member Wendy Aspinall

Today I am showcasing another design team project from our newest DT member Wendy Aspinall. Her Yule Fairy Box is fabulous and ready for you to make. Create your own version using some of the products from the Lisa Kettell Designs line found here:

Wendy's Yule Fairy Box

If you like to play too here's what  you'll need :

  • Paper mache box ... any shape
  • Flora picks  I used a  glittered twig  and leaves 
  • Moss
  • Alcohol ink ( brown)
  • White tulle
  • Small snowflake  broken  to make wings
  • Small paper flowers
  • Tinsel
  • Silver glitter
  • Page from an old book 
  • Small piece of lace
  • Frozen Charlotte, Lisa Kettell Designs 
  • Fancy frou frou pearl pins, Lisa Kettell Designs 
  • Glitter stars, Lisa Kettell Designs
  • "Fairy" word taken from fairy follies CD, Lisa Kettell Designs

  1. Add the old book page to both the top and bottom of the box , glitter the side of box and lid.. put aside to dry.
  2. spray frozen Charlotte with alcohol ink .. let dry. 
  3. cut and fold the tulle in to ten layers , sow together  at the top with a running stitch... pull up to made a skirt  and add to the doll.   Using the lace  wrap around the top of the body, secure with dab of hot glue at the back.. add wings.
  4. Make hat with more book paper, secure with hot glue to head.  Add flower to skirt and to hat.
  5. Add some tinsel to the pearl pin  and bend wire around a paint brush  to curl it.
  6. Make a small hole in top of lid and glue in the twig pick. glue down moss , glue doll , wand , small leaf and flower , glitter stars. 
  7.  Lastly add the word, fairy to one of the stars.