Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Angel Kitty Wand By DT member Deb Famularo

I'm excited to showcase today the first in a series of posts that will be filled w/projects from our New 2013-2014 Design Team.

Deb Famularo is one of our newest DT Members for Lisa Kettell Designs. The project I am showcasing today is called:
"Angel Kitty Wand" created by Deb Famularo.


  • Wood star craft wand
  • Mini Kewpie, Lisa Kettell Designs 
  • Gold Dresden foil angel wings in medium and small
  • Sewn paper and tulle trims, from etsy seller Julie Collings
  • Vintage lace
  • White fuzzy trim
  • Burlap trim
  • Loose pearls
  • Jumbo rhinestone
  • Vintage earring
  • 2 Silver tinsel pipe cleaners 
  • Millinery flower 
  • Patterned leopard print scrapbooking paper
  • Letter stickers of choice
  • Photograph of cherished cat (or pet)

  1. Adhere patterned scrapbooking paper to front and back of wood star wand.   Glue silver tinsel pipe cleaner along star edges, front and back, using one pipe cleaner per side.
  2. Glue sewn gathered paper trim along star edging starting at base and continuing all around. Next, glue tulle trim on top of paper trim making sure it’s centered.
  3. Once again starting at base and continuing all around. Take your photograph and hand cut along your pet. A photo of your pet sitting works best.
  4. Make sure the photograph is in proportion to your wand. Using the medium sized gold dresden foil wings, adhere each wing behind pet photo. Glue pet photo to center of wand.
  5. Embellish with millinery flower on cat’s head (for girl.) On back side, adhere jumbo rhinestone paw print sticker (Hobby Lobby) to center of star.
  6. Using letter stickers, arrange the name of your pet on top of the paw print sticker.  
  7. Using some of the tulle lace trim, cut a 2 inch piece and glue to Lisa Kettell Designs mini cupie for a dress. Glue mini gold dresden foil wings to back of cupie, and glue to base of star.
  8. Add millinery flower to cupie head. Wrap the wand stem with burlap, using a dab of glue at top and bottom to hold. Wrap gold lace over the burlap again using a dab of glue at the top and bottom edge.
  9. Knot lace and fuzzy trims at base of star and add jumbo rhinestone on top. Glue loose pearls at star points, front and back. Top with vintage earring cluster (removing back first) at star base.
  10.  Finish with a couple of heart shaped stick pins.

How amazing is this project from Deb? A perfect compliment to the Lisa Kettell Designs Line and the Holiday Season. A tribute to your cat, pet or loved one.

More design team projects tomorrow. Stay tuned for the launch of the new website at  where each DT member will be showcased, in addition to our products, projects, and creative fun.


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Ornate Splendor said...

Cute -- and so very enchanting! : ) Catherine