Monday, December 30, 2013

DT Project: Baby Bailey/Pan ornament, Marfi Bradford

Here's an amazing enchanted project created by DT Member Marfi Bradford using the Baby Bailey Unfinished Doll embellishment from Lisa Kettell Designs and other magical supplies.


  1. Paint baby Bailey peach and brown, let dry.
  2. Cut toothpicks into fourths and glue on top of head for horns.
  3. Glue moss, mushrooms, acorn and artificial flowers to the inside of ornament half.
  4. Make a pan pipe out of toothpicks by gluing five toothpicks together then cutting them at an angle.
  5. Attach them to baby bailey.
  6. Glue baby bailey inside ornament.
How amazing is this project from Marfi? Love it. I could see a whole series of enchanted storybook ornaments, couldn't you?

More projects on their way including the launch of the new website.

1 comment:

DogsMom said...

What a different and fun idea.
I also like the thought about making a forest full of compatible characters.