Monday, December 22, 2008

1,000 Handmade Greetings by Laura McFadden and Deborah Baskin

I received an email last week from my publisher that the new book entitled: 1,000 Handmade Greetings by Laura McFadden and Deborah Baskin was now available for order, Then I learned that the amazing, wonderful and super nice Holly Stinnett and I are sharing the same page in the book, I couldn’t share a page with anyone better then that she is amazing and super talented, as are everyone who fills this beautiful book, which I am waiting to get my hands on to.

Holly told me we were on the same page and I got so excited, here is our page, which I borrowed from her blog, you can see her full post here and the rest of her lovely cards on her blog: or click on her link to the right in my blog list.

To order this fabulous book click on the link below, this book is filled with amazing artists from all over and I tank Laura and Deborah for including me, they are truly wonderful!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas in NYC: Martha Show, Macy's Windows and Tinsel!
On Wed. Dec. 10, 2008, I ventured into the city on the 5:30 am train to Penn Station NYC to meet my dear friend Theresa from Middle School, for the live Martha Stewart Show, we had to be there around 8:00am for our seating.
martha show
It was an unusually warm day with temps around 68/70 degrees so waiting on line wasn't bad, with a cup of Dounkin Donuts in hand, good conversation, Theresa and I were ready to watch Martha Live with special guest: Paula Abdul, and Katie Steuernagle, who makes these adorable animal pull toys, funny thing is I have circus cart pull toys and circus rubber animal toys/dolls in my new book: Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, Feb.2009 (Now available), buy pre-sale now at: or visit
Katie's adorable pull toys put a smile on my face and was by far the best part of the show, even though Paula Abdul looked fabulous and mentioned her new accessory line, which is gorgeous and full of sparkle and glam, a must have for any true diva or for the inner Queen in you.

martha show8
martha show3martha show5
Here is the link for Katie's Pull Toy Project:

The set was decorated in true Martha Stewart Holiday Glam, this 7 segment show was wonderful and so was her staff, I recommend if you get the chance try to go to the show, you will not regret it. Pictures are allowed before and after the show airs, you can take pictures from your seating area, but do not wander around, I think this is a very fair request! Plus you will leave the show with a surprise, we received Giradelli Chocolate, which I'm saving for my opera cake which I make before New Years!

After the Show Theresa and I walked a few blocks over to Macy's (Miracle of 34th Street) to look at all the holiday decorations and window displays. Here are some of my favorite window display pictures from Macy's:

After walking around and looking at all the enchanting Window Display's, Theresa and I walked on over to Phoenix Beads and Tinsel Trading. I had to visit with Marcia and Miss Linda Ashton

while I was there, she is one of the most amazing milliners and super talented, we met through my dear friend Terri, visit Terri's blog to read her post on Linda and take a glimpse in the New York Times for the article and NY Times: Heather and Terri are wonderful! Love them both!

Now once you enter Tinsel Trading, trust me you won't leave empty handed, I love what Marcia and her staff did with the store displays for the holidays, they had tinsel, vintage holiday goodies and real mica throughout the store, it was pure Tinsel Wonderland and of course I stayed for over an hour chatting with the girls and treasure hunting throughout.

Isn't this adorable, this girl display sits right in the front of the store, for more info on their wonderful findings, books, events, please visit:

After Tinsel I headed over to Phoenix beads, and then back for to Penn Station for my 4:30pm train home, it was a wonderful day filled with lots of Holiday Magic and Joy!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, Lisa Kettell, Now Available!Altered Art Cirus! Front Cover
Altered Art Circus! Back Cover!

Hi All,

My new book:Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, came in the mail 2 months early, due to the amount of sold advance copies!

Thank You All who are supporting my works. The book is now available! Look for my book signings, tv appearances, workshops, products and more this year.

Here is a scan of the cover and back cover, the cool thing is the lettering is in a metallic pink/violet color emboss, its beautiful! LOL, I think so! The Best Christmas Present I could receive this year! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Filled with my magical storytelling before each project and/or chapter, filled with real facts, artful techniques/tips/tricks and project variations, Loads of Projects for every level or crafter, artist and designer, create for kids, family, friends or yourself.

There is a contributing guest artist photo gallery in the back with wonderful artists, and several pages of collage images to make many of the projects in the book.

There is loads of artful eye candy here, so pick up a copy, sit in your fave chair or couch and prepare for a magical adventure into my world!


Visit The wonderful review by Teresa McFayden:
Visit Gina Smith's Wonderful Post at:
Visit Mandy (MayGreen Fairies) Post at:
Visit Laurie (Bewitched Magic) Post at:

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Sweet Kewpie Pixie!
Meet Sugar the Sweet Kewpie Pixie, who loves candy, sweets, and sugar pink, not to mention diamonds are her best friend.
The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! 2
Sugar is now available, ready to sprinkle some sweet magic.

Made from a Coffee Candy Jar with Metal tag still on the jar, vintage kewpie image, crepe paper, mica, antique silver german fine glitter, tinsel, velvet, and other sweet embellishments!

The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! 3
The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! 4! Lid

For purchase info, visit my Etsy Store, to buy Miss Sugar!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Queenie Twinkles!
Queenie Twinkles!
Here is the finished project I made at Ranger U, in Claudine Hellmuth's Class, she provided us with a plastic binder which we covered in dictionary print, her gel medium and embellishments.

I used her sticky back canvas on the front, drew in my illustration, then painted in with Claudine's Paints, porcelin paint, which I finished when I came home.

I added designer papers, antique silver glitter, millinery flower, chip board flowers, lettering shredds that say "Twinkle", ribbon and my handmade charlotte doll head, along with other fun collage techniques.
Queenie Twinkles!2

It now holds some memories from my Ranger U Weekend!
Also go and check out the Ranger U 2009 Class Schedule and application to join this wonderful art family and learn amazing techniques.

Here is a preview of our class working: My table Leandra to left, Linda to right, me next to Linda, and the rest of our fab table:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Finished Faerie Shrine Cigar Box!
Pixie Shrine Box!
During my last full day at Silver Bella in Omaha, NE, I took a wonderful class with the amazing Kim Kwan, when I saw Faerie Shrine, I knew that I was taking that class, we all know how much I love fairies (Faerie Zine, Moonfaires World, Faerie Enchantment), LOL!

For this class I picked up the best cigar box I could find, right near my house for $4.50, and this box was the best ever, I loved the graphics on it, so I scanned it in before I left, since I knew it would be totally transformed.

Let me just say, if you ever get the opportunity to take a class with someone, take a class with Kim Kwan
she is amazing, her class was so much fun, more then I could have asked for. Her kits were the best and during the class you had small contests to win goodies, I won one..I was so excited.
Pixie Shrine Box!2
Here is the front of my cigar box, which I completed when I came home. I used cotton candy pink and creme brulee acrylic paints to stripe the front to match the fabric I got from Kim. I then turned that Fabric into a large bow, complete with my vintage pink feathers and rhinestone pin.

Then I added a 1950's greeting card girl image, layered with a thick crepe paper collar, which I distressed and sprinkled with mica and glitter (scroll down for the recipe). Here is a close up of the collar:

Pixie Shrine Box!3Pixie Shrine Box!4Above are examples of the inside of the box, which I glued vintage lettered paper from Kim's Kit to the background, and hand drew a scallop border which I painted in with cotton candy pink paint, followed by a vintage image also from Kim's kit, which I double layered onto card stock with a glue stick and made 3-D with a thick layered crepe paper skirt, glitter, mica and a rounded rhinestone crown.
Here is an upclose look at the 3-D Fairy/Pixie:

I further embellished my box with antique silver folliage, pearly berries, a German Glass Tinsel Bird, Fabric and Ribbon, here is an upclose look of the folliage and berriesPixie Shrine! Details!

For the inside of the cover, I kept the original graphics, for a more unique look! After doing one assemblage, I now want to make a hundred, LOL. Before I move on to the next post, Here is my recipe for distressing crepe paper and letting clear mica flakes look tinted:

-Cream Crepe Paper (Use White, or Beige for a substitute)
-Perfect Pearls (Rustic Colors: Gold, Bronze, etc.)
-Martha Stewart Clear Mica Flakes
-Elmers Gel Glue

1. Layer the desired art piece with crepe paper such as crepe papering the bottom of a crown base for a ruffled look or using crepe paper to make a doll skirt or a collar.
2. Now cover the crepe paper with the Gel glue, rubbing the glue onto the crepe paper with your fingers, lightly.
3. While the glue is still wet, dip your finger into the perfect pearl color of choice and rub into the wet glue, again, lightly.
4. Rub some more glue onto the top of this, then sprinkle with Mica Flakes, tap off excess and let dry for an hour.

This will give you the same look of the doll collar on my Faerie Shrine Ciagr Box Front Cover.

Other Options:
-Using strong coffee that's been steaping for a day to paint onto the crepe paper, or strong tea.
-Use antique glazing medium to spread onto the crepe paper.

For Dying/Staining Mica Flakes:

-Small paper bowl (soup bowl size)
-2 Tablespoons Water
-2 squirts of Tim Holtz Distressing Ink in Walnut
-Clear Mica Flakes by Martha Stewart

1. Drop 2 Tablespoons water into small bowl
2. Squirt the ink into the water, mix with a craft stick or plastic spoon
3. Pour mica flakes into the bowl until covered, mix, let dry over night.
4. Now decorate your favorite projects!

-Use other ink colors for different looks
-Try food coloring.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Faerie Zine Premier Issue: Revamped!
Hello All,
Some new and exciting news with The Faerie Zine, Piddlestix's teatime, Tiara's and Whimsy, and The Collage CD's!

I am happy to announce the faerie zine is available as a download e-book format as are new collage collections such as Dress Form Fashion Plates from The Marie Era to the 1920's Era are in download formats.
Marie Antoinette Collage Chronicles CD
Vintage Greeting Cards CD
I will be adding the whole collection of collage cds, everyday, as they are converted, the best part, no shipping involved for those who prefer an instant to 24hour time period, straight to your computer, and at a lower pricing cost to you. So starting tomm. the collage collections and cd's will start to be available as e-downloads.

However there are loyal customers who still prefer their images on cd, to transport and use anytime they want, saving them memory space on their computers, so I will still have the cds available.

I want to be able to provide everyone with the magic of the zines, collage cds and my images for all price and value ranges.

SPECIALS Till Dec.24:

-All Collage Cds are: 2 for $30.00

Zine CD's: Buy 1 zine cd, get the next edition free, so you will receive 1 cd with 2 zine volumes on it! example order premier zine, get zine 2..etc.

These promotions are only available in my website store, not valid in my etsy or ebay store sites.

Please visit:

My Website Store:

Etsy Store:

Ebay Store:

Friday, November 28, 2008

Captured Pixie Orbs and Carriages!

I've been making loads of glass vignettes filled with all types of enchanting specimens, in my new book: Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, Feb.2009, I have a few glass vignette projects for readers to get inspired by, learn and create. SHHHH keeping the project name a secret until Feb.1, 2009...Then I will blog all about it!

Here are some Captured Pixie Orbs and A Captured Pixie Orb Carriage!
Captured Pixie Orbs!2
Captured Pixie Orbs!The Doll Soiree Carriage!The Doll Soiree Carriage! 2

For more Pixie Orb and Jar Fairies, Jar Dollies and Glass Vignettes, go and visit my Captured Jar Fairy Blog, flickr photo page and click on the Jar Fairy album, or click this link below to go straight to that gallery album:

To purchase one of my creations drop by my
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Birthday Weekend in Lambertville!

What does a girl really want to do on her birthday? Give up?....Well this Birthday girl wants to spend the day with her friends, eating, and shopping, exploring the hidden treasures of Lambertville, NJ, right across the river from New Hope, PA!

Since Glenny and I are born a day apart, the same year, we usually celebrate all week, with family and friends, sometimes its so hard to get everyone together on the same day, so we split it up. The weekend of my birthday I was in Omaha, Nebraska at Silver Bella, a gift to myself from Glenny and well me and with a busy schedule this past week, I was happy to spend the day with some great friends: Suze, Bonnie, Michelle, Linda, Blinging Jackie, Patti, Teresa, Debbie and Joan (aka my mom), our first stop The Lambertville Station located at 11 Bridge Street in Lambertville.

When I arrived all the girls were at the table, waiting for, you guessed it me! I sat right next to Teresa, and across from Mom. I was greeted with the most beautiful tiara ever, placed on my head by Suze which was filled with dozens of rhinestones and sweet pearls, I wore it the rest of the day and night, and bestowed with the honor of QUEEN!

But the regal presents didn't stop there, I was showered with treasures from all the girls, from art supplies to handmade polymer clay trinkets, beads, cards, jewelry, amazing cards like this one that Suze did for me, LOL, I love it and a BLYTHE doll, yep, I said it A Blythe Doll, I almost fainted when I opened Michelle's Gift, Smelling salt could have come in handy. I was almost in a zombie state from all the goodies from: Linda, Bonnie, Debbie, Jackie, Teresa, Bonnie,Patti, Suze and Michelle, each of them went above and way beyond to make my day shine, I started to cry with joyful tears, because it was all so beautiful, I really felt so loved.

After present opening and eating fabulous food, we headed outside for a group photo shoot, our waitress is also a photographer so we had some great photos, we blew the bubbles Suze and the girls brought, outside, I added some extra bubby effects in this photo! But first I captured some Bling Bling Bubbles that came from Jackie's Bubbles! LOL!

Now we were off to do some shopping damage, the first spot was Sojourner, located across the street from the Lambertville Station, we were all in there for over an hour looking at beads and sparkling goodies. Before we crossed the street, Patti, Jackie, My Mom and I stoped to admire the gorgeous rugs, oh do I wish I could have been Jasmine in Aladdin, and made these beauties fly into the air, LOL!
Here is a picture of Suze, deep in bead thought, I love how it came out! Don't you!
After finding us some Vintage German Rhinestones on top of our treasures, we headed across the street for some refreshing water, when we came upon, yet another gorgeous store, this one was more of a boutique filled with loads of enchantment, here we did even more damage, I bought several sweet beaded and fabric garlands, in creamy yellow tones and a sweet sugar plum purple color. My mom bought a set and some pretty sparkling items.

After this spot we chatted outside and took more pictures, we are truly the papparazzi, LOL!

Next we were off to look for some antiques, I bought an old children's book from the late 1800's, when we left there, we walked to our final destination just down the street, where we walked through exploring the three floors of treasures, in the basement there are fabulous vintage gowns and trinkets, here is one I fell in love with, along with this gorgeous hat, both were out of my price range, but I had to capture them on film, aren't the details beautiful!

Now we were exhausted and ready to all go home and rest from a fantastic day of celebrating. Suze's came up with a fabulous idea, and we all added to it, this is going to be our tradition for each of our birthday's, picking a new spot or thing to do and explore, some rules: its fun, artsy, and we each get a tiara, call it the traveling tiara, for each of our birthday's. Jackie came up with a great name: The Tiara Chronicleswhich is going to be what we call our celebration days, just a group of woman, from different areas, backgrounds and ages, but who have similar likes and desires, all coming together to create a journey, exploring the day of celebration, while wearing something symbolic, A TIARA, treating the Queen of the day, just as the name states: QUEEN!
Visit the rest of the girls at:
Suze Weinberg:
Bonnie Egenton:
Michelle Bernard:
Patti Behan:
Debbie Tlach:
Teresa Natividad, Jackie McLaughlin:
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