Saturday, November 29, 2008

Faerie Zine Premier Issue: Revamped!
Hello All,
Some new and exciting news with The Faerie Zine, Piddlestix's teatime, Tiara's and Whimsy, and The Collage CD's!

I am happy to announce the faerie zine is available as a download e-book format as are new collage collections such as Dress Form Fashion Plates from The Marie Era to the 1920's Era are in download formats.
Marie Antoinette Collage Chronicles CD
Vintage Greeting Cards CD
I will be adding the whole collection of collage cds, everyday, as they are converted, the best part, no shipping involved for those who prefer an instant to 24hour time period, straight to your computer, and at a lower pricing cost to you. So starting tomm. the collage collections and cd's will start to be available as e-downloads.

However there are loyal customers who still prefer their images on cd, to transport and use anytime they want, saving them memory space on their computers, so I will still have the cds available.

I want to be able to provide everyone with the magic of the zines, collage cds and my images for all price and value ranges.

SPECIALS Till Dec.24:

-All Collage Cds are: 2 for $30.00

Zine CD's: Buy 1 zine cd, get the next edition free, so you will receive 1 cd with 2 zine volumes on it! example order premier zine, get zine 2..etc.

These promotions are only available in my website store, not valid in my etsy or ebay store sites.

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MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh Lisa, I'd definitly like the Marie Antoinette in download format, I'll have to check out your website and get ordering... It saves the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive from overseas! Mandy xx

faerie enchantment said...

I agree with you, so much easier, and its instant, at a lower price cost too, saves us all time, money and allows for more creativity and fun art making!