Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Finished Faerie Shrine Cigar Box!
Pixie Shrine Box!
During my last full day at Silver Bella in Omaha, NE, I took a wonderful class with the amazing Kim Kwan, when I saw Faerie Shrine, I knew that I was taking that class, we all know how much I love fairies (Faerie Zine, Moonfaires World, Faerie Enchantment), LOL!

For this class I picked up the best cigar box I could find, right near my house for $4.50, and this box was the best ever, I loved the graphics on it, so I scanned it in before I left, since I knew it would be totally transformed.

Let me just say, if you ever get the opportunity to take a class with someone, take a class with Kim Kwan http://www.kimberlykwan.typepad.com/
she is amazing, her class was so much fun, more then I could have asked for. Her kits were the best and during the class you had small contests to win goodies, I won one..I was so excited.
Pixie Shrine Box!2
Here is the front of my cigar box, which I completed when I came home. I used cotton candy pink and creme brulee acrylic paints to stripe the front to match the fabric I got from Kim. I then turned that Fabric into a large bow, complete with my vintage pink feathers and rhinestone pin.

Then I added a 1950's greeting card girl image, layered with a thick crepe paper collar, which I distressed and sprinkled with mica and glitter (scroll down for the recipe). Here is a close up of the collar:

Pixie Shrine Box!3Pixie Shrine Box!4Above are examples of the inside of the box, which I glued vintage lettered paper from Kim's Kit to the background, and hand drew a scallop border which I painted in with cotton candy pink paint, followed by a vintage image also from Kim's kit, which I double layered onto card stock with a glue stick and made 3-D with a thick layered crepe paper skirt, glitter, mica and a rounded rhinestone crown.
Here is an upclose look at the 3-D Fairy/Pixie:

I further embellished my box with antique silver folliage, pearly berries, a German Glass Tinsel Bird, Fabric and Ribbon, here is an upclose look of the folliage and berriesPixie Shrine! Details!

For the inside of the cover, I kept the original graphics, for a more unique look! After doing one assemblage, I now want to make a hundred, LOL. Before I move on to the next post, Here is my recipe for distressing crepe paper and letting clear mica flakes look tinted:

-Cream Crepe Paper (Use White, or Beige for a substitute)
-Perfect Pearls (Rustic Colors: Gold, Bronze, etc.)
-Martha Stewart Clear Mica Flakes
-Elmers Gel Glue

1. Layer the desired art piece with crepe paper such as crepe papering the bottom of a crown base for a ruffled look or using crepe paper to make a doll skirt or a collar.
2. Now cover the crepe paper with the Gel glue, rubbing the glue onto the crepe paper with your fingers, lightly.
3. While the glue is still wet, dip your finger into the perfect pearl color of choice and rub into the wet glue, again, lightly.
4. Rub some more glue onto the top of this, then sprinkle with Mica Flakes, tap off excess and let dry for an hour.

This will give you the same look of the doll collar on my Faerie Shrine Ciagr Box Front Cover.

Other Options:
-Using strong coffee that's been steaping for a day to paint onto the crepe paper, or strong tea.
-Use antique glazing medium to spread onto the crepe paper.

For Dying/Staining Mica Flakes:

-Small paper bowl (soup bowl size)
-2 Tablespoons Water
-2 squirts of Tim Holtz Distressing Ink in Walnut
-Clear Mica Flakes by Martha Stewart

1. Drop 2 Tablespoons water into small bowl
2. Squirt the ink into the water, mix with a craft stick or plastic spoon
3. Pour mica flakes into the bowl until covered, mix, let dry over night.
4. Now decorate your favorite projects!

-Use other ink colors for different looks
-Try food coloring.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Very cute, or I should say, "Faerie Cute"! Love your finished project. I didn't have a class with Kim, there just wasn't enough days at Silver Bella!
Smiles ~ Heidi

Sandy Michelle said...

Everything came out so cute!!!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Lisa--that came out really cute. i also appreciated all of your lessons, too. What's up for the holidays??? Are you teaching anywhere in area soon -- let me know.

MaygreenFairies said...

Adoreable, truly scrumptuous!

Maija said...

I saw your photo on Mike Putnam's blog. He's our local "paper honey"!

*SHeRRy B* said...

I love it!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much everyone for coming by to visit!
Magic and Joy to you all!